The Thirteenth Aeon

Source: The Gate Of Choice

This is an attempt to convey an immense concept in a few short words. May this endeavor be successful.

The following is taken from “How Aeons Are Formed”:

“It is an elementary esoteric fact that when, over time, many people fix their minds upon one idea, a mighty astral image of that idea develops. The astral world possesses specific possibilities of reflection. So when the minds of many of us are continually fixed upon one and the same idea, then we shall discover that at a given moment a huge astral image has been generated, which is becoming clear and well-defined, and with which we are connected and in communication because we created it ourselves. It is thus that a collective spirit, a collective idea, a collective thought-form or a collective image is created and continuously fed by people of similar disposition and/or belief” 

Keep what was just read in mind. The collective thinking of a large group of humans can, and will create an aeon. The aeon will continue to thrive as long as the human maintain their focus upon the idea that created it. The aeon is their creation. The humans will feed their aeons by their thinking, willing and acting. The aeon, in turn will fortify the human group. Thus, a symbiotic relationship develops between an aeon and its creators.

It is possible for an aeon to grow so powerful that it begins to control and dominate its creators. With this in mind, continue to read on.


There are twelve main aeons that command this nature-order. The ancients referred to these twelve aeons as “the Fates”. These aeons are the overlords of physical reality. They impose themselves upon humankind. No one escapes their influence.

The twelve main aeons are the twelve zodiacs.

It would requre many thousands of words to detail this here. For now, the revelation will have to stand on its own. However, if one gives it some consideration, they may begin to see why this is so.

Ages of wrong-thinking have created a link between mankind and The Twelve Aeons. This link is one of a primarily negative nature, and it has enchained man to the physical realms.


Over the ages, in the manner described above, a group of gnostic-minded individuals managed to consciously create another aeon. One that is linked with the divine Sixth Cosmic Region. This aeon was built from pure ethers not-of-this-world and is maintained in the border-regions of this nature-order. It is an Oasis of Divinity segregated, as if in a vacuum, from the polluted realms of fallen nature.

True brothers and sisters of the Golden Rosycross recognize the reality of The Thirteenth Aeon.

All those who make the decision to forsake the world in order to sincerely walk the Path of Return in voluntary self-surrender will link themselves with The Thirteenth Aeon. It is from this Aeon that the candidate struggling in the earth-sphere will receive the “holy foods” that he or she will need to carry out the process of transfiguration.

All candidates for transfiguration have at their disposal all the help they need to win the fight and complete the Great Work. As long as one can maintain their link to the Mighty Thirteenth, success is assured. As recorded in the Corpus Hermeticum:

“He sent down a great Mixing Vessel, filled with the powers of the Spirit and He appointed a herald and bade him proclaim to the hearts of men:

“Immerse yourselves in this Mixing vessel, you souls who can; you who believe and trust that you will ascend to Him who sent down this Vessel; you who know for what purpose you were created”.

God does not forsake the works of His hands.

all love,

~ g

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