Into the Realm of the Ancient – Progressing to Our Present-Day Knowledge of the Inner World of Venus

Source: Discerning The Mystery

The details of the recent accounts of Corey Goode seem extremely alien, but at the same time it seems very possible that these accounts are highly accurate. The past testimonies given by Goode have proven to be verifiable and true to the documentation of other veterans who also worked in the Secret Space Program. This leads us to the possibility that the expanding body of information we have on the planet Venus is accurate as well.

Along with this growing collection of data, I find the progression of events particularly interesting.  There have been many science fiction movies with similar themes as the accounts we have heard on Venus. (These films may have actually represented some form of soft disclosure.)Within these story lines, there is typically a situation in which the hero ventures into an ancient ruin to find a priceless gift which could benefit humanity in tremendous ways. The gift is initially appreciated to some degree, but its true worth isn’t typically realized until later on. This story line seems to relate fairly closely with our present situation and the experiences of Corey Goode.

Mysteries of the Ancients – Recounting the Development of our Knowledge of the Planet Venus – Commentary from Secret Space Program Whistleblower, Corey Goode

This journey from Earth to Venus has been one of extreme intrigue (as well as perplexion, at times). Within it, we find numerous foreign, and yet somehow familiar relics of the past which may give us clues to our current state of affairs. As for the gift these experiences might offer, I will leave its discovery up to you, the reader. On this subject, here is the excerpt of interest from the recent revelations from Corey Goode and the Cosmic Disclosure series.
Corey: And this time, she took us to Venus. They took us to Venus. And this time the trip was like 10 minutes. It was much quicker than the last one.
David: Huh.
Corey: And we stopped at just about the same position we did before, and we paused there for a little bit, and she was sitting there like she was doing something in her mind. And then she said, “Okay, we’re cleared. Are you ready?”
And I said, “Yeah, about as ready as I’m going to be.”
David: Were there any craft in the atmosphere at that time?
Corey: No. The only thing that was showing up on the Anshar technology, it looked like an asteroid and debris with it that was far out in Venus’ atmosphere, caught in its gravitational field.
David: Interesting. Okay.
Corey: So once I indicated that I was ready, we headed towards Venus at a super high rate of speed, punching through the thick clouds. I barely could perceive yellowish color, we went through them so fast.
And then we stopped about 1,000 feet [305 meters] above the ground, and I was looking around, and I saw this terrain that looked like it had been eroded by lots of wind and rain, sort of like you would see in Earth. They looked like they used to be mountains going up that had eroded away, and they looked almost like people. It looked almost carved by an intelligent hand.
So I was noticing that, when all of a sudden the ceiling and the floor went transparent, just as it had done in our Antarctic reconnaissance flight.
David: Right.
Corey: And I looked down, and I could see the big, giant, H-shaped building sitting inside this crater.
David: Hmm.
Corey: And we were close enough to it where I could see there was a line that went across . . . Like here was the H, a line went all the way across it that divided it into basically two buildings.

David: Hm.
Corey: And we were sitting there, and I saw down at the bottom a flash that we could see through the technology. Once that occurred, we went down at a very high rate of speed.
David: Are you feeling acceleration?
Corey: No. I couldn’t feel any inertia, but my mind was, I guess, playing tricks on me, and I felt that falling feeling you get in your stomach.
David: Hm.
Corey: But I wasn’t feeling any inertia. And we stopped at the bottom, and the sheer size of these two buildings that were . . . They weren’t connected. There’s nothing I could compare them to.
David: So these buildings you’re saying are colossal in size.
Corey: Yeah, bigger than anything . . . There’s nothing I could compare them to, man-made-wise.
David: Would you say they were miles in height?
Corey: Miles.
David: Really?
Corey: It was HUGE!
David: Did they have a sculpted appearance? Did they look like they were made out of something . . .
Corey: Flat.
David: So it was a flat
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