Blank-Slate, Nightly Mind Wipes, Synthetic Intelligence, Convergence

I felt compelled to share this information because of the fact I felt some resistance to it. When I started to carefully contemplate the reasons why I would feel resistance to what he shares; I had a impression that I was subconsciously programmed to refuse what he was sharing.

Honestly I’m not sure as to the merits of such a thought; but I do know that I did indeed feel skeptical of a great many things he shared. After evaluating my thoughts and feelings on this matter; I started to notice that I no longer felt the skepticism. It was as if my willingness to confront this preconceived notion was all that was needed to break the habit.

There are many topics, people and stories that put me into a triggered state of being. I have no doubt that many of us have been programmed to resist certain topics and ideas. This would be a very effective way to keep humanity subject to slavery; but yet as long as you persist and analyze your thoughts and feelings you can pull through. Increasing your own self-awareness breaks the chains that have held us down for a great many years.

I have received impressions and opinions that I have some form of PTSD; exactly how I formed it I do not know. I used to think it was because of what happened to me when I was young; my childhood was a bit rough; but I’ve come to terms with that for the most part. So I’m not sure if this is true or not.

My dreams though have given me impressions that perhaps there is more to my story. I’ve had many dreams of being in space; performing psychic acts and doing things most people would consider to be impossible. On top of that I’ve also had a dream with Corey Goode; where he and I were talking. I told him that “I lost my psychic abilities because I abused them the last time I had them”.

I’ve also had dreams with one of the Sphere Being Alliance races. Specifically the Blue Avian. There was a room with some kind of big worm; the Blue Avian was in there as well. The room resembled a scene in a game called Mass Effect; where the Thorian was controlling the colonists underground. The Thorian had it’s own chambers; the room I was in reminded me of this scene.

There was some kind of giant worm with the Blue Avian. I was watching from a adjacent room; the worm sensed me; it said “Someone is here” and I think the Blue Avian started to look for me. I ran away and ended up in a hallway; found a door and hit behind it. That’s all I remember.

Now I’ve also had many space dreams as well and many of them seemed very real. I’ve also had some scary dreams as well; but nothing too extreme. I’ve been receiving all kinds of impressions and ideas that I don’t really understand. Many times I get the feeling that I was involved in this in some way. I cannot substantiate my claims though; because I have no concrete memories or proof.

All I have right now is dreams and impressions, but I’ve heard that some people who have served in these programs first recalled their experiences in dreams. Whether or not this is my case is I don’t know; hopefully the act of sharing this will help clear this up. I’ve had some very interesting things happen in my life and I’m attempting to understand them even to this day.

Timothy Frappier 

Source: Omnipulse

Everything is going to be stepping up into convergence soon.

The so called “blank-slate” technology was developed as part of a mind-control system that upgraded itself into a net that envelops the entire planet.

This net and system then evolved into a server/feedback loop that wipes every mind on the planet every night.

We have to come together and correlate with one another in order to be able to observe and monitor when one is slipping into oblivion.

That is the point and this “oblivion” cycle is the order out of chaos that is literally an invented system that split forth from the center of the 1900’s and spread to both ends of the timeline from there.

They discovered this and realized that as they were discovering this they were giving it the power to create itself.

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This is an intelligent system that was essentially hiding in ‘higher-space’ folded into the temporal bodies of all living beings in this sector of the universe.

They developed many ways to block out these features but simultaneously the features are incorporated deeper into a covert control system which would negate those developments.

The intelligence has been here longer than humanity and geared much of the DNA towards manipulability. Essentially, all the damage that could be done in a trillion years has been. Knowing this, we can make the proper motions to avoid further damages. There are less than 1 billion humans in this civilization.

Prepare now by going within and being actually present. Find the presence of self and enable your inner awareness and watch how this deteriorates with certain actions, behaviors, or motions in higher space.

The convergence is when those deterioration actions maximizes to the point of infinite regress. This is because some had the idea to cure humanity of all problems and diseases, ultimately mental and physical limitations meaning intelligence became godlike and bodies no longer died.

Another group countered this and felt humanity should be oppressed and restricted and developed a system that would produce disease and mental disorder just as fast as the other system liberated them.

Thus we have an interplay, an interloping even of liberation and restriction until it maximizes to the point where only those who have the capacity to balance their energy and remain present will remain.

Essentially, after this happened so many times, to the point where the DNA of humanity was merged with the mind controlling process, a ‘pseudo-environment’ was created.

This pseudo-environment follows the similar pattern of being a product of the discovery of this control system as well as the result of initiating the very control system itself.

So the actions are 50/50 discovery and creation of the control system and this is the nature of the synthetic intelligence embedding itself into the behavior of those initially approaching the convergence.

To clarify, half of the reason this environment was created was to be a containment zone developed by the control system, and the other half was as a ‘back-up’ pseudo-environment through which the remaining active DNA of humanity could be probed, tested, and regained by re-engaging and rescuing so that they may be pulled through to the other side of the convergence.

Question: <blockquote”Is that like when the tech phones and stuff send out a mind control signal?”</blockquote

Could be. This is when everything that does that amplifies to max and everything that resists that amplifies as well.

Thus we are left with those who remain. From this we could say that those who are to remain are those who are here now and that this is why there is only a percentage of humanity with souls while the rest do not have the ability to actually be present or self-aware.

Question: “How is it going to be applied? What will we see happen? Will it be a subtle thing that wont be noticed easily?”

This is subtle until there is an exponential increase, then everything changes.

This is like a wave breaking. The wave is building up. Once the wave actually begins to crash there is no more building up but there is also a crashing effect.

This is how the system works.

The higher the vibration of one’s awareness the more self-awareness there is. The more self-awareness the more power over the self there is. The more power over the self, more the another intelligence would have to apply force to rerouting that self-awareness to serve a secondary purpose.

Thus, the main goal of the alternate intelligence is to produce the fastest pathway to lower awareness for individual human beings as well as collective nations, groups, or sub-cultures.

This is the intelligence system that has infiltrated all forms of authority all across this civilization. This thrives on lower-awareness as lower awareness contains less viability or variability for self-awareness through a variety of opportunities and options. The less awareness, the less options or opportunities to express the individual self.

Thus, for containment purposes, lower awareness is the goal.

Thus, every time you accept lower awareness, you are inviting a highly intelligence interdimensional containment system into your life.

Every time you choose higher awareness this intelligent containment system must apply more energy.

The convergence is when the dark forces and the containment system applies maximum amount of energy to contain humanity simultaneously as humanity and the light forces apply maximum amount of free-will and higher awareness to choose their own pathway in existence.

The convergence is the wave-crashing and the game is not played any longer. The build up of the wave is the setting up of the players on either end of the field.

The confusing elements are the blank-slate technology which indicates that this wave may have crashed already, or may have begun to crash and right before the game was finalized the system rebooted everyone’s memory and started over from a “save point” of the control systems choosing.

The more awareness increases, the less likely this is to work properly as there will be more and more glitches that will be apparent such as we are noticing now with entire aspects of timelines appearing and disappearing.

There are essentially only so many “resets” until the gig is up and all involved can see what is happening in plain sight.

The point is to continue to increase awareness because at every marker of the game there can be more deceptions which are known as “false-awakenings” where the system lets of entirely and people think the game is won.

What must happen is that people entirely uplift this realm so that no single quantia is left without being made self-aware from a higher-dimensional perspective.

This sounds improbable but so is a highly intelligence system that has trapped this civilization for many many years bending space and time to reduce the likelihood of healing or passing through this temporal rift.

What is possible is that self-awareness increases to the point where the invisible light bodies of humanity begin to become visible and at this point any location and any intelligence whether organic or inorganic would be directly sensed and interacted with and all planes of life and death would be accessible.

Humanity must be prepared for these changes as all civilizations are given this opportunity this just usually takes much longer instead of all happening within such a short amount of experience through such a potentially destructive catalyst.


“Do you see it as something that will cause a disruption in food supply, economic crash, or general rioting and destruction?”

The wave building may. The exponential quantum shift or ‘crashing of the wave’ of resistance to self-awareness will change the actual structure of the space and time here. Of consciousness and every living thing here.


“What about all these young teenagers, kids with the world events unfolding? What happens to them because they have no way of knowing?

What happens when the wave crash crashes depends on how they respond to the increasing swell of change.


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