Don’t Allow Fear To Control You; Be Yourself and Shine On

As the year is closely coming to an end; I’ve been contemplating what exactly the theme of this years was for me. I’ve discovered that fear is the primary focus for this year. There has been a lot of fear being brought into my awareness. All of my unhappiness, frustration and sadness is a by-product of fear.

We in modern society have really watered down our understanding of fear. There are many situations, thoughts and beliefs that are a by product of fear. Most the time we don’t even realize it’s fear; it’s just what we’ve grown up into. Much of the fear in our life comes from society. Take for example; I see many people afraid of West Nile, they use chemicals on themselves to keep mosquitoes away from them, stay indoors more often or even spray their yard with mosquito killer.

When I hear or see people doing this, I find it quite perplexing because of the fact most people don’t even realize the likelihood of contracting West Nile is very remote. In fact, here in Minnesota the Department of Health reported there were only 9 cases of West Nile for 2015, There were no deaths; but three people did get neuroinvasive illness including encephalitis or meningitis.

Let’s compare these numbers to road fatalities for 2015. According to Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety, 405 people died from Vehicular related accidents. As you can see; more people die from car accidents then they do from West Nile.

Yet most people don’t fear getting into their car and going to drive to work. Yet we fear this West Nile virus as if it’s a real threat. That is unwarranted and irrational fear. We shouldn’t waste our time worrying about something that we’re most likely not going to encounter.

I’m currently in the process of discovering this type of fear within myself. I’ve been doing a lot of shadow work as of lately and these types of fear have been coming up. What I’ve discovered is that most of these fears are a result of society. We get “programmed” with these fears from the media, movies, schools and parents. Many of the fears were adopted into our belief system without us really taking the time to evaluate the rationale behind them.

The lovely Bridget Nielsen’s video above has really resonated with what I’ve been dealing with lately. I need, no we all need to stop being so fearful and just be ourselves. This is the problem many of us face nowadays. We’ve constructed a prison around ourselves that keeps us subject to expectations, beliefs and opinions of others. Many of us are afraid to express our true self in fear of being exiled, cast away, misunderstood or judged.

Many feel this fear is rational based upon the fact that if we were to reveal the Truth; people wouldn’t be able to handle it. That couldn’t be furthest from the Truth, because like the old saying goes “The Truth will Set you Free” and these words ring true to this very day. Being your true self doesn’t mean you tell everybody your beliefs, thoughts and ideas. No no, it’s about being the Truth, embodying your True Self, and allowing yourself to shine.

People don’t need to know everything about you in order for you to be yourself. The key is to find a balance between being true to yourself while also remaining compassionate to others. Be the Truth from within and reflect what you know yourself to be. If someone does ask you about something you once thought people wouldn’t be able to understand or accept; take the time to consider the possibility that you can share your thoughts and beliefs without worrying about how others receive them.

Don’t allow judgments to cause you to act in a manner that is unbecoming to your true self. Be bold, assertive and brave enough to share exactly how you feel about that subject or topic. From my experience, rarely is there going to be a situation in where someone close to you will ask these deep questions. My family is unaware of the situation with UFOs and the SSP, they’ve never asked me anything to this day. I don’t need them to know either; I can be myself without them knowing what I read and write about. That is what many of us lose sight of; the fact that we can be ourselves without others knowing things or stuff about us.

So don’t allow your judgments to prevent you from shining your light. Know that what others believe about you has no relevance or value whatsoever to how you feel about yourself. You are the one who defines your own worth; others do not do that for you. As Shakespeare(Or Francis Bacon) so eloquently put “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. You are the definer of your experiences, thoughts and beliefs. Don’t allow social engineering to commandeer your God given right to define who it is you are. We are not subject to the thoughts of others; we are subject to the thoughts of ourselves. What others think or believe about us is irrelevant when it comes to our sense of worth.

So my friends; allow yourself to recognize these fearful patterns within and to take the time to evaluate whether or not these serve you. If not; make the effort in removing them.

Until next time; have a great weekend

Timothy Frappier



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