Despite Attempts to Shut It down, Pizzagate Is a Worldwide Citizen Investigation Now

SourceThe Daily Sheeple

via: Stillness In The Storm
by Staff Writers, November 25th 2016

Editor’s Note: The mainstream media is in damage control mode over this, now claiming that Pizzagate stories are “fake news” to try and further shut it down. Unfortunately for the cockroaches, this story is not going away and is only getting bigger and gaining more independent investigators around the world… it’s global now.

While the NY Times tries to soft peddle #PizzaGate, Reddit tries to kill the Sub-Reddit investigation and Twitter attempts to censor breaking news on the global pedophile ring – it’s too late. The genie is out of the bottle. We will not be stopped. Truth will be revealed. Because #PizzaGate is a WORLDWIDE CITIZEN INVESTIGATION NOW. And the pedos are running scared.

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#PIZZAGATE Banned on Reddit

CENSORSHIP: Our Site Got SHUT DOWN for #Pizzagate Podesta Wikileaks Story

The Disturbing, Disgusting Pedophile Code Hidden in the John Podesta Emails

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3 thoughts on “Despite Attempts to Shut It down, Pizzagate Is a Worldwide Citizen Investigation Now

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  3. This just ONE reason why the Catholic Knight of Malta beast Freemason Jimmy Savile and East India company Order of the British Empire agent got away with it – he was worlock (Nostradamas/Alister Crowley mix) witch for the royals and elite – here is the evidence:

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