Do You Belong To The New 1% Of The Population That Will SHATTER The Global Elite?

Many of you whom are reading these words most likely have decided to assist humanity in this transition from a fear based 3D/4D reality into a loving 5D reality. We are the way showers and it’s more important then ever that we all remember why we are here.

Cobra has stated that if we all achieved our mission here on Earth; it would be liberated. The problem that many of us experience and encounter is that we get lost in Maya; the illusion of solidity. We’ve wrapped ourselves in matter to the point where we’ve forgotten who we truly are. We’ve disconnected ourselves from the spiritual realms and came to believe that only the things that you can touch, taste, smell, hear and see are real.

Yet our physical embodiment is a small part of the massive multidimensional beings that we all are. This focus on the physical aspect of existence keeps us blinded to these realities and until we gather the courage to dispel the old myth that solidity is the only thing that is real; we shall continue to be blinded to these other dimensions.

Many of you have intimate understanding of these spiritual realities deep within you. All that is needed is to focus upon one’s own inner world to unlock these understandings. It is our connection to the divine that can assist us in restoring this world. We are the ones whom anchor the light to the surface of the earth so that it may bring change.

Many of you know this to be the Truth; you can feel it deep within you. Don’t deny this feeling or rationalize it as some kind of flight of fantasy or delusion. There is a reason you’ve awoken; there is a reason why you have a powerful drive to help and there is a reason why you choose love over fear.

This is something we must do for all of humanity. Future generations depend upon our bravery to face our fears both within and without. We must be bold enough to confront the shadows from within; to do our own inner healing work. We must be willing to take action that will bring change to this wounded world. Else we’ll continue to destroy this precious planet and ourselves.

There is no darkness that cannot be driven away by the light, no obstacle that can stand in our way and no mountain we cannot climb. When we stand together united as one; there isn’t anything we cannot achieve. We have the power to bring this change; we have the capacity to turn this world into a paradise. So let us unite to bring this new world into manifestation; so that our children may enjoy the fruits of love, joy and compassion.

Let love shine ever so bright and let us today right here in this eternal now moment declare as one voice that we choose LOVE.

Timothy Frappier 


When we say “The Global Elite” we think of the wealthiest 1% who thrive through global consumerism. They don’t care about the result of their products as long as it brings massive profit. Their agenda is New World Order with hypnotized consumers living in One Government World. This way they can stay in power (meaning they’ll keep their businesses going) and their consumers will be “satisfied” (addicted) to their products without realizing the damage they create with consuming.

However, in that MASSIVE 99% of the world there is a tiny 1% that may be the key to restoring balance to the world.

It’s not a secret society with some sinister agenda to take over the world. No. These individuals are all around us. Most of them have never even met each other. A lot of them don’t even know what’s happening. But they can all feel it. They can all feel that there is something wrong with society and the way it functions.

Suddenly, these individuals stop caring about what brand they wear. They see through the BS of media. They tend to unite the good from the indigenous and the modern, in a new sustainable lifestyle. They prefer walks in nature and nights around a campfire over getting drunk in clubs. They desire healthy organic food over processed food no matter the taste. They see the world as their home and the people as its global citizens. They love animals, nature and every human being as they realize we are all ONE! They SEE the world’s greatest lie “you are not enough” and THIS is their freedom.

That’s why they cannot be controlled into consuming products that harm the world. The products will either have to change to be more eco-friendly and respectful to humanity or no one will consume them.

These individuals, completely unintentionally, show an alternative to the global consumerism. They show that in Nature there is everything that you need and in there, everything is free. They open a doorway to a new lifestyle where you are free from filling the endless void of your ego and you can focus on what truly matters, ascending into a higher frequency. That’s why they will shatter “The Global Elite’s Plan”

Are you one of these people? Do you feel there is something wrong with society? Do you feel lost, as you are walking amongst people who are asleep? Do some (if not all) of the traits we mentioned above apply to you? Don’t worry, it simply means that you are awakening. Why? Nobody knows for sure. Maybe it’s a higher plan of The Universe or maybe there is something else in play. However, keep in mind that you are not alone.


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