My Gateway To Victory Facebook Page Has Been Restored

Greetings Everyone,

I’ve just received notification from Facebook that my content did follow the Community Standards and that they’ve restored it. If you could go to my Gateway to Victory Page(which you can find on my website on the left side) and check to see if I have any content that newer then December 31, 2017 then it has worked!

I contested each and every single post; quite literally I had to go to my support inbox and click that every single one wasn’t spam. Lol, Wow, I was kind of worried at first. I thought I was being targeted; but evidently it was just a unfortunate mistake. That’s what I assume because I didn’t receive any type of communication from them; just some updates that they’ve decided my posts didn’t violate the community standards guideline.

I want to give a shout out to Shem El-Jamal from Discerning The Mystery for the advice he shared.

I did learn something from this experience though; that being I have to learn to stay calm, do what I can in the moment to fix this and try to avoid excessive anger. I have the habit of holding onto anger longer then I should; luckily though this incident I was able to channel my anger in a productive way that allowed me to contest the notion that my posts were spam. Which in the end worked in my favor.

So the lesson I’ve learned is that Anger can be a good thing; because it can lead to change if properly used. Yet we must make sure to not be consumed with Anger; because then you lose all productivity and it fogs your mind and prevents you from seeing clearly.

Victory Of The Light


Timothy Frappier

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