Change is Constant; Change Is Inevitable. So Embrace It and Be Free

Change cannot be denied by us or anyone else for that matter. When we take a honest look at our life we can see the Truth in that statement. Our body, beliefs and desires constantly change from one form to another.

Change is a constant in life and should be acknowledged for the good it brings into our lives, but instead many of us fear change. Many of us have come to believe that change is bad and that nothing good can result from it. We’ve come to view the break from the familiarity as being something that we should avoid like the plague, but in all honesty many of us haven’t really analyzed why it is we avoid change.

When we examine the reasoning behind why we avoid change; it’s revealed as being a derivative of fear. We fear change because we believe it is bad. This fear is programmed into us from society. We fear the very principle that makes life beautiful and wonderful. This has been done by design, if we fear change; it’s very hard for things to turn around; thus those whom are currently in power will remain in power by virtue of the fact we the people fear change; thus we keep giving away our power to these people because we don’t want to change.


This is a major tool in keeping humanity under the thrall of the dark forces. Even though we know life can be easier and more beautiful, even though we know there is much fear, pain and suffering, even though we want change to come into manifestation; we wont act in a manner to create this change because we’re afraid of change. Even with the awareness that a better solution exists; that there is a easier way to live life, many of us will not accept it because it goes against what we’ve been led to believe.

There is technology available that could make scarcity a thing of the past, where violence could be non-existent and where happiness could abide in abundance in our lives, but we through ignorance and our lack of understanding prevent this change from manifesting because of our fear of change. Most of this fear is unconsciously imprinted upon us; thus it’s really hard to see it within us.

This is why it is more important than ever to embrace change. Change doesn’t necessarily mean something bad is going to result from it. Change is simply the transference or transformation of energy. The energy of change doesn’t have a polarity associated with it, until we the definers of our experiences place one upon it. Change can only be viewed as a fearful event/thing if we the people or individual choose to believe it to be so.

Thus when thinking of change as an energy, remember that it beyond the concept of good/bad, right/wrong or darkness/light. Don’t get it confused though with neutrality, change isn’t neutral, change is all there is. When you realize that change is constant, you see that duality never existed; thus the concept of neutrality is nonexistent as well.

When we embrace change; we allow ourselves to let go of aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us. Don’t hold onto these old behaviors, thoughts or beliefs. If they are toxic in your life, do you not think you should let it go? Would you drink water that is filled with poison? That’s what we’re doing when we hold onto these old behaviors. Many of us don’t see this though, because the fear of change inhibits us from seeing this toxicity in our life. When we embrace change, we fine tune our consciousness to recognize our own fears and do what is needed in order to change them. We can only remain unaware of the fear within us if we fear change; because the fear of change prevents this from coming into our awareness.

Granted some of these aspects of us that are toxic can seemingly be difficult to let go, but that’s only because of the fact we’ve been living a toxic life for so very long. This toxic lifestyle was normal for us, we even considered it healthy. Since we’re going against a lot of programming that was implanted into our consciousness at young ages, it’s going to take time to adjust. We spent many years getting to these point, thus it’s going to take time to change. Not as much though, it will happen in a accelerated pace.


Every positive thought will help you in your endeavor to purge these aspects that no longer serve you. Helping others, saying words of kindness or even sending blessings in thought-forms makes a world of difference. Every act of kindness leads us to our eventual liberation. So be mindful of  your state of being, that’s why many people share about raising your vibration.

With a higher vibration you’re able to experience creation in a accelerated pace. It takes less time for you to manifest your desires. This is as simple as following your bliss, do what you love to do. Whatever makes your heart sing, that’s what will help you raise your vibration. Diet will assist as well, but the majority of the raising of your vibration is achieved in the way you think.

You can have an enlightened person who eats meat or other things that are considered “unhealthy” and then you could also have an unenlightened person who has a strict vegan/raw diet. Your diet is a tiny part in raising your vibration, it is the way you interface with reality, how you think that determines the majority of your vibration.

So be as kind, loving and forgiving as possible. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you cannot fulfill these requirements. Guilt will not help you, be gentle with yourself, accept that your not perfect and nor should you be. Without imperfections, you cannot truly be perfect. Perfection is not the absences of weakness, it is the acceptance of your weaknesses and the ability to transform them into assets. All things can be defined by the individual, choose to define everything in your life as positive.

Life is magical, change is magical. Embrace change, be one with the higher vibrations and realize the love in every changing moment. Change is beautiful, change is your friend and change will see you to victory.

Timothy Frappier

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