Trump leads Hillary Clinton; but this Election isn’t over yet

11-9-16 – 12:38am CST – Update

Trump has been declared the winner in Pennsylvania; he leads with 264 electoral votes and only needs 6 more to clinch the presidency. Hillary Clinton is still at 215 electoral votes and needs 55 still to win.

At this point in the race; it’s almost safe to assume that Trump is the winner in this election. He only needs 6 electoral votes; which given the fact that he leads in Alaska, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin it appears he’s going to win it.

Timothy Frappier

11-8-16 – 11:37pm CST – Update

Donald Trump has been declared winner in Iowa and Utah. the Trumpinator has also managed to take the lead in Pennsylvania; which he currently leads by 3000 votes at the time of this posting.

Donald trump currently has 244 electoral votes and needs 26 more to clinch the presidency. Hillary Clinton currently has 215 and needs 55 to win the presidency.

According to the numbers, it looks more likely that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States of America. Most people and organizations are predicting that Donald Trump will win. Only time will tell for sure though.

Timothy Frappier

Original Article

I’ve been following the election tonight; Trump has won many battle ground states. At the moment Trump is ahead with 232 electoral votes; Hillary Clinton is at 209. In states that are still tallying the votes; Trump is ahead in Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, Utah and Wisconsin. Clinton leads in Maine, Minnesota, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

As the numbers go; if Clinton where to win all her states she’s leading in, she would end up with 249 electoral votes. If Donald Trump was to win all the states he’s currently leading in; he would end up with 285 electoral votes. Here’s a graph


Image Source: Zero Hedge

As the numbers are currently indicating Trump seems to be in a better position to clinch the presidency as he leads in more states than Hillary Clinton.

As to who wins the presidential election; I’m not really excited about either candidate. I have heard from Corey Goode, Benjamin Fulford and others that Trump is the candidate being backed by the Earth Alliance that wishes wrestle away control from the Cabal. If that is the case; then we could see Trump as a victory; but I wouldn’t put too much stock into that idea. Considering the fact that Goode revealed that the Alliance is pushing for partial disclosure; I myself choose not to invest any stock into Trump or Hillary.

Granted it seems Hillary Clinton has made a name for herself in regards to corruption, lies and deceit; while Donald Trump really has no political history whatsoever. I do believe that Trump isn’t looking to go to war with Russia; unlike Clinton who even before winning the presidency has vocalized criticism towards Russia. She seems very defensive Against Russia; thus it wouldn’t be a too far to conclude she would be very aggressive with them.

Who wins at the end of the day doesn’t really matter. The power rests within we the people. It is the people who will make a difference; not who wins the presidency. We the people have the power to create a beautiful world. One filled with magic, majesty and beauty. This has always been within each and every single one of us. Never has this Truth we house within ourselves ever left us.

So no matter who wins; remember that we the people are the power. We are the ones who are in control of our destiny and it shall always be that case. We have the power together and with this power we must do what is right for all of humanity. Use this power for Peace, Abundance and Prosperity; so that all may enjoy the divinity we call life.

Timothy Frappier



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