My Thoughts and Comments on the State of the World

Well; I’m being led to write a post that deals more with how I feel about the world as is right now. A lot of the time I do these type of writings in my journal; which has been a tremendous help, but I feel compelled to share some of my thoughts in this post.

Many times when I think about what’s happening on this world I’m brought to tears. Many nights I become so angry, sad and frustrated with the current state of affairs. I see the 25,000 people dying of starvation when we have the means to end it. I see people die of cancer, aids and many other afflictions that we have the means to cure. I see people being used as cannon fodder in these wars oversea so that elites and businesses can steal and pillage another nation’s resources.

I see politicians everyday catering to special interests and not serving the needs of the common person. I see the incompetence of these leaders; how blatantly obvious it is to me. I don’t understand how the majority of humanity cannot see beyond their narrowly formed conception and outlook upon life.

I think about these children being abused in these pedophile rings; I imagine the pain, suffering and horror they’ve been through. It brings me to tears and I cannot help but get angry at this world.

I think about all the people in this country who wrap themselves in the American Flag; but pay little heed to that which is occurring around the world. So many people want to consider themselves patriots; why? Because they served their country…. doing what exactly? Killing, Spying and Deceiving? Especially in regards to the military; I for one am very critical and leery of the military based upon one reason; their main function is to kill or destroy the enemy.

At least; that’s what the military of today is all about; they’re offensive based; not defensive. We’re not focusing on defensive measures; we’re focusing on offensive. On top of that these offensives we pursue and engage in are not even based in the idea that we have to eliminate the threat before it becomes a problem; but instead its based in greed. Greed drives the engine of war and of the military. Then on top of that we the people fail to see that war breeds war. Peace cannot be achieved through war; only death follows war. The more we war; the more we die; it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy based on simple understand of “Like attracts like”. That which we promote we attract; thus if we promote war; we’ll attract more reasons to go to war.

Many people worship and idolize our veterans, but yet most individuals don’t see that war is a racket. I’m the one who’s considered unpatriotic based upon the fact I don’t approve these wars nor support our troops. I don’t condone these wars because they’re unethical and being motivated from a mentality of greed; I don’t support our troops because I feel they shouldn’t throw away their lives so needlessly. I don’t want to see them die; I don’t want them to feel or believe they have to engage in this war to fight some kind of “enemy” that was fabricated by the military and intelligence communities in order to justify it. Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and the Gulf of Tonkin incident are all the proof we need

I think about this a lot and lately it’s been taking a lot of my focus. I get so frustrated, sad and angry about this world. I’m extremely impatient and I just want the TRUTH to come to the surface. I don’t want to see another person starve to death, die of cancer and become a causality of war when we have the means to remedy these problems. I direct so much of my anger at people, governments and organizations I feel aren’t fulfilling their obligation to the people that it really affects my state of being.

I try to accept the world as is and at times I’m successful at doing so; but at what cost? To accept the world as is is to justify the existence of these problems we have on this world. I feel that to accept this world as is is to perpetuate the status quo. I feel I would be doing the people a great disservice if I was to accept the world as is. I for one don’t want to become complacent in the suffering on this world. I want more people to believe that it’s not necessary and to refuse to accept it; Then I want to see them search deep within themselves and think about how they would like to be treated.

I want people to empathize with the children who are starving, being abused and denied opportunities to live a life worthy of them. I want more people to put themselves in their shoes. How would you feel if you were starving? How would you feel if you or someone you loved was dying of cancer? How would you feel if people in your family died in a war? How would you feel if you were in one of these countries who we were bombing under the guise of “War On Terror”? How would you feel if your house was destroyed in this war? How would you feel if you had to be relocated because of war?

I grow tired of all the bullshit going on in this world; we need men and women of action. People who will stop the endless chattering and bickering of politicians, military officials and businessmen and finally do what is right. People who will draw the line and say “This far and NO FARTHER!”. We need to work together and do what needs to be done. First things first; let’s remove these idiots from positions of authority; take them down by any means necessary. Screw their threats; to hell with their egos, their time is at end and they’re in denial.

They’re afraid and rightly so; they should be afraid because they will be brought to justice. We the people will know what they have done and they will answer for their transgressions against humanity. They should be grateful though; because we won’t treat them like they did to us; yes they’ll be restricted and controlled for the remainder of their life. They’ll be forced into rehabilitation programs and others things; but they wont be harmed or killed. If the tables were turned though, they wouldn’t hesitate to harm us, that in itself is a reason why these delusional people should be grateful.

We need a radical change; something that will breath new life into humanity. We need full disclosure; we need the suppressed technology released and we need our leaders to be held accountable. It’s time that we unite together and accomplish this goal. No more talk, no more excuses and no more delays. No more lies, no more fighting; it’s time for peace to reign supreme upon this precious world. We the people DEMAND CHANGE NOW!

Timothy Frappier


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts and Comments on the State of the World

  1. I feel the same thoughts as you, and I pray for the change. I don’t think that those of us that are aware of what is really going on know what to do about it. This causes me much frustration!

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  2. Tim; It appears that you, as with most empaths, carry the world on your shoulders continually, and often feel helpless to cause change. The burdens seem ALMOST too great sometimes…. I am now beginning to change the view of my world to create the change I want to see, instead of carrying the pain. I will glance at the headlines, say a prayer for those and then refuse to spend any more time dwelling on negatives. NO MORE FOOD FOR EVIL. Visualize those that are hungry – eating a wonderful meal, visualize those being brutalized in a different, beautiful environment, and visualize those in harms way covered in Heavens Light and all evil coming towards them being REFLECTED BACK ON THE SENDER. Ask that those evil ones be removed from this reality. We are on this earth to bring healing, and must find a way to do it. Thank you Tim for sharing your views. It helps me realize that I am not alone.

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