Corey Goode Vlog Update: Behind the scenes with David Wilcock, Sean Stone, Niara Isley

Source: The Event Chronicle

A week of travel with David Wilcock, Sean Stone (The Buzzsaw) and Niara Isley.

Come behind the scenes with Corey Goode as he travels to Boulder, CO to film episodes ofCosmic Disclosure and The BuzzSaw (w/Sean Stone) at Gaia TV.

Editor Note: I’m excited to see that Niara Isley is going to be on upcoming episodes ofCosmic Disclosure! I’ve been reading Niara’s book, Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light. It’s a real eye-opener and full of information I haven’t come across before. If you’ve been following with the Secret Space Program information and are curious to learn more, you’ll definitely want to pick up Niara Isley’s book.

PS The episode of The Buzzsaw with David Wilcock has not aired yet. I’ll publish it as soon as it becomes available.

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