The Dark World Of Secret Projects And Strange Experiments

By Marcus Lowth

Anyone in UFO or conspiracy circles will be aware of an ever-growing tide of secret projects and disturbing experiments connected to apparently unanswerable sections of the world’s intelligence services. And what’s more, for the most part, these experiments take place on the population without their knowledge. At least those are some of the theories. And for a large proportion of them, there is growing evidence of their grim reality.

Many of these, worryingly or not, revolves around the MKUltra programs, mind control, and low-frequency programming and psycho electronic weapons. And while these notions sound bizarre and bordering on lunacy to many people, they are genuine operations, taking place in the shadows of the world’s governments. How far they go, and to what level control occurs is surely the real question.

In fact, it is perhaps the experiments and secret research into such notions as mind control that should worry us the most. As we have asked before, in this ultra-covert environment, how do we truly know our thoughts are our own? Before we move on to some of these secret operations, check out the short video below. It features just five such experiments performed in secret.

Bluebird And Artichoke – Initial Mind Control Programs

The immediate forerunner to the MKUltra mind control programs, not counting the research undertaken by scientists under the Third Reich in the early-1940s, were Projects Bluebird and Artichoke respectively. These were essentially the same project under a different name, likely for extra security reasons. By the time they morphed into MKUltra they were largely “black budget programs” of varying natures. We have written before of the work of Jose Delgado who looked to stimulate certain parts of the brain as an alternative to lobotomies. We also mentioned that his work was likely “hijacked” and used for purposes not intended by him.

It would appear at least some of those methods would morph into these initial mind control projects. Beginning in 1950, many of the experiments were on young children, some as young as eleven-years-old. Electrodes would often insert directly into the brain. Their behavior was then subject to influence and control through remote transmitters. These children were often “prepared” for these dark experiments by the daily administering of LSD. These dosings would continue for several months at a time and had been happening since the children were seven or eight years of age. On several occasions, and to ensure secrecy, the children were those of high-ranking military officers.

The intelligence services (the CIA in this case) would often utilize the services of prostitutes in order to expand their experiments. They would have them give LSD to their unknowing clients. The CIA would then apprehend these clients and begin a program of memory wiping by use of electric shock treatment. How many, if any, of these unfortunate citizens went on to carry out activities against their will is very much open for debate.

Influencing “Dream States” And Remote Viewing

At some time in 1977, Project Dreamscan went into operation, and while much more futuristic in nature, was really a natural progression from the mind control experiments of the fifties and sixties. As you might imagine there is very little on record about it. However, it would seem to use people with the ability to remote view or leave one’s body at will. These individuals would then “enter the target’s mind in a dream state”. It is not clear if “the target” is mentally incapacitated in some way, or whether this intrusion in to someone’s subconscious takes place regardless of the person’s mental state.

The use of remote viewing, however, is certainly one that the CIA have spent considerable time and research on. This would suggest more than a passing interest in the phenomenon. Perhaps the most outspoken of those who claim to have been employed by intelligence agencies in such a way is Ingo Swann. He would have involvement in several remote viewing projects which would include seeing “bases on the moon”, as well as venturing out as far Jupiter in 1973. What is interesting about the experiment, and indeed Swann’s authenticity was his claim that the gas giant contained a ring around it. This was unknown at the time and confirmation would come by the Pioneer 10 probe shortly after.

Another apparent remote viewing experiment came to light in February 2017. This appeared to show a remote viewer, under coordinates given to them by the CIA, witnessing an intelligent civilization on Mars over a million years ago. What’s more, it would appear this civilization escaped their ruined planet and came to Earth. This session also suggests the ability to traverse time when leaving one’s body – at least on this occasion.

Project Dreamscan

Project Stargate

It was largely throughout the 1970s during the Cold War that remote viewing was at its peak in terms of importance to the intelligence agencies. Many remote viewers received orders to key on targets behind the Iron Curtain. Whether it was disinformation or not, the reasons the US intelligence agencies had a sudden interest in remote viewing came from information that the Soviet Union engaged in such intelligence gathering programs.

The US intelligence services would call this “psychotronic research” and would, it would seem, treat it very seriously. Although intelligence services were more than skeptical of the notion of remote viewing, their information of the Soviets’ increased spending on the subject convinced them they had made some kind of “breakthrough” – which maybe they had. The US intelligence remote viewing projects (such as those with Ingo Swann) went under various names. Collectively, however, they were known as Project Stargate.

It wasn’t purely for spying and information that the projects went ahead, though. While some remote viewers would dedicate their efforts to keeping an out-of-body-eye on the activities of the Soviets, others would perform research on how to “develop-and-train” people to remote view. Essentially, they were looking at ways to weaponize it, and prepare those who could remote view for “psychic warfare”. By the early-1980s, using the talents of Swann and fellow remote viewer, Harold Puthoff, a system was in place that would “allow anyone to be trained to produce accurate, detailed target data”.

Some reports state that the US government would “loan out” their remote viewers on occasion to other regimes. However, by the mid-1990s, the program would cease operations, allegedly due to a sudden drop off in accurate results. Some, though, believe this allowed the project to operate under the protection of black budgets.

Weaponized Side-Effects

Project Rainbow appears to be another secret program that intelligence agencies looked to turn into a weapon off the back of completely different intentions. It was originally designed to influence the weather and, according to some researchers, ran from 1948 to 1968. However, quite unintentionally, was the realization that side-effects from the program could work in mind control experiments.

Perhaps another project that developed from the experimentation of electromagnetic forces used in weather control was The Sleeping Beauty Project. Whether this ever went into action in the field is debatable, but the research certainly took place. The US intelligence services were looking to use “mind-altering electromagnetic weaponry” to achieve “battlefield superiority” by disorientating their enemy. Furthermore, said enemy would likely have no idea what was happening to them, which would only serve to increase the disorientation. And fear.

Another side-effect that underwent significant research in order to weaponize it on the battlefield was the “state of artificial paralysis” alien abductees would report. And perhaps more importantly, how it was “mentally induced”. According to some research, Project Mindwreaker was secretly commissioned in 1987. Its purpose was to “imitate this phenomenon” and turn it into an advanced weapon. Some rumors even state that it is not merely a case of imitating the phenomenon. Some believe it involves the utilization of extraterrestrial technology for their own ends.

The video below looks at black budget projects and how they tie in with the alien and UFO conspiracy.

An Intense Need For Control

Perhaps we should expect, given the apparent tight secrecy around such projects, that very little “solid” evidence exists to back-up a lot of the claims. At least in their entirety. One overriding notion that runs through many of these secretive projects and programs, though, is the desire for control. And what’s more, this control is not just for an enemy. It would appear there is a desire by governments to control their own citizens too.

Such action would suggest that claims of a “world elite” or a “shadow government” are very much on the money. When we remind ourselves of the mysterious death of Frank Olson, those claims become even darker.

Olson was a biochemist who, in 1953, was working on the LSD experiments for the US government. Olson, at least according to his family, opposed the work of the intelligence agencies once he discovered their intentions. The US government had always denied this was the case. According to the official record, Olson, under the influence of LSD, would throw himself from a New York hotel window. However, upon the exhumation of his body almost forty years later as part of a reinvestigation into his death, significant damage would come to light regarding his skull. It appeared as though he was unconscious from a blow to the head and then thrown from the window. Regardless of the medical examiner’s findings, a judge would dismiss the case.

Perhaps we could forget this incident. If it wasn’t for the sudden “accidental death” of one-time CIA director, William Colby. He would drown only days after a subpoena by the courts regarding the death of Frank Olson.

The video below looks at these black-budget-projects.


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