An Example of Holistic Discernment and the Fruit of Critical Thought | Commentary on Kent Dunn Updates by David Nova

by Justin Deschamps

Kent Dunn is an alleged intelligence insider who issues regular updates and reports through Gary Larrabee. These updates have been posted on this site over the past few weeks and have received a wide range of reactions. In one of the updates, comments regarding holistic discernment were made (which can be found below). David Nova, of Deus Nexus, sent me an email offering his analysis and research of some of Dunn’s claims, which I thought were worthy of analysis and discussion.

I asked him if I could post his comments as they exemplified holistic discernment in my view, to which he agreed.

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Before we review his commentary, let me say again that holistic discernment is the process of making sense of all data in a comprehensive or integrated way. Conversely, dualistic discernment seeks to arrive at black and white answers only, usually as a justification to dismiss one point of view or narrative over another. Those who practice dualistic discernment—who never go beyond their initial shallow appraisal—are often heard to say “this person/piece of information is fake, B.S. or completely false,” rarely offering a basis to understand why. It is in the “why” that holistic integration takes place, wherein all the data points are appropriately reconciled into a holistic picture where everything makes sense. Logic is a term referring to how coherent or comprehensive one’s understanding is. Thus, discernment is a method of assessing the logic of an argument and how well it relates to the truth, which simultaneously imparts the individual with a logical (coherent) understanding of what is being assessed. The more discernment or critical thought is applied to understand how information corresponds, the clearer one’s perception and resulting knowledge will be.

Holistic discernment similarly seeks to provide a binary response of true or false but goes steps beyond, attempting to find the truth within a seemingly untrue thing. All data can be discerned and understood as an aspect of the truth. If something is concluded to be false, then this means the data presented has either been distorted or is incomplete; and is, therefore, not in harmony with the objective reality. One who seeks the whole truth wants to understand the truth about all things and investigates deeper and deeper into their suppositions and conclusions—not just resting on the initial true or false assessment.

In my view, Nova’s interpretation of Dunn’s information is an example of this more integrated and open approach. It involves the deductive methods of making assumptions and then asking questions about what these might mean, also known as speculation. This process of holistic discernment is open-ended and can continue to yield insights and understanding as one seeks to integrate more and more data into a singular picture or narrative.

Now, let’s review Nova’s email and commentary.

(David Nova) I have some thoughts about a recent article you posted about Kent Dunn’s claims, where you call for discernment. I don’t know Kent Dunn, I don’t have any information about him or his remarkable claims; however, I see his Youtube headlines often on Ascension With Mother Earth. I usually don’t bother to listen. However, one headline caught my attention and raised several questions.

100,000 Child Sex Slaves Freed By The White Dragon Society – December 19, 2016

Dunn’s contact claims that the Getty Museum in LA was raided by the White Dragons and 100,000 child sex slaves were freed. I don’t dispute that the Getty hides an underground base, that’s common knowledge, but 100,000 children? If he said 100 or 500 children, it might be believable. But how do you hide an operation to rescue 100,000 children from the public without a cover story? How do you manage to smuggle out 100,000 children from a very public place in downtown LA? Let’s say a bus holds 100 children, you’d need 1000 busses just to take them out of there. And yet I could find no reports of any unusual activity around the Getty Museum for the date in question.

OK, let’s suppose they moved these children through underground passageways. Where do you take 100,000 sexually abused, mind-controlled children? Who will take care of all these children? Who will care for them and attempt to heal them? Does the White Dragon Society have medical facilities designed to shelter, feed, and heal all these children? What happens to them? Do they get shipped to China? They can’t be let loose into the general population. None of these questions are answered. No one bothers to ask what becomes of these children, the readers and listeners are just happy to hear that they are now safe from harm, and that’s where the story ends. But if these children really exist, their story is just beginning, and they will need a lot of care and spiritual treatment. Are they perhaps shipped off the world? No idea.

In another article, Kent’s contact claims that the White Hat military has raided the Denver Airport underground facility.

White Hat Military Forces Raiding Dark Cabal’s Last Remaining Holdout At Denver Airport – December 19, 2016 

Again, I searched online, and I could not find one article that mentioned any strange military exercise or weird activity taking place in Denver. There was, however, a massive snowstorm that canceled many flights in and out of DIA.

I did, however, find this strange story that was dated from April 2012, from the EU Times about a military exercise that would be an appropriate cover story for such an event. However, this drill supposedly took place in May of 2012.

US Calls For Russian Airborne Troops To Take And Hold Denver Airport

Here’s an excerpt:

To the most puzzling question in the minds of Russian military analysts, this report concludes, is why the Americans are using Russian airborne troops to be the “protectors” of these vital US intelligence resources instead of the “aggressors” as has always been the case historically. One speculation in this report, however, does note that the scenario to be played out in late May, in Colorado, as planned by the Americans, does, indeed, mirror similar plans of the Russian General Staff of actions to be taken in the case of sudden civil war where “outside forces” would be called upon to protect the government from overthrow by internal forces or armed rebellion by the military.

So in fact, this drill was conducted as an exercise or countermeasure to prevent just the kind of event Kent Dunn claims occurred around and under the Denver Airport. Of course, this was way back in 2012.

I’m just trying to exercise some discernment in these matters. For the most part, it seems that people either blindly accept these stories as true, or write them off as fiction without asking any questions or using any critical thinking.

David Nova

Nova asked the question, “If 100,000 children were freed, where did they go? Why didn’t we see anything about it?” In other words, if this claim by Dunn is true, why is it that there are no reports on the local news, sightings of buses moving children, or anything else that could substantiate the claim?

This lack of evidence is peculiar but, in and of itself, it does not invalidate Dunn’s claim. Lack of evidence is not a valid basis to refute a claim, theory, or supposition—it merely raises more focused questions—which is exactly what Nova does. Later, he assumes that the claim might be true, which allows his consciousness to imagine what that possibility might look like, providing a venue to focus more keenly on certain aspects of the claim. For example, if a massive pedophile ring was really broken up under the LA museum, where did the children go?

Speculation is the act of forming conjecture or imagining possibilities based on a set of assumed premises. Although speculation is contemporaneously thought of as unproductive, it is a valid form of conceptual exploration—so long as one doesn’t make the mistake of believing in the scenarios envisioned without substantiation. When we hear a claim or story, our minds begin to imagine it with as much detail as possible from our personal database of knowledge—a form of speculation that is actively integrating new data with pre-existing knowledge. This practice comes easily to most people, provided they have not closed their minds by dismissing the claim out of hand.

If these children were really rescued, where did they go, who is taking care of them, and why hasn’t any trace of them surfaced? These questions—generated from speculative analysis—can also be investigated individually to yield more data or draw more questions for research in the future.

For example, perhaps the reason why none of these children have been seen is that they are in an underground facility that is in possession by one of the Alliances discussed by several alleged whistleblowers. Or perhaps they are on an off-world facility—these two conclusions assume that Dunn’s data is accurate. Conversely, the lack of evidence also suggests that Dunn’s claims might be contrived (made up). But in order to confirm that supposition, evidence is required. Thus, speculation is a valuable tool on our belt for holistic discernment, so long as we adhere to objectivity and substantiation of any conclusions drawn.

Finally, Nova’s search for substantiation led him to an article about Russian troops taking over Denver Airport. This data point likely wouldn’t have been found unless he started the process of holistic discernment. If Nova just rested his conclusions on his gut feeling that the claims of Dunn were “B.S.” he never would have happened upon the Russian article, nor would he have gained experience and skill in discernment.

Therefore, the fruit of practicing holistic discernment is not just to arrive at a yes or no binary answer. The act of using one’s mind and critical thinking facilities is its own reward. It allows us to navigate the unknown and unearth new data in the process while also receiving insights and enhancing holistic brain function.

And the interesting thing is, even if the claim we are discerning ends up being false, the act of using these skills unquestionably yields consciousness evolution. This point cannot be overstated, and it is of primary importance with respect to the overarching goals of Stillness in the Storm.

The goal of this site is to offer a wide range of data for one to practice their holistic discernment skills. The goal is not to find one truth outlet or source and only believe them with blind faith. The point is to exercise our mind, both logically and intuitively, so that we become adept at forming holistic tapestries of knowledge. Ultimately if the truth is one, a singularity wherein all data points have a valid place in the whole of existence, then our personal knowledge of the truth should similarly be holistic. Thus, if your goal is to be told what the truth is, you’ll likely be frustrated with this site. But if you want to be offered information to help focus and improve your holistic discernment, then there is much to contemplate for you here.

The questions are, is this data true? And whether the answer is yes or no the next question is, how does the data fit into my understanding? It is that latter inquiry which challenges us to do the inner-work and contemplate what we absorb on a daily basis. Memorizing facts does little to impart understanding, but sitting quietly and actively thinking about what a fact means and how it relates to all other information is where the consciousness expanding effects of holistic discernment are born. The more one practices these essential life skills, the more of reality they can perceive with precision, forming the basis of self-mastery.

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The remaining portion of this article is the disclaimer about Kent Dunn updates that I wrote, which caused Nova to send his thoughts.

REGARDING KENT DUNN — BE ADVISED: I have received a swath of feedback about Kent Dunn’s claims and information. Some people say he is a total fraud or shill but offer no evidence to support their claim. Others believe what he says without question, citing how well it resonates with their own beliefs.

In my personal view, in some cases, Dunn speaks about real issues that can be verified with some research. In other cases—especially regarding certain events—Dunn’s claims cannot be verified. For example, he recently alleged that mass arrests were taking place in various locations around the globe, which cannot be verified using normal means—as the mainstream media will not report on these things even if they were happening. Some seem to think that because an assertion is either unbelievable or unverifiable it is untrue, but this is not a valid basis to refute a claim’s validity.

As a result of the difficulty in validating Dunn’s information, it provides an excellent venue to test and improve our holistic discernment skills. This is one of the reasons why I am sharing his information—not because I believe it blindly.

As a result of the sensational aspect of some of Dunn’s claims, some people dismissed them entirely. I suspect that such dismissal is based on, what I call, incredulity bias—the idea that something can’t be true because it is too unbelievable. But incredulity is not a valid reason to dispute a claim.

As an example, for centuries, in Europe, it was believed unquestionably that the Earth was flat. Anyone claiming otherwise was regarded as insane. In other words, it was incredulous to most people that the Earth was anything else but flat. Of course, the shape of the planet did not change to match people’s beliefs. More to the point, incredulity alone is not enough to refute a claim’s validity. Whether you are capable of acknowledging reality or not, reality itself remains unchanged—the Truth is not democratic. An incredulity fallacy is an incorrect belief that something is not true (or is true) based on how well it resonates with our belief system.

Why am I sharing this information?

I am sharing this material for several reasons. One, because Dunn’s data is offered without supportive evidence, but is often reflective of accurate information points—but not always. Therefore, the information can be used as a way to exercise holistic discernment skills, by:

1. listening to the claims thoroughly;

2. fact-checking each point against as many data sets as possible;

3. objectively assessing each resulting comparison to determine if it is true or not. In this way, one can move beyond the intuitive, gut, or credibility level of discernment and gain skill in assessing a claims plausibility based on what is said instead of who is saying it—facts and evidence available.

While intuition and emotion are often the first steps in discernment, in order to gain laser-like precision and empowerment, one must assess a claim with evidence and logic. Thus, holistic discernment is a blend of intuition and reason, resulting in the acquisition of intrinsically derived knowledge that empowers the individual to know firsthand if something is true or not—and most importantly—why. Intrinsic knowledge sourced from holistic discernment empowers us with greater powers of perception and manifestation—we can literally see more and understand more clearly what we are seeing.

All too often, people reject information because “it doesn’t resonate” or they blindly accept it because it does. But in order to know precisely whether or not a claim is true, we must look past the messenger and focus on the message. Thus, whether you think Dunn is credible or not, what he says can be analyzed and discerned. Dismissing his claims without investigation is not discernment, it is prejudice and close-mindedness.

Dunn’s claims are sometimes unverifiable. In other cases, they can be vetted. These posts service as a gateway to expose others to the information being discussed. In the future, if Dunn is revealed to be a fraud or the quality of his material proves inaccurate, I will issue an update.

For now, some of the data remains unverified and unproven, and the catalyzing effects of awakening consciousness via holistic discernment is still possible. The opportunity to polish up your discernment skills is there.

– Justin

The preceding text is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely.

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Justin Deschamps is a truth seeker inspired by philosophy and the love of wisdom in all its forms. He was formally trained in physics and psychology, later discovering the spiritual basis of reality and the interconnected nature of all things. He strives to find the path of truth while also walking it himself, sharing what he knows with others so as to facilitate cooperative change for a better future. He is a student of all and a teacher to some. Follow on Twitter @sitsshow, Facebook Stillness in the Storm, and steemit @justin-sits.

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