Love is What We All Need Right Now

It is more important than ever to maintain a loving state of being as much as possible. We find ourselves in some very trialing times; but also some very transformational times as well. We have the opportunity to shift the collective consciousness to a more peaceful and loving state. All that is required is to work on that loving state ourselves.

Change begins from within; when we accept this we discover that we have all that we need within us. Happiness is a state of being; which is found from within. We’ve all heard people talk about how you can be happy regardless of outside circumstances; but many of us find this difficulty to achieve. We’ve been raised in a society where we place our sense of happiness in desires and wants.

People wants things because they believe it will make them happy. This is intentionally conveyed to us in advertisements, commercials and many other ads. Advertisers found that creating the idea that this product or thing will make you happy or feel good improved sale’s numbers. Thus many of the products and advertisements we’re bombarded with on a daily basis has an subliminal underlying message that speaks “This product/thing will make you happy.”

In reality though; it is we ourselves whom make us happy. It is our belief that this product or thing will bring us happiness. It’s not that the thing actually does the work; the desire of attaining this product acts as a permission for us to feel happy. We’ve either consciously or unconsciously allowed ourselves to believe it will make us happy; yet at the end of the day the happiness derives from within.

You don’t need anything to be happy; you can be that happiness regardless of your possessions, social status or accomplishments. Money doesn’t make you happy; it is your belief that money will make you feel better that brings this happiness. In the end though; that happiness is fleeting and temporal. Eventually things don’t bring any type of happiness whatsoever; you have to keep getting more and more in order to feel that same feeling you had when you first started to believe things could bring you happiness.

That is the root of greed; greed is only evil in the sense that our ignorance perpetuates this imbalanced way of interfacing with reality. Greed is the result of the forgotten fact that we ourselves can be happy regardless of outside circumstances. People whom are consumed with greed are not evil nor bad; they’re merely attempting to search for this happiness through things. They’re forgotten that happiness is found within.

Thus we should be compassionate and understanding towards those whom are afflicted with this sickness. Greed is a sickness just as much as a Flu; the only difference is that it’s symptoms and affects are not realized in bodily sensory inputs; but instead through our consciousness.

The best way to help these people is for ourselves to be happy. Now this can be quite a demanding task in of itself; we’ve been bombarded with so much negativity that many of us find it difficult to embody a loving state of being. The negativity, misery and suffering is all we’ve known in our lives. We don’t want to let go out it because contrary to what many of us tell ourselves; we’ve become acclimated and accustomed to this negativity. We’ve allowed it to define who we are and many of us will not relinquish it out of fear of losing our identity or sense of being.

These behaviors have been programmed into us from childhood; we fear change because change from our experience has never been good. Thus even though our life may be negative; the fear of change keeps us in this negativity. These were preemptively programmed into our consciousness in order to maintain the status quo. Those who currently benefit from the system; want to keep it as is; thus they’ve programmed society to believe change is bad. Which helps keep them in power.

This is one of the single most oppressive fear we have. The fear of change is what keeps us in misery; thus in order to overcome our negativity; we must embrace change. Else we’ll continue to be subject to pain, misery and suffering.

The important thing to remember is to reevaluate our definition and understanding of change. All things are in a constant state of change; that includes our bodies, earth and the universe. Everything is moving from one form to another. Days change from mornings to evenings. Prices change for gas; the cells that make up our bodies change as well. Literally your cells in your body presently are not the same ones that were there 7 years ago. Yet you still perceive yourself as being yourself.

The point is to remember that change is a good thing. Without change we wouldn’t be alive. Without change we wouldn’t have the opportunity to discover all the beauty in this world. Change is an act of creation; when we embrace change; we embrace creativity. Change is the key in getting us out of our negative programming and fully embodying our true selves. Love is change and change is Love; two are intertwined for all of eternity. Change is the greatest gift of all; because it’s origin is found within Love. And where there is Love; there is beauty beyond words.

When we start to see change as a positive thing; our life will change. Change is inevitable and cannot be stopped. It can only be temporally perceived as being delayed; but in reality it never was delayed nor stopped. All things happens as they should; allow change to help you be Love.

Overcome the fear of change brothers and sisters. This is how you can embody a loving state of being more effectively. Be the change; love the change and watch yourself become love itself.

Timothy Frappier


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