What is An Archon? Angel? Fungus (think about it) (video clips)

Source: Rumor Mill News

Dear RM Agents and Readers,

Angels often work through others through whispers; we’ve all seen that old cartoon with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.

So we have those that follow God and those that fell 1/3 is what is written in many places. It seems to me that for a time; the angels can work through us through but whispers.

Along comes the ‘end times’ and they get unshackled; how does one unshackle a disembodied spirit that was placed in pigs. Why several religions avoid bacon and all forms, right? Back to the unshackling; could it be that this refers to the ability of the Archons who view themselves as angels to move into people in a more powerful fashion; actual physical reality? This would end up with a huge climax for the end of the show or whatever.

Let’s say for argument sake that indeed the archons are just a fungus. What are the properties of a fungus and how could have God Shackeled them? Fungus likes humidity and they also like sugar, mix the two and what do you have?

The right kind of fat, which is coconut oil, olive oil, meat fat off of organic, grass fed herds, butter; you’ve got the picture
helps to ensure a healthy human body. Tell folks that is bad for them and feed them crap fat such as margarine; all the while telling them how good it is for them and what happens?

There bodies start to fell with one thing or the other, cancer which is a form of fungus moves in to set up house. The first affects that are presently considered cancer are most likely just our body doing what it knows to do to help defend. The medical field has it wrong for sure (that is another story).

So in order to replace the action of the good fat; folks turned to sugar, then drugs and a great deal of poor behavior; some just ended with an infection in the brain like Lyme/Morgellons or other co infections bring.

Remember the X-Files Fight the Future–it was the warning—

Look at it again with understanding now of GMO, the plight of the bees, and the black oil moving into the body a bit like mercury:


The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. included here are owned by Chris Carter and 1013 Productions, all rights reserved. The following transcript is in no way a substitute for the show “The X Files” and is merely meant as a homage. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, or Fox Entertainment. It was painstakingly typed out by The Idealists Haven and made available for your personal enjoyment by me, DrWeesh from my website, The X Files Transcripts Archive


(We open in a snow storm. Two heavily bundled humans are running through the snow, following strange looking tracks which lead into a cave. They enter and, once inside, we see sparks fly as they whack a couple of rocks together and light torches with the fire. Like all good horror movie duos, they split up to continue their search. Soon after, one of them hears a strange shriek-type noise in the distance, but ignores it and moves on. He then encounters an ice wall, which holds a frozen human. Suddenly, the tracker is attacked by a creature we can’t quite see, due to fast camera cuts. The creature and human roll around in combat, the creature slashing the man until he kills him. The man’s friend appears and stabs the creature with something (looks like a stake, maybe his comrade’s torch?) and the creature disappears into the darkness of the cave. The man looks down at his friend’s lifeless form, then starts to look around for the creature. They find each other, a battle ensues, the man stabs the creature several times and finally kills it. From out of its wounds seeps a black oil which takes on a life of its own as it changes direction and begins to flow towards the man. It enters his body, crawling under his skin from his feet on up to his eyes. The man starts to moan and cry out in pain as the camera pans upwards leaving us in darkness.)


(The darkness is now the view from underneath a boy, Stevie, as he falls through the earth, landing in an underground cavern. His three friends look down upon him.)

KID 1: Hey, Stevie, you ok?

STEVIE: I got… I got… (coughs) I got the wind knocked out of me.

KID 2: Looks like a cave or something.

(Stevie looks around and then wanders deeper into the cavern.)

KID 1: Stevie? What’s going on?

(Stevie reappears with something in his hands, which he holds up for the others to see.)

STEVIE: It’s a human skull!

KID 2: Toss it up here, dude!

STEVIE: No way butt-wipe, this is mine. Anyway, there’s bones all over the place, man.

(Stevie admires the skull, then he looks down and sees a puddle of black oil under his right shoe.)

STEVIE: What the…?

(Suddenly, he drops the skull and grabs his stomach, looking ill. The black oil begins to crawl up his body and onto his face, creeping underneath his skin.)

KID 1: Stevie?

KID 2: Hey, Stevie, you okay?

(As he looks up, we see his eyes cloud over with the oil.)

KID 2: Hey man, let’s get out of here.

(The boys run away from the hole. The camera pans back to show that the scene is happening in a suburban area outside a large town. Fade to later the same day as fire trucks, marked as “Blackwood County Fire Dept.”, pull up to the scene.)

FIRE CHIEF: (looking down hole) Give me a fourteen footer!

(A ladder slams down onto the bottom of the hole.)

FIRE CHIEF: (on his radio) Captain Miles Cooledge, got a rescue situation in progress. I’ll be the whole town HC. Rope’s in the hole, (to his men) let’s go, two down.

(Two men climb down into the hole and crouch by Stevie, who is lying down in the dirt in the cavern.)

FIRE CHIEF: (talking to radio) What ya got, TC? Talk to me. (static on radio) Do ya see the boy? Talk to me. (static) Come back, TC, do ya see the kid? (static) Jerry, check TC’s radio. (he whacks the radio) TC? (static) Glen, South, in the hole.

(A black helicopter flies in and lands at the scene as some of the firemen watch and wonder. Four men in biohazard suits exit and carry a person-sized container towards the hole. The fire chief starts to walk towards the helicopter as a man, Bronschweig, exits the chopper.)

BRONSCHWEIG (to the fire chief, indicating the crowd that has gathered to watch the proceedings) Get those people out of here!

(The chief and one of his men yell at the crowd to “Get back!” and they slowly move out of the way. Both the chief and Bronschweig start to walk towards the hole.)

FIRE CHIEF: I sent four men down there for the boy. Report is, his eyes have turned black. Now we’ve lost communication with my men.

(The men in suits carry the container, which now has the boy in it, to the helicopter, Bronschweig looks at the boy then follows the men to the helicopter, standing and watching them load him on.)

FIRE CHIEF: What about my men?

(Bronschweig turns and looks at him as the copter starts to take off.)

FIRE CHIEF: What about my men??

(Several tanker trucks and semi-trucks pull up to the scene.)

FIRE CHIEF: What the hell is this?

(Bronschweig watches, and then walks behind one of the trucks where no one else can hear. He dials a number on his cell phone.)

BRONSCHWEIG (in phone) It’s Bronschweig. Sir, the impossible scenario that we never planned for? Well, we better come up with a plan.


A bit of visual to go with the words above:

Cancer eating off of us and destroying us is in overdrive these days. This is not what it was like when I was a kid folks; those of you my age and older know Cancer didn’t strike very many and rarely did it kill a child.

Story from Watchman regarding the fungus that is hard to kill. If we had scientists that were operating based on the whispers at first but then were ramped up to full physical control because of time frame and looking into past things. Sort of opening up Pandora’s box and those that just placed that pretty face on Avatar and forgot to look deeply into its meaning of playing with a box of toys that might be better left alone for the most of us (genetic tweaking and tampering).

Watchman’s post:


Things that help kill fungus at this link (eat lots of garlic):


Then there is that old saying; yes, a lot got hurt and many died but in it we moved forward (my question is who really moved forward).

Many Blessings,


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