Fear Not What Others Think

Greetings Beloveds,

Many times we fear what others think of us because we feel that the opinions of others define us as human beings. So we attempt to manipulate others so that they will view us as a good, intelligent or competent person. Many of us form multiple personalities according to the individuals who we interact with. We use observation, intuition and intelligence to gauge people in order to better understand how we can get them to like us.

Many of us have become a Chameleon in some sense. Blending in with our environment in order to learn the most effective way to manipulate this reality to our desire. We’ll act differently towards people dependent upon who we’re interacting with. We may appear to be loving, kind and considerate to one person, but then the exact opposite to another. We do this because many of us want the approval of others. We define our sense of worth and value based upon the thoughts and opinions of others.

The Truth is though that you don’t need the approval of anyone; except for yourself. You are the one who has to live with yourself; therefore you’re opinion of yourself is the one that matters. The opinions of others is totally irrelevant when it comes to your sense of worth. Your value is determined by you alone, not by others. We don’t need to worry what others think; we can be free to just simply be ourselves.

When we give into the idea that the opinions of others determine our sense of value or worth; we give our power away. It becomes dependent upon an external thing, idea or person. When in reality your worth is found within. You yourself can choose to be happy regardless of outside circumstances. The inner world is where you find true value.

So my beloveds, remember this when you feel sad or depressed because someone doesn’t like you. Though it may be painful; know this, that your value is not determined by their thoughts or ideas. You have value regardless of all the thoughts and opinions others hold about you. Free yourself from the shackles of disempowerment, realize that you have all that you need within you. Be that worthiness and know that you can choose to be worthy right now.

Be yourself; that’s all you need to concern yourself with. When we focus on being our true authentic self we bring true happiness into realization. This sense of happiness doesn’t derive from others; it comes from within. It’s always been within us all along. Never was there a moment when this sense of worth ever left us. We only temporally allowed ourselves to forget our true value so that we could experience life in duality. Even that though must come to an end; because that which has an beginning has and end.

Timothy Frappier

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