I’m Back Online

Greetings Everyone,

I’ve recently moved to Montana and these last few weeks have been hectic.

We’ve been doing a lot of renovation to the house and we’re finally starting to get to a point where we’ll be comfortable. It was a dump when we first came here, but we knew things were pretty bad with the house. So it wasn’t anything unexpected. Yet it’s taken a lot of time to get it up and running.

I quite literally was living in my RV for the first week here. I knew it was going to need a lot of work and I was grateful that I took my RV here to Montana with me. Even my step-father had to use my RV a few times for the bathroom and shower.

We had no water, electricity, sewage, internet or garbage service when we arrived. We managed to get the power running a day after our arrival. Water worked, but the sinks and toilets had leaks from freezing.

The owners of the property took very poor care of it. In fact it had fire damage that was quite extensive, but it didn’t burn inside the house. It’s all isolated outside the house, but even with that it was quite extensive and I just finished going underneath the house and removing all the fiber glass.

Which wasn’t fun at all! I had to put on a respirator, full body suit, gloves and glasses. The whole nine yards.

That’s me on the right; showing off my muscles! lol

Yet I was able to get almost all of the fiber glass out. All that is left is miscellaneous pieces here and there, nothing significant though.

I also fixed the sewage line; we didn’t know for 3 days that the drain line was disconnected under the house. The first day that I was pulling fiberglass out from under the house I smelled something and discovered there was a disconnect on the drain line. We ran to Ace’s Hardware, bought some piping and fittings and managed to fix the leak. Now it’s working like a charm 😀

It’s good to be back online though; but it appears not much as happened in the 3 weeks I’ve been offline.

I’ll be working on another article soon, until then I’ll post some interesting articles as well.

I still intend to go to Dimensions of Disclosure and Portal To Ascension this year. If that changes though I’ll let you know. I hope to see many of you there.

Blessings, peace and love to you all.

Timothy Frappier

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