The Ingenious New Helmet That Treats Depression — God Helmet Type Device that Proves Consciousness is Influenced by EM Energy

Source: Stillness In The Storm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Only a small handful of the population fully realizes that the human body and mind are intimately connected to energy via electromagnetic fields, and phenomena and, therefore, influenced by an ever-expanding sphere of technology on Earth. The material world itself is founded on electromagnetism. Everything you feel, smell, taste, touch, and see passes through the unseen world of electricity and magnetism. Our emotional and cognitive processes are also closely connected to this subtle energetic realm.

The following article details a new device that is not unlike the God Helmet, as it has the capability of sending precise EM signals to the brain that alter emotional expression. The military industrial complex (MIC) developed this technology arguably half a century ago and has been using aspects of it in the technology we use today, such as wifi, cell phone signals, television and more. 

The purpose of sharing this article is to provide a mainstream data point for those who may not be aware of how easily human physiology can be effected by EM energy, and by extension our emotional and mental states. Most of us are exposed to technology that radiates EM fields, like cell phones, computers, and televisions to name a few, which we are told are “safe” but can and do affect us by design. The body uses electromagnetic signals to communicate with itself, exemplified by what are called biophotons, and technology manufacturers are apparently partnered with hidden forces within the government to employ this technology for the purpose of controlling populations in society. 

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What this means is that it is highly likely there are very subtle subliminal influences impacting our consciousness every moment of every day. Cell phone towers, radio towers, Radar dishes, electricity flowing through the power grid all subtly affect the human body, which I think was intended to occur by hidden forces that control our world. Unless you’re living in complete isolation—and even then there are HAARP waves pumping through the atmosphere courtesy of the MIC—you are being influenced without your knowledge or consent

Thus, we must keep in mind that it is likely people are being triggered or influenced in ways that we might inadvertently blame or associate with other factors. For example, one might feel a strange pang of anger or upset when watching TV, especially related to politics, and while there are probably genuine causal factors based on our beliefs, there are also unseen effects from electromagnetic smog and subversive systems making contact with us on a regular basis.

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In conclusion, combine subtle influences with an unmastered mind and the situation is ripe for creating a population that is easily triggered into groupthink and deceived by propaganda. Therefore, developing critical thinking and self-mastery so as to discern the impulses we encounter in life is essential so as to avoid being manipulated by unseen forces.

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Inception of ideas that lead to behavioral changes is not often spoken of but completely acknowledged by society in the form of marketing and social engineering. The general population is wading through a sea of subversive influences at all times, but only someone who has reclaimed their mind and consciousness would be able to properly discern if a desire is truly beneficial or not. 

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– Justin

SourceWall Street Daily

by Staff Writer, June 3rd 2014

Depression is one of the most misunderstood and debilitating mental conditions. The symptoms range from mild to severe – with potentially dangerous effects on sufferers.

As medical technology advances, however, scientists are changing the game in how they treat mental health. And Israeli company, Brainsway, has invented a novel device that can be easily taken on and off, just like a hat…

Enter the depression-treating helmet.

However, the patented helmet isn’t just geared towards tackling depression. Brainsway says the non-invasive, alternative technology can also treat several types of neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

How does it work?

Safer – And More Effective – Than Shock Therapy

Simply put, the helmet stimulates neuron activity in affected areas of the brain by sending electromagnetic pulses into the brain. Prior to the helmet, such neurons were unreachable.

The method is known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is far safer than conventional electro-shock therapy, according to Ronen Segal, Brainsway’s Chief Technology Officer. And more effective, too.

“The result is remission and response rates that are higher than any treatment available today – and we can give new hope, and sometimes new life, for patients who are suffering from devastating conditions like clinical depression and other psychiatric conditions.”

The question is: Will we see it on the market anytime soon? You bet…

Last year, the FDA gave Brainsway a huge boost by approving its system to treat major depression. And the technology has opened new opportunities across the neurology field, as an electromagnetic coil targets specific areas in the brain that directly correlate to certain diseases. The process shows promising results for those suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Uzi Sofer, Brainsway’s Founder, is excited about the progress, pointing out that personalized treatment for individual patients is just around the corner.

So far, Brainsway has sold over 70 helmets, primarily in the United States… but this is just the beginning, as the mental illness-treating headgear looks set to expand across the globe.

That means big business for Brainsway – and, more importantly, big progress for patients.

Ahead of the tape,

Tech Research Team



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