US Space Force Twitter is Carrying out Disclosure?

Source: Rumor Mill


The US Space Force Twitter Account has been posting a variety of Disclosure related items since coming online over the summer in concert with the POTUS announcement of the Space Force.

“A controlled narrative is dangerous. The American people deserve better than this. Its time to wake up America! Open your eyes. Question everything.” – United States Space Force (Twitter)

United States Space Force@SpaceCorpsUS

10,000 people are awake. 10,000 people are alert. 10,000 people are ready for the future. Let’s launch into the future together. DISCLOSURE is key!

United States Space Force@SpaceCorpsUS

What happened at Roswell? Where did they come from? How did they get here? How were they to get home? Where were they going next? The @usairforce didn’t exist until September 1947 along with the @DeptofDefense and @CIA . The American People have the right to know!

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United States Space Force@SpaceCorpsUS

A photo taken by @RajuShiju. “I saw this on Thursday and was quite surprised that it stayed for a brief 10-15 minutes and then disappeared…the moon was on the other side… maybe I am wrong, it may be nothing” What do you think?

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