One of things that I’ve noticed along my journey of self discovery and reconditioning my psyche is the power of mind control. Mind control is a very overlooked aspect in today’s society; many don’t even realize the amount of control being exerted upon them.

Take for instance, the MIC SSP; they’ve been indoctrinated in viewing reality through a very specific mold. Their beliefs, viewpoints and ideas are vastly different than what Corey Goode holds. The problem though is the emotional investment into their paradigm. They’ve become so heavily invested into their outlook of the Space Program that they find it very hard to believe the claims of others.

This has been prevalent for a great many years; mind control was implemented in order to maintain confusion and control of the populace. There are many different layers to the SSP onion; the MIC SSP which Corey Goode has had experience with was meant to be a form of control. It was created for the purpose of delaying the inevitable; which is full disclosure.

Only Full Disclosure will help humanity move on and heal from the many years of pain, suffering and trauma we as a species have experienced. If we continue to give homage to ideals and behaviors that created the problems in the first place; it will never end. We cannot expect a more polished lie to be suffice. Lies and deception are the reason we got ourselves in this situation in the first place.

The MIC SSP’s inability to see the implications and impacts of lies is the most profound aspect of mind control that I can see. For individuals thinking they’re on the top of the pyramid; they do seem ignorant to a great many things.

Take for instance; many in the Awakening Community. Did you know that many of us; including you who are reading these words, know more about the Secret Space Program than the members of the SSP themselves? Think about it; the information we’ve discovered on our part; because of whistle-blowers and insiders, is much more diverse and informative than what the MIC SSP may have been exposed to.

This became apparently obvious when you read this article and Corey Goode’s account of being abducted. Literally; these people in the SSP are fed a different paradigm. One that serves who though? Them or their superiors?

What the MIC SSP is experiencing right now is termed Cognitive Dissonance; it’s when two ideas or beliefs conflict. They view their paradigm as being challenged or threatened by Corey Goode’s paradigm. So they reactively resist it as if they were fighting for their own lives. I bet many couldn’t believe the evidence even after some of it may or may not have “confirmed” Corey Goode’s claims.

We as a species have relegated our sense of fact and fiction to the worldly senses; thus it is easy to deceive us because most of existence is unseen to our human senses. In the case of MIC SSP; they’re heavily invested in the Ego; which is why they’re finding this hard to believe. They seem to misunderstand the fact that all ideas are considered valid onto themselves; instead many of them probably had/have preconceived ideas about Corey Goode. Which is number one fallacy of humanity; to discredit something before you personally inquiry to it’s validity is the problem we face. Don’t give in to your preconceived beliefs or ideas about anything. Remain open-minded; investigate for yourself; trust your intuition and never discredit something without looking into it.

It’s time that we as a people let go of the many egoistic behaviors we’ve been clinging to. It’s time for Full Disclosure. This MIC SSP has no right to deny the Truth to humanity. If they themselves think they’re in a position to deny us the Truth; I have one thing to say to them “Piss Off!” It’s time to end this game of deception. It is time for the Truth to reign supreme; not ignorance. Face it; you were conned; just like us all. Now you want to do it to us again? Whether that’s under the pretense of protecting humanity or deceive is irrelevant.

It is our lack of awareness that this type of deception; this type of deceiving is the reason we’re in this mess in the first place. If we deceive; we will be deceived. If we lie; we will be lied to. These lies are maintained by us; if we continue to practice them ourselves, they will continue on. Like Albert Einstein said:


So let the whole Truth and nothing but the whole Truth set us free; so help us God.

Timothy Frappier


Source: Exopolitics

In a November 3 update, secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode has received new information suggesting we are on the verge of an official disclosure of information about a secret space program run by a consortium of military and corporate entities in the USA., and its major global allies. The release will be the first stage in a gradual disclosure process that has been negotiated behind the scenes between different institutions and global elites with greatly diverging agendas on how much and how quickly the disclosure process should move forward.

What gives Goode’s latest update special significance are recent Wikileaks documentsrevealing confidential emails between Clinton Presidential campaign chair, John Podesta, with two U.S. Air Force generals and the head of Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks, who are working behind the scenes with rockstar Tom DeLonge on a UFO disclosure initiative linked to the 2016 Presidential election.


DeLonge says he is being assisted by ten high level insiders to reveal the truth behind a secret space program run out of Area 51, using antigravity TR-3B dual purpose aircraft and spacecraft. Thanks to Wikileaks, we now know that Major General William McCasland (USAF ret.), former head of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, is working with DeLonge. As is Rob Weiss, current head of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, which has important research and development facilities at Area 51.

Another USAF officer assisting DeLonge is Major General Michael Carey who wrote an endorsement for DeLonge’s co-authored book, Sekret Machines, released in April this year. We now know the names of three of the alleged ten senior advisors from the U.S. military industrial complex that are assisting DeLonge. The Wikileaks documents confirms that DeLonge has indeed found high level support for his UFO disclosure initiative, which is part of an officially sanctioned UFO disclosure process. All this is directly relevant to Goode’s latest update.

According to Goode, he was taken to meetings where he met his former primary contact within a “Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance,” a Lt. Col. Gonzales (a pseudonym) who briefed him on a series of developments concerning the negotiation process over UFO and extraterrestrial disclosure over the last four months.

Goode said the following discussion occurred:

Gonzales then gave me a summary-type of briefing on what had recently occurred in Cabal meetings. It seems as though these groups are making some progress in how to transition into a new economy. These groups had also recently agreed on moving forward with a partial disclosure that would roll out over 50 to 100 years. They don’t agree on how to do a partial disclosure yet, but have started to inform members of lower secret space programs (Military Intelligence/DIA/NSA programs) that they will likely be revealing themselves to us in the near future.

Goode describes how personnel in these “lower secret space programs,” are simply out of the loop about the more advanced SSPs that he worked for from 1987 to 2007. Goode says he now prefers to use the term “Military Industrial Complex (MIC) SSPs” for the following reason:

Although these groups are predominantly earth-based, and have been compartmentalized from having any knowledge of the SSP I experienced, they are not “lower” in any sense other than on the level of secrecy they are allowed access to.

The cover-up and compartmentalization is so effective that it is nearly impossible to explain to them that other, more advanced SSPs exist. It is akin to violating a deeply held religious belief.

Gonzales told Goode more about the type of disclosure that had been agreed upon and how much of the truth about extraterrestrial life was to be disclosed:

Gonzales stated that all sides had agreed on a “Rolling Disclosure.” These groups had decided there would very likely be a public uprising unless they disclosed this information to humanity in bite-sized pieces.

These groups had further decided that there would be a limited ET disclosure, which would include a race of human-like beings that has worked very closely with various nations of the world for some time.

This is where Gonzales became more specific about how much is to be revealed about the secret space program run by the USAF:

This group has decided that prior to any ET introductions, they will first disclose one of the MIC SSP’s. In fact the leadership of one of these secret space programs has been informed that they will be disclosed. The program that these groups plan on disclosing is one that is controlled by the Air Force, the DIA and the NSA.

It consists of a number of unmanned as well as manned satellites. This will include at least two manned space stations that are only about 50 to 100 years more advanced than the ISS (International Space Station).

A disclosure of manned space stations using cloaking and other advanced technologies would definitely dominate the international news cycle. It would usher in revolutionary changes for the aerospace industry, and greatly impact a new generation of space enthusiasts.

However, such a disclosure would be far less than what Goode and others like William Tompkins have been publicly revealing about more advanced secret space programs with kilometers-long space carriers capable of interstellar travel.

Tompkins, in particular, has provided documents that reveal that the U.S. Navy began working with major corporations such as Douglas Aircraft Company in the 1950’s to design such craft, which were eventually built in secret facilities in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.


This is where Goode says he was told about a discrediting campaign being initiated against all those speaking out about the more advanced SSP programs:

In order for this partial disclosure narrative to be successful, these groups have agreed that all other narratives must be squashed vigorously. They must discredit those sharing their experiences and knowledge of the wider activities going on within our solar system.

If they attempt the partial disclosure narrative prior to this discrediting campaign, they would have people standing up asking “What about the slave trade? What about the negative non-terrestrials that have been reported to have controlled our planet”

Coincidentally, long time disclosure advocate, Dr. Steven Greer, recently criticized both Goode and Tompkins as mind control victims who have had scripted experiences about secret space programs downloaded into them. Greer said

Read the rest of the article here




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