The Beauty of Spontaneous Expression

Spontaneous expression is beauty in motion. Those who act upon this impulse are unhindered by thoughts and beliefs of others. They don’t bother thinking to themselves what others are going to think when I share or do this. They do it because something compels them to do so.

Like a supernova, they burst forth with light and beauty. All who behold it are enraptured in a ecstatic experience that leaves impressions of true beauty. They inspire others to express themselves more freely and openly.

They are wayshowers for those who want to break free from the societal programming we’ve been indoctrinated with since our conception. Many of us don’t even realize we don’t express our true selves. We’re operating from a paradigm that has been programmed and imprinted upon us from TV, media and entertainment.

This is why many people are unhappy; because they’re not being their true self. They’re simply not aware of this fact. We’re so concerned about what others think about us. We assume roles that we believe others want us to in order to gain their approval and praise.

A truly spontaneous person though doesn’t bog themselves down with the thoughts of others. They explore they’re own sense of creativity and express without thoughts of what others will think.

We should do this more in our lives; we can learn from these people. So the next time you think about doing or saying something; but then second guess it because you’re worried what others may think; try to remember that it doesn’t matter what others think. Be yourself regardless of others.

This is my advice to you for the day. Have a blessed day and be well.

Timothy Frappier

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