Personal Update

Greetings Everyone,

Things are progressively moving forward on the world stage towards disclosure and it’s time to start supporting this website once again. It has been a very turbulent year for myself; but things are looking better now. I’m currently helping my parents get ready for a move. So I’ve been helping out with that.

I’m also planning to travel around the world this coming July. So I’ll be heading out with my RV to many places. I will be video recording my journey a long with supporting this website with more content.

I will be going to Dimensions Of Disclosure this August and I hope to see you all there.

Thank you all for everything and I wish you a wonderful week!

Timothy Frappier

3 thoughts on “Personal Update

      • At the moment I don’t believe so, but that can change…I wasn’t expecting to go to the last one and look what happened! Ha. If it’s meant to be then it will happen. It would be great to go and meet up with you and others that we only know online so far.

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