2017 Conscious Life Expo Promo Video with Corey Goode and David Wilcock! (New Information/Intel in Video)

I extremely enjoyed watching this video; not only is it informative; but also very positive. To hear Corey Goode say that the Cabal’s end is near is a very positive sign in my opinion. Especially if what he’s been revealing to humanity is actually true; if he’s really been interacting with the Guardians, SSP and Inner Earth Beings and has a positive outlook for humanities’ future that’s saying a lot. 

I based that upon the fact that many people whom are immersed in this world with the Cabal, extraterrestrials and UFOs can tend to have pessimistic outlooks for our future. I’ve heard that many in the SSP are quite negative. In fact; Corey Goode has revealed that the Guardians are using him as a ambassador to spread their message because of the fact they don’t wish to directly work with the SSP. 

Which of my opinion kind of signals that they’re just as human as you and I. They have the same problems as we on the surface. The only difference is the environment; that’s about it. 

Awesome stuff guys; enjoy the video and have a blessed day. Victory of the Light.

Timothy Frappier

Source: TruthEarth

So Corey uploaded a promo video of some of his and David’s talk at the CLE from last week and boy is it interesting! I will post it below, it’s only about 15 minutes so it won’t take too long to get through, plus when the information is this interesting it’s hard to look away!

They discuss new things that they haven’t gone over yet and there are some great graphics that are included. I highly recommend this one.

Thanks for reading everyone and much love.


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