What To Do When Life Becomes Chaotic

As a theme that seems to be prevalent in this day of age is Chaos. Many people have very tough and chaotic lives right now. So I’m going to share some insights into making your life a little less chaotic.

The first thing is to accept the fact you feel your life is chaotic and out of control. Denying your feelings and thoughts about life will not help you whatsoever. Be bold in your assessment of your life and circumstances.

Also remember to bear in mind how you feel and think about anything happening in your life. Disregard the thoughts and opinions of others; for in the end how you feel about life and yourself is the most important thing in your life. Worry not about what others have taught or continue to teach. Don’t feel you must attain a certain understanding in order to properly see things in a different light.

I used to get trapped in many belief systems and ideas during my awakening. Many people teach that negative emotions, thoughts and desires are “bad” and should be avoided. Thus if you have these; there is something wrong with you. This couldn’t be furthest from the Truth; just because you’re negative from time to time doesn’t imply your “bad”.

If I was to be judged by my thoughts; desires and actions then many would come to the conclusion that I am “bad”. There are many things that I’ve done that lead many to believe I am negative person. Yet in reality negativity is an opinion; a judgment on the individual’s part. Many of the things people consider negative about me can be explained in a way that allows others to see the positivity in it.

It is our ignorance that keeps us away from understanding that all is good. No matter what is said, done and thought is irrelevant; in the end all is good. One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.

We must shed the labels that others and society have placed upon us. Follow the tune of your own music. That is the most important thing for us right now. We’ve been raised in a society that places emphasizes on other people’s opinions; we value them more than we value our own. Thus our sense of worth is determined by how people perceive us. Yet this will always be disempowering because of the fact it derives it’s sense of satisifaction from an external source. We have all that we need to be happy within us.

The final thing I wish to share with you that will help you deal with the Chaos in your life is Acceptance. Acceptance can come in many forms; even in the form where you accept that acceptance is not the best way to deal with life. That is a form of acceptance; whether we realize it or not. Accept how you feel; don’t deny it. Denying how you feel will not help you. Accept your present emotions, thoughts and feelings towards your life.

We are the Creators of our own reality; take your power back and allow yourself to be who you’ve always been. Be empowered; defy if you wish; obey if you wish; but remember to make sure it’s in attune with your own desires. Be free, be yourself and embrace the Chaos because it will help you on your journey.

Timothy Frappier


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