Why Full Disclosure Movement Will Overcome the Partial Disclosure Narrative

Now I’ve been seeing a lot of people concerned about partial disclosure and I wanted to share my perspective on this whole debacle. First off; let’s start out by stating that no matter what these military and world leaders do, full disclosure will happen regardless of their decisions and plans.

I draw this conclusion not based on actionable data or some kind of special insider. I base this assessment upon the simple, but powerful virtue we call the Truth. As the Buddha so eloquently put “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


The partial disclosure narrative will not be successful based upon the fact that so many people now know the Truth. There is a huge community of awakened souls that are following world events, starting websites and contributing to the success of Full Disclosure. With all this information floating in cyber space it’s essentially created a huge library of information about this topic for future researchers.

The diversity and sheer volume of information available about UFOs, extraterrestrials and cosmic history makes partial disclosure very difficult. There is just too many people writing, researching and inquiring about these topics to pull partial disclosure off. Since the dawning of the internet; the dissemination of information has helped awaken humanity to the Truth. We have access to information with a few simple clicks of the mouse and keyboard.

Now they could attempt to smear every single person who attempts to share the Truth; but then that would require a lot of work and effort on their part. They simply don’t have the resources to silence everyone. The cabal lost control of the flow of information; the switching of the guard will not change this because it is we the people who are advancing disclosure.

We are the driving force behind disclosure. Not some government agency, secret space program or extraterrestrial conglomeration or federation. We the people have the power to disclose the Truth. That’s why we’re seeing the Truth start to breach to the surface; because of the fact it’s been building up pressure for so long. It’s now unstoppable.

Think of it like this; in the past information wasn’t able to go viral like it can now. We as a people have developed systems and means of communication that allow instant transfer of knowledge and information. Videos, articles and information go viral very quickly nowadays. It’s not uncommon for videos to receive thousands of views per day; some even close to millions of views per day.

We’ve all seen those Cat videos where they have upwards to 20-100 million views. Well my friends; even if partial disclosure was to be acted upon it would created a catalyzing platform for the Truth to boil to the surface. On the day of disclosure, regardless of partial of full; so many people would start researching these topics. In there attempts to find the Truth; they would stumble upon many websites. We in the awakening community who have websites are acting in a capacity to assist these individuals in their search.

We’ve reached a point where much of the information is available for everyone regardless of who they are. Now certain agencies may have an abundance of minute details regarding certain aspects of the story; but overall the internet provides the broader perspective. The big picture resides on the internet; it is from the internet that much of the Truth reaches humanity; even those in government.

Agencies such as NSA, FBI, CIA and even the SSP are heavily controlled. Thus the information available to them is subject to manipulation. Any system that is based upon authority is receptacle to manipulation. Authority is the very idea of giving your power away to an idea. While the internet is peer based; meaning the people determine most of the content on the web. No one person has authority over another; because all ideas can coexist and this creates the perfect platform for others to disseminate knowledge and information.

The point being, no matter the form of disclosure that is acted upon is irrelevant in terms to the outcome. Full Disclosure is inevitable; the best they can achieve is a tiny delay. These people who believe their calling the shots don’t understand that this is not something isolated to this world alone. Other species and races have contributed to make this full disclosure an reality.

There are many of us who come from other star systems. You may be a Wanderer, Starseed or a Lightworker. Many of us came here on Earth to assist in this transition. Do you honestly think those who love us will allow this partial disclosure narrative to take place? They’ll push for full disclosure in whatever capacity they can; but they can only assist in certain ways because at the end of the day it’s up to us.

At this point; we’ve been largely successful and now it’s just a matter of figuring out whose going to embody what reality. Timeline splitting may occur; where a negative reality and positive reality split at a certain point in this current timeline. Those who are negative will go on the negative timeline; those who are positive will go on the positive timeline. The point being; it doesn’t matter what these leaders decide; you can choose to embody a reality that has full disclosure.

Another thing these leaders don’t realize is that people already don’t trust the government or politicians. When they roll out this partial disclosure people are going to be very reluctant to trust mainstream media and will be skeptical. There is so much distrust with the government and authorities that no matter what they do; people will not trust them.

Let’s not forget how much the Alternative Media has grown in the last decade. We literally are the driving force when it comes to a lot of the information on the web. The only areas left that are heavily controlled are the TV, newspapers, radio and movies; which is why mainstream media is losing so much viewers. We the people control the flow of information on the web; because it’s enhanced our ability to become aware of certain ideas, information and facts. The internet literally is an embodiment of our collective consciousness and what it’s stating right now is “Fun and games is over; time for full disclosure.”

If partial disclosure was to happen; it would open up the floodgates for others to come forward. Many of them may be upset, pissed off or confused why the world leaders are pursuing partial disclosure. This would gives us access to even more information and allow full disclosure to come into fruition.

The final reason that full disclosure will happen is because we the people. Disclosure is not something external of us. Disclosure is us if we choose to be it. When we embody disclosure; be disclosure; it will happen regardless of these would be leaders. So just keep doing what you can to bring disclosure to fruition; because we the people are it. Act and behave as if disclosure is occurring, has occurred and will occur. Then you will see it manifest into your reality.

Timothy Frappier


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