My Thoughts and Opinions on the Primary Anomaly and it’s Role in our Lives

Many of us have been indoctrinated to believe we have no power over our life. Yet in reality; that is far from the Truth. The power is always there; what is lacking is our understanding of ourselves.

Something can only be dis-empowering by choice. It is our own Free-Will that creates the illusion of dis-empowerment. Yet even that itself is a testament of our power. We have the capacity to choose to believe something has power over us. We are the ones who have decided on one level or another what are weaknesses. We are the ones who create our own sense of dis-empowerment.

The only reason we fail to realize this is because of our lack of awareness. We’re raised in a society that is heavily manipulated, lied to and controlled. The Powers That Were use our ignorance to their advantage. For example; the Law of Attraction is something that is shunned upon and criticized by the majority. Most people believe it’s hogwash and downplay it’s relevance.

Yet in reality; Law of Attraction is a cornerstone in this universe. It is one of those fundamental laws that hold such influence and validity that it’s mind boggling to believe people fail to realize this. Many other civilizations around this universe find it very confusing on how we cannot seem to acknowledge this fundamental Truth. They understand this Law; they see it in their own lives and our’s as well.

It is because of mindset of lack that keeps us from realizing this Truth. Yet it’s not that simple as well. Humanity is in the midst of a paradox. We are living a life that is so different, revolutionary, confusing and challenging. We’re in the thicket of what Cobra has termed as the “Primary Anomaly”.

Cobra described this Anomaly as the following: “The Primary Anomaly is continuous. It’s a random function which exists without a purpose.  It is not negative by itself, but free will interacting with primary anomaly has a strong tendency towards evil and negativity because primary anomaly was never in touch with the Source.”

Cobra also goes on to share this as well about the Primary Anomaly: “Suffering exists, not by intent, but by the randomness of the cosmic anomaly.  It was never intended.  It exists without a purpose.  It exists as an anomaly that has to be transformed.  It does not have any higher purpose.  It does not educate us.  It does not make us stronger.  It does not make us wiser.  It is there as something other than as an aberration faction that was never intended to be.  The highest purpose of the source is to transform this so that it can never happen again.”

So we as a species live within a paradox. We’re living upon a planet surrounded by something called the Primary Anomaly which basically is a random generator. Many of the things that we experience in our lives; may be a result of true randomness. So my question is are we truly the definers of our experience? Even when the Primary Anomaly creates many of the randomness in our lives?

This is what I call the Point of Power within the paradox. We have the primary anomaly on one end and the empowerment agenda on the other. Many of us have heard the saying “Life is what you make of it.”. Yet what about the Primary Anomaly’s randomness? Is the things that we experience in our lives a result of our own manifestation or the anomaly or is it because of our free-will choice to experience the anomaly that all things that we experience in our lives as a result of that choice be the reason why we experience what may seem to be random?

This is the maddening part; trying to find a semblance of balance between empowerment and understanding the Primary Anomaly. The focusing on the opposites only leaves one more baffled then before. Since my awakening I’ve come to notice that the more I learn about myself and this wonderful universe; the more I see paradoxes, conflicts and seemingly incompatible ideas/beliefs.

We have Ascended Masters who teach empowerment and all that good stuff; but then we have this Primary Anomaly that exists and influences our lives under the pretense of purposelessness. Does that mean everything that happens in our life as a result of the anomaly is pointless? Yet if it exists; doesn’t it exists for a reason?

Here’s the real kicker in my book. Cobra sums it up well with this statement: “The Primary Anomaly does not have any purpose.  It is the logical opposite of purpose.”

Therefore anything that is an extensions of the Anomaly has no purpose whatsoever…. So purposelessness exists in a perfectly ordered universe? How can something exist without purpose?

Wouldn’t something that exists without purpose indirectly exist to show that things can exist without purpose? It seems much of this Primary Anomaly is left to the individuals subjective opinion. I for one don’t believe it exists without purpose; I think it exists with a purpose to show purposelessness; therefore even it’s paradoxical presence holds some sort of purpose; even if it escapes our present level of awareness.

Cobra also shares that it was our free-will interaction with the Primary Anomaly that created Evil. He shared that millions of years ago Archangels descended into matter by projecting their consciousness into the primary Anomaly with advanced technology.

Bashar teaches that existence; this universe is meaningless. He’s how he explained it:

“Existence is Eternal – without beginning.

Therefore Existence existed BEFORE the concept of “purpose” or “meaning” came into being.

Therefore, Existence does not need to have any particular “purpose” or “meaning” to justify its existence. It simply is.

In other words, the Infinite Creator set it all up as a blank slate (tabula rasa), so that YOU can superimpose absolutely ANY  “meaning” or “purpose” that you wish.

So, to be technically accurate, the universe is “meaningless”.

But this is a good thing!   It is truly a blessing!

The Infinite Creator has given YOU free will, so that you can now use your free will, to superimpose absolutely ANY  “meaning” of life, or “purpose” of existence that you wish!”


This Cosmic Anomaly is absolutely fascinating. In a way it is the source of creativity. Without this Anomaly creativity wouldn’t exist. Yet this idea hinges heavily upon your belief. The Jury is still out on whether or not this force truly is as how Cobra has described it.

This is something I wish I could explore more deeply. To be given the opportunity to interact with such a force is a tantalizing prospect that holds such endless possibilities. Think of all the beauty that could be creates with such a force. We could beholden to a world filled with the most deepest secrets that existence could ever conjure. Such a force would possess such a powerful allurement to myself; I know why I am here. It’s because of this Anomaly. I am here because the Anomaly is what I seek. It is the chase that lasts eternity; it is the love that hurts o so good. It’s the Truth found within the lies. It is the purpose found within the purposelessness.

So when you find yourself in those moments of pain and suffering; remember the Truth of this situation. Remember that the circumstances behind all that is occurring in our lives and in this universe is one that is unique within all of creation. That alone should be all the solace you need. To experience life on this world is one that many wish for; but few get the opportunity to actually do. Embrace what is; love this moment and all that is within it. For we are One now and forever.

Timothy Frappier


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