Please don’t get sucked into the Democrat vs Republican paradigm that we’re seeing a lot of people promoting. I’ve seen Q and many others promote this type of mentality and it’s really kind of discouraging to see this type of behavior. This isn’t about Blue vs Red, Republican vs Democrats or Left vs Right.

Vote who you believe would be best for all of humanity. I support Q and many of the people whom are telling others to vote Republican; but don’t just do it because you were told to do it. Research what is going on in politics and follow your own guidance. I compromised back in 2011 and I’ll never do that again.

Back in 2011 I was a staunch Ron Paul supporter; I became a Ron Paul delegate for my county and made it to the Minnesota State Republican Convention in St. Cloud, MN. We were highly organized and motivated to get Ron Paul into office. We took over all the delegates seats to go to the National Republican Convention; but unfortunately one of our delegates gave up his seat to allow Michelle Bachmann to go(huge mistake in my opinion). 

Anyways; We Ron Paul Supporters controlled the state convention that year. We even were able to get a Libertarian candidate Kurt Bills to run for Senate and were hoping Ron Paul would do well in all the other states, unfortunately he didn’t. Ron Paul didn’t win the nomination. I decided to vote for Romney in 2012 thinking I was going to continue to use the Republican platform to help bring change. I regret not writing Ron Paul in; I should of kept with my principals and wrote Ron Paul in. I knew Romney was a lackey and wouldn’t be best for America.   

Don’t vote republican unless you decide for yourself it is best for America. Don’t be a follower; be a leader. That’s what I’ve learned from my experience. In 2016 I didn’t support Donald Trump; I actually supported Andrew Basiago for president because of his strong stance to disclose many of these black projects that our military has been involved in such as Time Travel, Teleportation, Free Energy, Advanced Healing Modalities and many other things. I have recently warmed up to Trump; but even so I will in 2020 vote for Andrew Basiago because he has made his platform all about disclosing the Truth. I support Q and Trump if they really are fighting for America; but I’m first a believer in the power of Truth and their method is still very shady, which I can understand from a perspective of maintaining the legitimacy of his presidency to most Americans, but from the perspective of being an advocate of the Truth I don’t support their tactics.

There comes a time when we must decide for ourselves if we’re going to continue to be a race that compromises with the Truth because of various beliefs and ideas or if we’re going to do what is simple and right at the end of the day. We’ve been hiding the Truth for so long because of so many ideas, such as people can’t handle the Truth, it would crash the economy and turn everything into anarchy. Which could be true in some retrospects; but that element of chaos exists for the purpose of being a catalyst for change. It is time to reveal the Truth and stop playing the game like we’ve been doing for so long. STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH; REGARDLESS OF WHAT OTHERS THINK. FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH REGARDLESS OF THE CONSEQUENCES. If I was president I would be so quick to reveal the truth; I would be so single-minded on that endeavor that I wouldn’t care what my advisers and counselors would say. I know the healing power of the Truth and I would give my Life to tell the Truth. screw the social norms, screw the collective beliefs, it’s time for the Truth.

Humanity will be freed from these oligarchs regardless of who you vote for; I don’t state this to prevent or discourage you from voting or believing what Q and many others are saying. On the contrary I share this so that you don’t have to feel pressured into voting for a certain party or else you’re not being a ‘patriot’. Nothing could be furthest from the Truth; vote for who YOU BELIEVE IN. Q has stated that they want you “DIVIDED by POLITICAL AFFILIATION”; but yet then Q promotes #VOTEREPUBLICAN which is kind of conflicting.

Now the video with SgtReport where they’re discussing the Moon Landings as being faked; I cannot comment on that. I do know that we’ve been beyond Earth Orbit, gone to the Moon and built a base, went to Mars and built a base and went out even further than that. Regardless if the moon landing is proved to be ‘faked’ is irrelevant because there have been other programs that have gone there and back and many other places. So it’s a moot point to debate such a thing; if you want my gut feeling on this matter; I believe we did go; but it’s not that simple. I heard it was filmed just in case it failed and that the footage we saw on TV could have been a combination of the real thing and some acting. Only time will tell.

Timothy Frappier



Posted on October 14, 2018

You didn’t really think that was a rocket last weekend, did you? It wasn’t a rocket. They tell you everything is a “rocket”.

How about the feature image above? Do rockets do that? That was the “SpaceX Zuma” rocket, they tell us.

And this?

Norway spiral

No, silly, that wasn’t a rocket. That was a “Russian missile test”. Yeah, that’s it. A Russian missile test. Actually, some say it was the opening of a wormhole used in space travel to move from one place to another instantaneously. Saves on fuel. And time—big time.

Rockets can’t do those things, but suppressed technology the US “secret space programs” have developed CAN. How do you like it so far?

The funny thing is, when I heard there was going to be another SpaceX “rocket launch” on October 7—I knew something was fishy and I looked for the updates and videos on that event right away because I knew there would be some “interesting” footage.

Folks, if you believe all these rocket launches are to deploy satellites to bring you better communications, faster Internet, speedier connections for your online games or early warning systems to protect you from dangerous earth changes, you really need to get with the program.

Earthlings have been going to space for decades—at least the “elite” have. They’re special. We’re the sheep and cattle. We just do what we’re told and fund their dreams. Or else.

I hope you like this spiffy technology because they siphon off trillions of American tax dollars every year to pay for it all. You own it.

The disgusting truth is, Americans are stuck down here on this planet—homeless, starving, sick, working three jobs to keep food on the table, handing over almost 50 per cent of what they earn to pay taxes, dying premature deaths from man-made, 100% curable diseases, and they are stealing your money for what? Secret “defense” toys and satellites to spy on everything you do, everywhere you go and even attack you, if they decide you deserve it.

The White Hats in America, including President Trump’s administration, are forcing the deep state’s hand and have decreed that the world will finally be told the the truth about extraterrestrials, space technology, and the breakaway civilizations living out there at remote outposts in the cosmos where they told us there couldn’t possibly be any intelligent life; that WE ARE ALONE. Lying turds.

Soon, we will hear the truth from official sources and President Trump’s Space Force will be used to legitimately protect Earth and her residents, funded properly.

So I ask: Do you want to go to the moon, Alice? No you don’t.

But if you want the truth about space travel, freedom from the lies, theft, manipulation and corruption of the deep state/Democrats/cabal/leftists—vote Republican.

Only a “red wave” can save America and reveal the truth about our miserable existence at the hands of psychopaths. It’s that simple.

Watch the following videos and then get excited, because things you only saw on Star Trek and far more are a reality, and have been for a long time.

See the astonishing footage from the October 7 SpaceX launch at our mothership showing multiple spacecraft preventing a nasty event from unfolding. ~ CB

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