Short Update from Cobra | Breakaway

Well by golly; slap me silly and call me miss molly! Form a nation in space definitely sounds like something I would love to be involved in. Whatever we can do to help lift the quarantine on Earth is a plus to me.

I do like how they’ve incorporated the Flower of Life and the Eye of Horus in their insignia. Kind of lighten the mood and makes it much more appealing. I for have decided to join because I don’t think it would hurt to try anyways.

So if your feel compelled; join up. I would recommend to check out their website and read the article Cobra posted to get a better feel for whether or not it is something you feel guided to join in.

Victory of the Light!

Timothy Frappier


Source: The Portal

By Cobra


The first public breakaway civilization initiative has been announced yesterday at a press conference in Paris:
If you feel guided to be one of the 100,000 people that are guaranteed to become citizens of Asgardia, you can register here:
As the applications are coming in very fast, it is expected that the 100,00 mark will be reached within 6-12 hours.
According to my sources  this initiative is NOT connected to the Cabal, and the Eye of Horus symbol in their logo was added for the purpose of energetic protection of the project against the dark forces by the suggestion of a certain positive secret occult society.
If enough Lightwarriors and Lightworkers join the project, their group consciousness can ensure that this breakaway initiative will lead in the right direction, away from technological dystopia and more into spiritually aware society.
Victory of the Light!

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