Energy Update – Diamond Purity Frequencies, Crystalline Particles

by Lisa Brown,

Here we go loves… Diamond Razors that cut and go deep. There’s other frequencies mixed in as well. Super high, DIAMOND PURITY frequencies too. Both of these simultaneously. WOW Factor HUGE.

These “hit” the physical body structures “hard” (which means the “structures” out there simultaneously too). These activate the crystals and star particles in our bodies (bumps/itching). I’ve not had a crystal pop-up in my hands for years, yet I have a huge one right now and they hurt/burn/itch/swell until they break down in our system to those awesome amazing crystals/crystalline particles that every part of our body is made up of/filled with here.

These frequencies are targeting the heart, spine, abdomen/gut, head/pineal/brain, throat, eyes thus far. Energetically intense, physically we can handle it. Honor you/your process, whatever you feel for you.

I’m gonna keep working as long as I can, for I’m slammed with events/commitments, while taking tons of breaks to honor my body needing movement, as these are embedding new encodements in our physical structures as well.

Be kind to you, honor you… you’ll “do” when/as it’s appropriate. Some of us can push through, because we’ve done this for so long. Others have to pull away, stop, listen, honor then get back at it when the process is done.

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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