Google Launches New “Fact Check” “Feature” Built Into Search Engine

Great now we have Google getting into the business of determining what is fact or fiction…. Not cool at all and we shouldn’t have some kind of search engine making these determinations; it should be left to the individual.

This feature is just another facet of the mind control system that has be implemented upon our society. We’re destroying the sense of personal investigation; discovery is meant to be explored in-depth. Using a search engine to discover the Truth isn’t what we should be doing. Dig into the material, find the facts; think your thoughts on given subjects. Don’t be a mindless zombie, find the Truth for yourself.

We cannot give our power away to some fancy computer program or algorithm; we the people(as individuals) are the ones who determine what is fact or fiction. Plus from a certain level all things are true; what may not be true for one person may be true for another. So this whole idea of fact and fiction is heavily dependent upon the idea of polarity. This feature is just another thing to keep us in the land of duality so we keep fighting ourselves and others.

Take the Mandela Effect for example; my Truth is that Vadar said “Luke, I am your father” while the generations right now who watch the movie will know it as “No, I am your father.” You see, reality is much more malleable than we’ve been led to believe and we’re only beginning to start to recognize this Truth. This fact or fiction feature will be used as a means to control public opinion; to mold consensus on what we should believe.

Read: The Rise Of The Mandela Effect – Are You Noticing It?

Take your power back by deciding what it is you believe. Screw Google, screw the mind control and f*ck the system! We the people are the system and if you want to believe whatever it is you wish to; than by all means believe. Because the Truth is your belief doesn’t infringe on anyone. You live in your own reality; molded by yourself and you alone. There is no other-selves in the sense that they are separate from you. You are everything in creation; in existence. By knowing this Truth; by being this Truth you are given the ultimate freedom; the choice to be whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

Fear not what others believe; worry not of their ridicule, for you are perfect no matter what you believe. It doesn’t matter what you do; what you say or what you think; your perfection cannot be tarnished by these illusionary ideas. You are eternal.

Though the programming may seem vast and quite intimidating; it is illusionary at the end of the day. Choose to be the molder of your beliefs; question everything and remain open-minded to new information. That is the key; that is how we shall achieve the Victory. For we don’t exist to be told what is True, we exist to discover the Truth ourselves. Each individual, each person is meant to discover their own Truth. This Truth will be custom tailored for you and it will feel right when it becomes known.

I care deeply for each and every single one of you, which is why I want you to know that you have the power to decide what you believe. So when this feature starts up; remember to think to yourself “Piss off Google; I’ll decide what I believe from my own personal investigation and inquiry.” Turn it off if you can; that’s what I plan to do.

“Let he who is willing to search for the Truth be granted the awareness of that which is within oneself.”

Timothy Frappier

Source: We Are Change

Today Google, launches it’s new “Fact Check” feature! This will add a label on your new search results showing whether the article is fact or fiction. In Googles, own words they hope to

“shine a light on it’s efforts to divide fact from fiction.”


Google’s Head of News, Richard Gingras, added the feature will “help readers find fact checking in large news stories”.

“You’ll see the tagged articles in the expanded story box on and in the Google News & Weather iOS and Android apps, starting with the US and the UK,”

~Richard Gingras, Google’s head of news, said.

Google will determine whether a fact check is needed for a news story based off user submissions to review the story for a factual analysis.

There are many other “Fact checking sites” available but the problem often is political bias takes over the factual information. Take, for example, run by a husband and wife, not an investigation team, but a married couple that uses search engines to “fact check.”

Very often, I have visited snopes to look up stories and come to find they left out important information or details altogether and try to direct an angle to debunk a claim of information.

That’s why I recommend, if you do have the time, to look into something yourself, that way no one can tell you what to think, leaving out information to serve their own agenda debunking. If you are going to debunk something it should be a clean debunk, proving your point and shouldn’t require the deception of your audience leaving out information.

At that point ones own intentions have to be questioned, and whether the person is purposefully spreading disinformation knowingly covering up or avoiding information.

JTRIG or paid online trolls/shills exist, employed by various contracting companies to lie  like Snowden revealed. But paid online trolls, were exposed before Snowden first revealed publicly when Monsanto was found using Blackwater trolls to troll Anti-Gmo activist online.

Google has been accused of shilling for Hillary the entire election season, even censoring search results on Hillary Clinton. How can we trust Google with fact checking information when it’s too busy shielding Hillary Clinton from going to prison? Manipulating auto-complete search results for Hillary, blocking out Hillary scandal search query results and more. Did I mention Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt is funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign? That’s not bias at all to censor negative search results of your candidate?

Schmidt responded to the allegations by claiming Google does not support any candidate for president. “We have not taken a position on the American election and nor do I expect us to,” Schmidt said.

Despite Schmidt, individually himself providing funding to The Groundwork, a data startup that provides “services” to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Which The Groundwork fails to disclose any information on its data services it offers and only displays an ominous logo. But “The Groundwork” has done services for Hillary Clinton and her campaign totaling up to $600,000 according to tax filings.

Yet again, recently leaked Wikileaks Podesta emails show Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, exposed that he had setup meetings to meet with the Clinton campaign’s Cheryl Mills and Robby Mook despite publicly claiming, “Google had not taken a position on the American election and nor do I expect us to.” Meaning Google, might not have but it’s executive chairman has taken a clear position shown by the other companies he is involved in.

This comes as social media networks have began shadow banning and suspending users to filter out content they deem undesirable for their networks. Listen to the interview I just did with Andrew Torba GAB.AI, CEO where Andrew says that “Big Social” is censoring users for their big stock holders as well as selling user information like birth dates and phone numbers. Google also owns Google+ which is Google’s own social media network. Will Google do evil and censor and label politically scandalous content or content that could harm the government as fiction? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about Google taking it upon themselves to “fact check.”

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