Why I Dislike Government and Authority

Now this is going to be a reflection of my internal beliefs and ideas in regards to government. I am a staunch advocate of small government, how small you may ask; as small as it can get.

Since the dawning of known civilization there has always been some form of government regulating the lives of people. Many of the governments in the past have been very tyrannical and malevolent by nature. That’s because the idea of government is founded upon the premise that the individual is unable to regulate their own life; thus they’re dependent upon some form of “higher authority” to help them live their life.

Many people believe that a government is merely a reflection of the common ideas and beliefs that a particular group of people all share; but in reality that is not the case. Governments are instruments to control people through fear. Laws are enacted to force people into conformity so that they may be productive members according to the accepted norms of society.

These norms are established by social engineers using the power of radio, TV, media and the internet to mold a consensus amongst the population. Thus controlling the process of democracy through very sinister and deceptive methods. Governments in the past have done the same thing; but the current government has taken this to a whole new level.

There have been government projects such as MK Ultra, Project Mockingbird and the Monarch Program that really shows what these people who control our government are willing to do in order to maintain the status quo. Who does the government work for? We’re told that it works for the people; but in reality it works for corporations and special interests who have deep pockets.

This current government is not an embodiment of benevolent authority; but instead is a embodiment of Greed & Elitism. The primary function of our current government is to protect the interests of those whom have the most money. Government is a mechanism used to keep the wealthy rich and the poor poorer. The poor cannot afford the luxuries that the government can provide for the elite; because the common person cannot afford to hire someone to represent them. Most election funding for congressmen, senators and many other politicians come from wealthy individuals or PACs(Political Action Communities). So naturally these politicians are going to carter to the ones whom helped them get elected. This government is very parasitic and to proclaim otherwise is to deny the blatant and obvious truth.

Lobbyists are employed by corporations to protect their interests. Which is such a affront to the ideals of our founding fathers. If they were alive they would be insulted by the government we have created. They would be the first to gather the people together and raid congress.

I have always disliked government because it based upon the premise of authority. We given our power to decide what is right and wrong away to government. Many people have the naive belief that government law is the supreme moral arbiter of “Right” and “Wrong”. We don’t even think for ourselves anymore; if someone breaks the law we automatically believe their in the wrong; regardless of the fact if the broken law is effective or not.

Now I’m not talking about laws involving murder, robbery, theft or rape; these are quite self evident as being “Wrong” in the context that we the people have decided we don’t want these things to happen. I’m talking stupid laws that corporations make in order to make a profit.

My sister has to pay $900 just because they didn’t get health care in 2016. We can thank Obamacare for this. Now her taxes will be confiscated just because she decided not to get insurance. This is the Law of the Land; let’s also think about Car insurance; Everyone is required to get Car Insurance; it’s the law. Why was this law enacted? Well how is the hospital suppose to make money if someone gets into an car accident and has no liability? Another justification companies and government use is that this prevents those who have insurance from having their rates increased because of getting into a accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance.Well the last time I checked; insurance meant you insure yourself; no one else. Why would your insurance company raise rates of the accident wasn’t your fault? Even if the person doesn’t have insurance; why would they raise the rates on someone who is not to blame? It’s all about Money; they would raise your rates because you cost them money; regardless of the fact if the accident was your fault or not, they don’t care. All they care about is Money.

Then we have this ridiculous drug war that is probably the biggest monstrosity I’ve ever encountered. The reason we’re told that drugs are outlawed is because there “Bad” for you; thus if it’s bad for you it must be banned. What about caffeine? Caffeine isn’t good for you either; what about meat? Meat isn’t good for you or processed foods. We going to ban that stuff too? More people die from Alcohol then illegal drugs; but yet liquor is legal.

The role of government shouldn’t be to protect the people; but instead to let them learn for themselves what is right or wrong. Anyways; drugs being outlawed is not due to protecting the people; the main reason is to control the market. The CIA and many other black project groups use funding from illicit drug sales to fund their projects. By no means is the government doing this to protect the people; those who control the policies of this nation do it for profit; but proclaim to the people that it’s for their well-being. Which is a bunch of hogwash; because there not fighting the source of the problem; instead there promoting it. Don’t believe me? Look up how American soldiers protected opium fields in Afghanistan and how CIA agents were caught going across the US-Mexico Border with 1363 pounds of cocaine. Let’s not forget how the CIA used drug smuggling to finance rebel groups in countries they were attempting to topple.

Then we have the Prison Industrial Complex which makes money from placing people in prisons. From 1980s to present time our prison population has exploded and most of the people sent the prison are not for violent crimes such as theft, drug charges and property damage. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the nearly 2.2 million people behind bars last year, 50.5% were serving time for violent crime. That means that more than 1.1 million people were imprisoned for nonviolent offenses, mainly property and drug crimes. That means 49.5% of prisoners are in prison for non-violent crimes.

This system of government needs to be dismantled. I believe in heavy reduction of government and more personal freedom for the individuals. These people in positions of authority are in my opinion incompetent to do what is right. That doesn’t just cover the Cabal; that’s too obvious; but I also include this Earth Alliance that many insiders have spoken about. Their willingness to promote partial disclosure is naive and irresponsible. Whether it’s done under the intention to honestly protect the people or themselves is irrelevant; because any reasonable person would know that the TRUTH is what is best for humanity.

I don’t know if you feel the way I do; but I sick and tired of these idiots in positions of authority. They failed us when it mattered the most in the past. They allowed Nazis to take control of our government; they’ve allowed the suppressing of life changing technologies that could end poverty, famine and disease for all of humanity. They’ve allowed the Federal Reserve to basically bankrupt the people of this great nation. They’ve allowed the enemy to operate domestically on our soil. The Government and Military have FAILED US! Now there is supposedly groups within the government and military fighting the cabal; I bet they believe we should be appreciative; which I am to a certain extent; but I’m not going to forget that they were the reason things got out of hand in the first place.

They failed us when they met with Benevolent races who wanted to help humanity by insisting we reduce our obsession for weapons. What did they do instead? Make a deal with Grays for technology that they could use against other countries and label the good guys as “Space Hippies”. What does that mean to the common person? Well in simple terms they basically took fancy gadgets that have capacity to kill more people from aliens in order to gain a edge in their own little war game and create a stereotype for those who truly wanted to uplift humanity. We’re the ones who pay the cost; the common individual goes on the battlefield; while these generals, admirals, politicians and many others sit in their cozy chairs barking out orders to the grunts.

Well that is going to end very soon and the people responsible for this whole mess will be brought to justice. We the people are not going to allow them to do this anymore; we will find them and remove their influence. You cannot stop us now; we have you within our sights and you will be dealt with. You will be brought before the people and EVERYONE ON THIS WORLD WILL KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO HUMANITY! You will not escape the wrath of the people; your cannot leave in your spacecraft; your pride will be forcefully broken when chains and handcuffs are placed upon you. Don’t think this will not happen; the time is coming soon and I will rejoice with the news of your arrests and so will countless millions as well.

I love the constitution and for what it stands for; but I don’t not love our government. Government is totally unnecessary for a truly free and independent people. The fact we have government means we’re not as free as many believe ourselves to be. Now I’ll end this article with a quote I use often when thinking of government. Warning your about to see what many consider to be vulgar language.

Fuck The Government

Timothy Frappier


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