Is Virtual Reality a Paradise or Mental Biohazard?

Source: Divine Frequency

(Sterling Nicole Bennett) In this physical world, we are being introduced to a variety of new virtual realities. These places have limitless potential, where we can be anyone we want to be, and do anything we want to do. But what might we be giving up by engaging in this lifestyle?

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By Sterling Nicole Bennett, September 2nd, 2018

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a term used to describe any false reality that is created. This can be as simple as playing an immersive game of hide and seek with your friends. However, virtual reality is currently more popularly known for its intense gaming potential. When wearing one of many virtual reality headsets, your senses are overtaken by a new environment. Everything you see and hear is now encapsulated in an overstimulating abundance of entertainment.

Why stay on Earth?

Literally, anything you’ve ever wanted to do can be done in VR. No one would ever know. You are in a completely punishment-free paradise where anything goes. Take a moment to really let that sink in.

We can already order everything we need online. There isn’t a reason why we would ever need to leave our homes. When VR becomes more mainstream, imagine how many will be tempted to stay inside all day playing in a customized VR paradise.

Imagine a boundaryless world that you create where you have complete and total control. The only limit to this world is your own creativity and imagination. How could you present someone with the perfect gift, encapsulating everything they’ve ever dreamed of, and expect them not to take it?

If we begin to evolve into sensory obstructed hermits living in dark closets interacting solely with nonphysical beings on the internet, we may run into a few severe developmental problems.

Touch Me

“A long-term study of babies who were in the NICU… the researchers found benefits for those who had skin-to-skin care, including better maternal attachment behavior, reduced maternal anxiety, enhanced child cognitive development, and mother-child reciprocity.” –babygooroo

Humans need physical skin to skin contact. A lack of touch as an adult can lead to psychological problems and diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

If we allow ourselves to become overtaken by escaping into these false worlds, we might put our physical lives at risk.

In the future, I believe that we will be tasked with not only having to choose for ourselves which reality to accept but also presenting a case for why this physical earth reality is worth staying in at all.

The mainstream media has been seeding in this concept for years in movies like The Matrix and TV shows like Altered Carbon. These depictions give examples of possible futures that might seem bizarre. It forces you to ask yourself, “What would I do?” The initial shock of the situation wears off as you are comforted by knowing it is fiction. Then, when the technology is presented, it is less of a shock, and instead of panicking, you might accept this technology as the new norm.

The truth is, there is only one Earth, and it’s irreplaceable. Someone could build the best, high quality, realistic earth in VR. So real that by sight alone, you could see no difference. But ultimately, the complete sensory package cannot be replicated. No matter how many fakes are created, none will ever compare to the original.

What will you choose?

About The Author

Sterling Nicole Bennetta writer for Divine Frequency and a millennial on a mission to shine a light on the astral world, was born with a vivid pre-birth memory. She continues to experience frequent astral encounters involving interdimensional portals, repeating simulations, departed family members, and more. Her goal is to help others discover the keys they need to unlock their own door to the astral plane. Sterling believes to truly understand the astral plane, you must experience the magic for yourself. She hopes to help bridge the gap between mainstream depictions of the astral realms and the truth of what is really out there.

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