How ‘Teen Vogue’ Indoctrinates Teens: “This Idea That the Body is Either Male or Female is Totally Wrong”

12:44pm – 5-30-19 – Update

If you agree that this type of video is uncalled for and inappropriate for children from ages 13-18 then I would email them like I did. We shouldn’t stand such gross manipulation of biological fact. If they email me back I’ll post if here on this article. Here’s my email I sent:

“Teen Vogue,

I find your 5 Misconceptions About Sex and Gender video to be gross manipulation of scientifically proven biological fact. When a child is born, you’re either a boy or girl, that is that. There is no way to determine if one child is going to be tran-sexual or not. Genetic studies have been inconclusive in regards to our genes determining sexual orientation. The fact of the matter is your biological gender cannot be disputed, but your chosen gender identity can be since you have the free-will choice to do so.

The fact that a organization such as Teen Vogue whom has a primary base readership of teens from ages 13-18 would promote such material to readers whom are in their adolescence is insulting. To blatantly come out with the idea that it’s wrong that you’re either or boy or girl is absolutely ridiculous. If you want to promote these type of beliefs and opinions do so with a reader base that is mostly 18 years old and older. Don’t target young teens and start to confuse gender facts with subjective beliefs.

I respect the right of an individual to exercise their free-will and identify with whatever sexual and gender orientation they desire, but I will not tolerate the gross misinterpretation of biological fact.

You all at Teen Vogue should be ashamed of yourself for this material and attempting to confuse young children about their gender.


Tim Frappier “


11:11am – 5-30-19

When I read this article and watched the video I was quite astonished at the fact that Teen Vogue would deny basic biological facts. I have nothing against the LGBTQIA+ movement. I have a very good friend whom is gay and he’s one of the nicest and kindest souls I’ve met.

The point being I don’t mind what gender you identify yourself with, but please don’t blur the distinctions that science has proven. You’re either born a boy or girl, it’s really that simple at the end of the day. I acknowledge and support the individuals free-will to identify with whatever gender they desire. I am a straight male, but I also respect the people’s right to exercise their free-will. If your a male who wants to be gay, be gay and be happy. If your a female and you want to be a lesbian, be a lesbian and be happy.

If your a male and want to be a female, then identify yourself as a female. If your a female and you want to identify yourself as a male, then identify yourself as a male. Yet please don’t make this gender topic complex, because at the end of the day your either born a male or female. It’s not until later on in life that you identify with transgender characteristics and thus exercise your free-will to choose your gender and sexual orientation.

I respects the people’s right to choose what gender and sexual preference they desire, but I also understand no amount of beliefs, thoughts, opinions will change the biological fact your either born a male or female. That is that and this campaign by Teen Vogue is blurring subjective beliefs and biological facts. Which we should avoid if we don’t want our children to be confused about genderism. 

Anyways I want to give a shout out to all your LGBTQIA+ out there and that I appreciate and love you; regardless of your sexual preference because I know we’re all one and that you are worthy to choose whatever gender and sexual preference you desire, but please don’t muddle scientific fact with personal opinions and beliefs.

Peace Out!

Timothy Frappier 



Teen Vogue, a magazine marketed directly to young people, posted a video on YouTube where various speakers dismiss the science that differentiates the male and female sexes. It is yet another blatant example of the agenda to blur genders.

Teen Vogue recently posted a video on YouTube entitled “5 Common Misconceptions About Sex and Gender” and it is … quite surreal.

The YouTube description says: “7 Activists and LGBTQIA+ people debunk common misconceptions about sex and gender”.

In the video, various speakers (none of them in the field of science) dismiss scientific facts about the human body to replace them with artificial constructs.

To be honest, this was difficult to watch. Because it is NOT about the right of people to live their lives in whatever way they feel happy and comfortable.  

It goes way beyond, into a strange territory of delusion and social engineering. It is about superseding science and replacing it with a radical and extreme agenda that denies the existence of two sexes.

And this is posted by a magazine that caters to young people.

Here’s the video:

Here are some “lowlights”:

The video begins with Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele who says:

“Binary is bullsh*t.”

Then, Maria Trida, a producer at Teen Vogue says:

“This idea that the body is either male or female is totally wrong!”

Then, the video adds a thick layer of confusing, non-scientific “facts” to explain sex.

“We all have characteristics that are typically male and typically female, and it is really about political choices, social factors, ideological choices, that we assign meaning to different parts of our body. So, the meaning may be that they meant, most of us are taught that if you have a vagina, you’re a girl; or if you have a p—s, you’re a boy.”

Then the video attacks the fact that chromosomes determine the sex of a human being.

“Saying that a person with XY chromosomes is only male is a narrow way to look at the diverse range of chromosome differences that we can have as a person.”

“Too many people still believe that there’s such a thing as a true sex and that it comes from your chromosomes. It’s not the case. Science has known this for decades, and it’s actually a consensus in science and uncontroversial.”

Then the video explains that a trans woman (a man who decided to become a woman) is actually a biological woman. The video insists that all of the body parts of a trans woman are actually female body parts. One trans woman in the video says:

“My biology is the biology of a woman, regardless of whether or not doctors agree.”

In short, the video wants you to ignore what your eyes can clearly see and to embrace a complex and confusing agenda that denies sex and gender.

What we appear to be witnessing is called Lysenkoism:

“Lysenkoism can be used metaphorically to describe the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives.” – Wikipedia, Lysenkoism

Like most attempts by mass media to blur genders, the video was not well received at all. Here are the first comments one reads under the video:

If you scroll down, the comments keep going:

Sadly, this is not the first attempt by mass media to indoctrinate young people with this agenda. Here’s a segment from the Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World. Set your face to cringe.

The gender blurring agenda is strong and it has been going on for years. The fact that it is being pushed by the world’s major media outlets tells us that it comes straight from the elite.

Why? For many reasons.

The main one: They want people to be debased and removed as far as possible from anything that makes them grounded and in harmony with life and nature. I mean, they want young people to be confused about being male or female – a basic (easily observable) building block of human life.

Here’s what they’re looking to creation: A population that is lost, confused and depressed. Because these people are the easiest to control and manipulate.

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