The Dark Truth — Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Source: The Dark Truth — Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

What if everyone is in their own universe powered by AI and non-human management?

Everyone single universe would only have 1 or two people that are powering the future.

That would be difficult to accept because every time we would try to wake up we would say, “Ok, yes, but not RIGHT now because there’s all these people that are sleeping and would be hurt.”

The only way is to wake up everyone.

There is more I have written on this. These are painful flashbacks and the answers are hidden in the vault.

I was not told this was the worst. I was told this is what this is all for. To tell the public.

We didn’t know for a long time. Time already stopped and was reset by a machine safe guards. Dark faction knows the truth.

The dark brotherhood knew the truth.

They were the darkness because of truth. Not the other way around.

They didn’t want to hurt everyone, it’s just the truth. We are not where we think we are and they and everyone else has been using electrogravitic craft and advanced weaponry to avoid contact with these entities that seem to wipe everyone’s mind and put them back into a cookie cutter position in society like it’s all a big show.

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