Comments and Insight on Cobra’s Announcement of Achieving Critical Mass

Two days ago Cobra announced that we achieved Critical Mass for the Etheric Liberation meditation on February 26th 2017.

“This is just to let you know that the critical mass has been reached. What we have achieved is epic.” – Cobra

Now some people may be unsure what exactly this means for humanity and how it will assist us in triggering the event. That is why I’m going to share my perspective on this matter and hopefully it helps you understand it’s significance.

First off let’s go over what consciousness is. Those who are unfamiliar with this topic may believe that consciousness is our thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Some have even come to believe that the brain is the source of consciousness. Many scientists dismiss the topic of consciousness because of dogmatic ideas founded in a materialistic mentality based solely upon the concept of permanence. Meaning all that exists is what we can see, touch, smell, hear and taste. Thus these sensory inputs are what is used to measure, understand and interpret our reality.

“In science, we have largely ignored how consciousness manifests in our existence. We’ve done this by assuming that the brain produces consciousness, although how it might do so has never been explained and can hardly be imagined.” – Source

Yet this is far from the case; consciousness is all that exists. We are all one and the universe is the embodiment of this consciousness. Science is finally starting to discover what mystics, yogas and shamans have known for a very long with the unified field theory, superstring theory and the M-theory. Consciousness is the glue that holds all of creation in balance.

We are not human(material) beings having a spiritual(conscious) experience, we are spiritual(conscious) beings having a human(material) experience. The matter that composes our brain isn’t the source of consciousness; it is the result of consciousness. Here’s a radio analogy below that explains this concept beautifully.

“Why irrational? Consider a radio, an invention that was introduced during James’s lifetime, and which he used to illustrate the mind-brain relationship. If one bangs a radio with a hammer, it ceases to function. But that does not mean that the origin of the sounds was the radio itself; the sound originated from outside it in the form of an electromagnetic signal. The radio received, modified, and amplified the external signal into something recognizable as sound. Just so, the brain can be damaged in various ways that distort the quality of consciousness – trauma, stroke, nutritional deficiencies, dementia, etc. But this does not necessarily mean the brain “made” the consciousness that is now disturbed, or that consciousness is identical to the brain.

British philosopher Chris Carter endorses this analogy. Equating mind and brain is irrational, he says as listening to music on a radio, smashing the radio’s receiver, and thereby concluding that the radio was producing the music.” – Source

Now that we’ve established that consciousness isn’t isolated solely to our brain, but instead is a force that unites us all as one let’s discuss the power of this understanding and how it can and has been used with meditation to make this world a better place.

There have been numerous studies that have validated that meditation does affect our consciousness. These studies have shown mass meditation can be used to reduce crime, stress and violence.

For example; let’s take the Washington DC meditation experiment in 1993. This experiment was led by renowned quantum physicist John Hagelin. The objective was to prove how easy it was to reduce crime and violence with meditation. In fact they made a prediction that they could reduce crime by 20%. A police chief went on record of saying that this was impossible and the only reason crime would drop that much was if Washington received 20 inches of snow.

What was accomplished with this project was a reduction in crime by 23.3%. This was achieved during the final part of the experiment when they had the most participates.

“The maximum impact was an unprecedented drop in HRA crime of 23.3%. This maximum effect occurred when the size of the group was at its largest in the final phase of the project.

The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion (p < .000000002).

Soon after the project and as predicted by the researchers, HRA crime began to rise again.”Source

There was also another 1978 meditation experiment that consisted of a group of 7000 yogis. They’re objective was to see if they could reduce crime, violence and casualties during their 3 week experiment. They were able to reduce crime, violence and casualties in the surrounding city by 17%.

There are numerous studies that shows similar results and I could go on and on with example after example that support these findings. What I’ve been unable to discover though is why meditation reduces crime. Many people have their own theories on why meditation helps, but there all theories. It’s very hard to show conclusive evidence as to why meditation helps reduce stress, crime and deaths.

The theory that I lean towards is the energetic. Many of us have heard that matter is energy that vibrates at a certain rate due to a specific sound frequency. Energy + Sound Frequency = unique vibration that creates matter as we know it. It could be possible that quarks, protons, electrons and neutrons are a result of a sound frequency interacting with energy.

The bible illustrates this in John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” I believe that this verse supports the theory that sound creates matter. That the source of all creation is a result of frequencies interacting with energy. I also believe that word described in the verse is some kind of frequency that is omnipresent; which is part of the universal consciousness. Here’s two interesting video showing the effects of sound on matter.

Now perhaps let’s take this theory to a different level. What if meditation allows us to channel source energy to help heal us all? Perhaps the problem we as a species are having is our inability to receive energy from the universal source. When we meditate we could be opening ourselves to this energy; thus acting as a energetic anchor for the divine energy to flow through and around us.

What I found particularly interesting about these meditations is the possibility of opening energetic portals. For example on Monday, November 25, 2013 Cobra announced we reached Critical Mass and were successful in opening the Aion Portal. Cobra describes portals as the following:

” A dimension portal is a double vortex of energy that actually transmits energy between different dimensions.  Then the energy can be used. It is a neutral energy. You can use if for good purposes or somebody could use it for not-so-good purposes. When the portal is activated property, it can become a very strong, supportive vortex for the light. It can actually change the energetic signature of that area. It can improve the living conditions of the people, their well-being. This is the reason why we are going from place to place activating those portals. If we have a mass meditation on a certain specific date, that can trigger the opening of that portal, it can have a planetary global effect of improving the planetary situation.” – Source

When we meditate we actually have some kind of energetic effect on the etheric realm. When we unite together and meditate for peace or full disclosure we create an energy imprint upon the etheric realm. Thus making it easier for the light forces to take care of their business and interact with humanity. This has been used in the past for both positive and negative reasons. The archon(ankle-biters) invasion of 1996 is an example of portals being used for negative reasons and the Harmonic convergence is an example for positive reasons.

This latest meditation was directed towards that Congo portal of 1996 that resulted in the archon invasion. If anyone is familiar with Cobra’s work you’ll most likely understand that the archons are the ones who came to earth 26,000 years ago and declared earth their property and enacted a strict quarantine on this planet. They’ve been manipulating humanity in the background for a great many years. The name of the game is to keep humanity dumbed down and operating within a lower vibration. They came here to strengthen the veil around Earth which keeps us quarantined from the rest of the galaxy and to prevent the light from entering on the surface. The veil is basically a frequency barrier around planet earth designed to keep us in a lower vibration.

They use fear to control us; a fearful consciousness vibrates at a slower rate. Thus making easier for them to siphon your life force and use it for what they desire. They are the cause of war, poverty, famine and much suffering around the world.

The fact that we reached critical mass to hasten the healing of this portal is a tremendous accomplishment because it strikes at the heart of the problem. Unlike the Aion Portal activation which was directed towards spreading the Goddess energy throughout planet earth, this recent meditation was specifically purposed for the healing of the Congo Invasion portal. We’ve essentially have landed a direct blow to the Dark Forces and now the Goddess Energy has been directed to heal the source of darkness.

To me, this seems to be the most significant portal activation to date. This portal is a very important one for the Dark Forces because it anchored much of the Primary Anomaly to the surface of the planet. The primary anomaly was explained by Cobra as basically being the source of suffering and darkness on this planet. It’s designed by default to suppress the light and is the main reason for the blockage of evolution on this planet. This is because the primary anomaly was never in touch with the source. The Archons use Scalar waves to strengthen the primary anomaly on this surface.

“The Primary Anomaly is continuous. It’s a random function which exists without a purpose.  It is not negative by itself, but free will interacting with primary anomaly has a strong tendency towards evil and negativity because primary anomaly was never in touch with the Source.” – Cobra

We should be proud of this achievement. Because much good will result from this activation. The congo portal will start to heal and perhaps a shift in the attitudes of the archons will occur. Perhaps more of them will wish to defect to the light as a result of this portal. In the end, they need healing just as much as you and I. Cobra has stated they have the capacity to turn towards the good. So we should encourage this kind of shift.

Rejoice my friends because this is a good sign. This could be equated as the precursor to the event. This will help accelerate the event. The last few years have been extremely transformational and so much information, truth and knowledge is coming to the public arena. Many insiders, whistleblowers and truthers are sharing what they know about a great many things. At this rate, I expect great things for our future. change is coming because in the end; change is inevitable.

Victory Of The Light

Timothy Frappier

2 thoughts on “Comments and Insight on Cobra’s Announcement of Achieving Critical Mass

  1. This is very beautifully written and summarizing Timothy! I think we are all on the edge of our seat waiting for his report to come out and your writings were a great precursor for the awaited report. Definitely will be sharing! Much love to you sir!

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