Love Is Found From Within

Love is what you make of it. We are the definers and molders of our own reality. Our environment, awareness and perception is a product of our own creation. This idea that we’ve encapsulated within the archetype of Love is our creation.

There are many different facets of Love; but yet even they all hold a common trait that is the source of that idea. That being Free-Will; we live in universe that allows us to choose what it is exactly we wish to believe and experience in life. We were all given the gift of true autonomy by our loving and wonderful source.

Source created a environment, a universe and life that had no meaning. Now many may believe this to be a negative thing; but yet in reality that is far from the Truth. This universe is empty and meaningless so that WE the individuals may have the freedom to CHOOSE whatever meaning we desire.

That is the greatest gift of all; to be given the ability to choose what it is we wish in our lives. There is no overlaying meaning or purpose to this life because if that was the case; free-will wouldn’t exist.

We are truly the ones who create our reality. When we realize this Truth; life becomes a matter of embodying what it is you want. Follow what excites; for Love is intertwined within the bliss. Follow your bliss and life will be more of what you desire.

Timothy Frappier

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