Cosmic Disclosure: Validating the 20 & Back Program with William Tompkins

Source: Sphere Being Alliance

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode. And in this episode, you are going to get some of the most shocking, amazing confirmation of the reality of things that Corey has been telling us on this program for over a year now.

We have, for you to see, filmed discussions with William Tompkins, the aerospace engineer, who confirms some of the most incredible aspects, and the most unbelievable aspects, of what Corey has had to say.

And he gets very specific. The level of specificity in what you’re about to see is so extreme that the idea of this being a coincidence does not make any sense.

Tompkins does not have Internet access. He does not have an email address. He was completely unaware of who Corey Goode was at the time that this was taped. And when we showed him a photograph of a Draco, he said, “What the hell are you guys doing here?”

He was shocked. And this is information that he came in to on his own. So without further ado, check it out.


William Tompkins: Thousands, thousands, not just a few, thousands of people have joined the Navy here in the United States. They joined the Space Navy. They signed up for a 20-year tour.

So these folks, men and women, were given a lot of examinations and a lot of information on what they were going to need.

Many of them went to the Moon, our Moon, and facilities there and got checked out and organized and established where is the best place they’re going to go, what their criteria is going to be, what major area they’re going to develop, like what class in the university.

2 Moon 1

3 Moon 2

And then they get sent to a Mars facility for a short time.

4 Mars

And some of them get to Jupiter’s moons, where we have a large facility on the moon.

5 Jupiter

And then they get assigned to a specific base. And they work for a short time in the base before they’re assigned a naval cruiser, or a naval attack vehicle, or even a naval spacecraft carrier, which are one, two, and four kilometer long class.

And we have eight of those battle groups out there. So there’s plenty of room for new people to come aboard.

And so they do their tour then, most of it on the spacecraft carriers, or the supporting ships. And some of them are supply ships – not as much fun, but they needed to be . . . We need people on them, too.

So at the end of the 20 years, they have an option for another 20 years. They could go for another 20 years. Or they have the option to come back to Earth where they were born and where they entered the Navy.

And then they make this decision they want to come back. So they age regress. They’re now 20 years older than when they joined the Space Navy, okay? And so they take several weeks or several months, and they reverse their age back to 21 when they joined the Navy.

1 William Tompkins

They finished their Navy 20-year tour and they make the selection to go back to the United States.

Now remember, during that 20 years, they had no contact with their family or with anybody back on Earth. That’s a prerequisite. Okay? So . . . But they remember their family. They remember their friends and the people they used to go to and some of the girlfriends they used to have.

And so they come back, but they were 20 years older when they left the planet. So the girlfriends are going to be a whole lot older.

And so the Navy has allowed them, in the Solar Warden System Program, to go back to the age that they were when they signed up. Okay?

Well, you said that they were 20 years old when they signed up, and they went a 20-year Navy tour. They came back. And now they’re 20 years old, and they are in a situation where life is this 20-year-old life that they had going when they left.

And now, during that several weeks returning, their minds, not painfully, but their minds are played with to where 90.99 [percent] of their memory for the last 20 years out in space is removed.

So they’re sitting there now, the girlfriend is the same age as she was. Wait a minute. She wasn’t 20 years older, like we said. She’s still the same age.

If he was married, his wife, the kids, were the same age. They didn’t spend 20 years more life. So he comes . . . That’s kind of a cool system. Okay?

Yes, that system is operating and has been operating since 1980.

* * * * *

David: All right. So as you’ve just seen there, what the heck is going on here? The only way somebody is going to be able to debunk something like this is to try to say that Tompkins and Corey were speaking to each other, but we know that that never happened.

So Corey, welcome back to the program.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: How did you feel when you saw this? Let’s just start simple. Ha, ha, ha.

Corey: Well, I was always under the impression that under a certain level people did not know this information. So it’s very . . . It’s exciting and a little shocking, but the details that he gave were right on.

David: Well, he started out by saying that thousands of people are recruited into some kind of a Space Navy. How do you feel about that number? Do you think he’s right when he says thousands?

Corey: It’s definitely in the thousands.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yeah.

David: Thousands per year or thousands overall?

Corey: Over . . . I mean, it’s definitely going to be in the thousands, several thousand that’s going to be . . . that have been in the program – 20 and Back Program – overall.

David: Okay.

Corey: So it’s a fairly large number.

David: Now, one of the other things that he said that’s a little bit different than what you’ve said was first of all, he said people get trained in the various areas of specialty that they want to go to. And then he said that they go to Mars. Whereas you seem to have said that the LOC [Lunar Operations Command] is the first kind of stopover point.

Corey: It usually is, yes.

David: What do you think could be going on with Mars where it would become a contact point for people that are joining the Space Navy?

6 Corey And David

Corey: Well, depending on what your duty is going to be, you’re going to be taken and trained at a different facility. Let’s say that they had deep space telemetry – just pulling off the top of my head – if a person was going to do that, then just like if you were serving in the Navy here on Earth, they’re going to send you to different bases where you’re going to get the best training before you rejoin the vessel you’re assigned to.

David: Is there any one sort of main reception area on Mars, similar to what there would be with LOC?

Corey: Not that I know of.

David: Okay.

Corey: Right. But it’s a little bit different for people that go in as career Navy. They go through a little bit different process than civilian assets that are pulled in, such as the MILAB people, and there are others that are pulled in, too, – scientists.

David: When I was speaking with Henry Deacon, he was the first insider I had access to who said that he had worked on a facility on Mars. And he had told me that there were 200,000 personnel at the time he was there, that it was rapidly expanding.

And the funny part to me was when he said that only 10,000 of those personnel were actually Earth-born humans. I’m wondering if that correlates with anything you’ve heard. I mean, we can’t get him on camera like we did with Tompkins. He doesn’t want to talk, but . . .

Corey: Yes. Yeah. The population from like . . . They brought a lot of people in during the Brain Drain era, and then those people . . . you know, there’s been two or three generations at least of people that have been assigned to these . . . or have been living on these bases.

David: So could Deacon be right that there could be a base with 200,000 personnel in one spot?

Corey: Oh, absolutely. Yes.

David: So they’re that large?

Corey: Yes. Some . . . Yes, some of them are very large.

David: Okay. Another thing that Tompkins said, which I found provocative, was that he said there were eight battle groups. When you start hearing specific numbers like that, he’s either going to be right or he’s wrong. And he seemed very confident when he said that.

So I’m curious as to your reactions to that.

Corey: Yes. There were eight different battle groups.

David: There were?

Corey: Yes.

David: Wow!

Corey: Yes. And that was during the Solar Warden era. These craft are still . . . Most of them are still in service, but you have different fleets with carriers, destroyers, supply ships, all kinds of support craft.

And during the time I was in, there were eight different battle groups.

David: How could you classify them? Why would there be eight? What were they doing? Where were they going? Were they different?

Corey: They were made up of the same range of vessels.

David: Okay.

Corey: You know, like you have several different types of destroyers and carriers in the Navy that most people are aware of, and you’ll have several battle groups or actual fleets out there going off doing different missions. And it’s very much the same. They’re off doing different missions and aren’t really in each other’s business that much unless they’re called to support each other.

David: So it’s not like we would have three of the eight battle groups hanging out in our solar system, necessarily?

Corey: It just depends. A lot of time they’ll be behind the Moon or further out in the solar system, closer to other bases, in an area where they’re going to be behind a planet, not just hanging out, because they have to do that because you have astronomers here that are tasking satellites to look around.

And they always make sure they know where every asset is in space. And they know where astronomers are going to be looking. So they’re able to hide the fleet.

David: Can you remember the names of any of these battle groups or what were their designations?

Corey: I can’t. I remember that they had a . . . There was a 01, 02, 03, but I did not . . . We really didn’t interact with the other fleets. And I didn’t really interact with other vessels in our fleet.

David: Approximately, how many vessels are in a battle group altogether? Does it vary, or is it . . .

Corey: Yeah, it’s going to vary. But sometimes they’ll take some out of one group and assign it to another group depending on the mission.

But there’s well over a dozen in each. And we’re talking larger vessels. And then they have many, many more support vessels.

David: Did any of these battle groups ever get into a war that was significant enough that they lost a major amount of their assets?

Corey: There have been conflicts. They’ve had vessels that have been damaged so badly that they’ve lost them. And they’ve had vessels, also, that they’ve had to send to be repaired for extended periods of time.

David: Is there any conflict that kind of gained a legendary or historic significance? Was there ever a conflict with the group that they really were not prepared to handle? Something like that?

Corey: In the beginning, there were several incidents of them going into areas around Jupiter or Saturn that were off limits, and having their rears handed to them.

David: ‘Rears handed to them’ translates as what?

Corey: Well, they would be attacked by sophisticated weaponry from non-terrestrials.

David: Okay.

Corey: There were certain areas around certain planets and planetoids that are off limits, and if they accidentally, or purposely, go into those areas, they are warned and then they’re attacked.

David: I’m curious if they ever . . . I mean, I’m thinking a lot about “Star Trek” right now, and I’m curious if they ever came across a truly outrageous extraterrestrial menace that was a lot more significant than most of the other negative extraterrestrials might be – if something like that ever happened to them?

Corey: There were incidents where vessels traveled into different non-terrestrial areas, and they were hit with very advanced weapons, like the torsion weapons, that the inside of the craft would be twisted and pushed in.

David: Oh, wow!

Corey: And when they had that significant of damage, the vessels had to be, basically, taken apart in certain areas and repaired.

David: You know, when we start looking at the fact that the space program, as he said here – and we’ll get into that part in a minute – but 1980 Solar Warden, he’s giving the same dates that you’ve always been giving us.

And then we have “Star Trek: The Next Generation” come out in the late ’80s that has so many crossovers. Do you think that there was any communication from the space program to producers of “Star Trek” in any way to help seed this stuff into our consciousness?

Corey: Yeah, most likely from defense contractors’ companies. A lot of times, maybe even associated with the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.

David: Right. So if we’re getting into this much specific detail from Tompkins, do you think there’s any way that Tompkins could be lying at this point? I mean, it doesn’t seem possible to me.

Corey: No, not with his credentials and the detail of the information that he has. And the fact that, as you said, he doesn’t have Internet access. He doesn’t even have an email address. I don’t think so.

David: It is very clear that he worked for defense contractors. And here, we’re seeing the most astonishing part of this thing, he talks about people going out for 20 years and then being brought back and age regressed.

Corey: Yeah.

David: What was your idea of when the 20 and Back actually started?

Corey: The 20 and Back, I was told, started just a . . . They had been planning it and working on it and had plans to implement it for a while, but it wasn’t actually implemented until the . . . right after Solar Warden was implemented around 1980.

David: Wow! So this is an exact correlation that you were hearing.

Corey: Yes.

David: Now, he mentioned that the technology to remove memories, he said 90.99, but I think he meant 99.99 . . .

Corey: Probably. Yeah.

David: Would you say that for the people who are not among that 3% or 4% that it is actually 99.99%? Correct?

Corey: Yes. The only types of memories they might have would surface in dreams. And they wouldn’t have any context for it, so they wouldn’t really pay any attention to it.

David: So if you go out there and you do this 20 and Back, and you’re recruited in from the Navy – as he said the Space Navy . . . thousands of soldiers are doing this, if they’re going to mind wipe you and leave you 99.9% blanked out, does that mean that you then are going to have to do a normal military service afterwards once you come back?

Corey: A lot of the times how they did it was they would give . . . Like someone would sign up for four years or eight years, and they would be assigned to a project that would then take them off planet.

And then, after they were regressed, they would come back and serve out the rest of their 4~8 years.

David: That’s what I would expect, because otherwise if you sign up for the military and they splice you back in, and then you don’t have any military service, what happened?

Corey: Right. And there were people that I ran into that had said that they had served multiple 20 and Backs.

David: Multiple?

Corey: Yes. And they looked around the same age as I was.

David: Do they have the opportunity to remember the ones that they did before when they’re on another one? Or does it all get blanked out?

Corey: It depends on what they were doing. If they were doing something that . . . If they were working for one of the different space programs being lent out and they witnessed or worked on things that they were not allowed to disseminate back to their Solar Warden group or on their craft, they would wipe a certain amount of information.

But you weren’t completely blank slated until the end of your service.

David: If this technology to age regress people is out there, and we have the Cabal who does not want people to live longer, do you think that that’s one of many reasons why they don’t want disclosure because of the life extension tools they have?

Corey: Absolutely. Yeah, they want the Earth to be pretty much . . . You know, a lot of the . . . Not all of the people, but the Cabal people would like the Earth to be cold. We’ve all seen the different scenarios they’d like to see play out.

David: So this technology, if it were to be a Full Disclosure, you could assume that there’d be people who all start wanting age regression and start demanding it. Like, “Well, wait a minute, I’m 74 years old and my body is failing and this is my last chance.” And then all the people are going to say, “Save my grandfather,” and all this stuff. And it could get to be really crazy.

Corey: Yeah. And not to mention all the healing technology to where they can go in, look through your body, find a frequency of cancer, and then nullify it.

David: Tompkins also mentioned that these people were not allowed to have any contact with their families or Earth for those 20 years.

Corey: It’s absolutely correct. And not only that, they’re not allowed to have access to radio, television or Internet coming from the planet.

David: Was there any form of suitable entertainment that would keep them occupied while they were out there for 20 years?

Corey: Yeah. Strangely, and this will sound kind of weird, there was a lot of ping pong played.

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Corey: But . . .

David: Yeah, that’s the same thing that Henry Deacon always said, that when he was at Mars base that he mostly spent his time playing ping pong.

Corey: Yeah, they had recreation areas built. And they had movie nights that I really didn’t go to very often. But . . .

David: What were the movies?

Corey: They were all old movies that were before the time you would’ve gone in. So there were a lot of old cowboy movies and old war movies – World War II movies.

David: But nothing was allowed from the time after they left because it would screw up the future.

Corey: Right. And also, if someone does come back and they do have recall, and you’ve been watching the Internet and television, it would give you a big advantage in the stock market and other ways, too.

David: I know we’ve talked about this before, but I’m curious as to how many people you think there are on Earth now who have been blank slated and don’t remember anything, but actually did this?

Corey: It’s . . . That is in the tens of thousands. People that were involved on one level or another that were pulled in for . . . Some people . . . Not everyone puts in 20 years. They’ll have engineers or egghead scientists of different fields that they will pull in for shorter periods of time. I heard them say 8~10 years. And then they will either be reassigned or they return.

David: I know that for a while you worked in what you call the Intercept and Interrogate Program, and I’m wondering if there was ever a time where somebody from the space program starts to remember things and they have to be contacted and given a briefing or given a mind wipe or something like that?

Corey: Yes. They monitor people, as well, afterwards. So kind of like the NSA, you know, the haystack kind of thing, they pull all of your information in and they have behavioral scientists that will look for any signs that the programming is breaking down. And if so, they’ll pick you up, bring you back in, debrief you to see exactly what you do know, and then will blank slate them.

David: Now, I notice in this episode that you’re a lot more articulate than you used to be and there’s been some scuttlebutt on the chat room that you’ve been replaced by a clone.

Corey: Yes.

David: Could you explain to the audience so that we can stop this rumor why is it that you’ve become so much more articulate lately?

Corey: Well, when I first started shooting “Cosmic Disclosure” with you, I, as you know, I was going through a lot of surgeries. I had rotator cuff and bicep reconstructive surgery, and I was on pain pills and Xanax and things that definitely slowed me down.

When I watch old episodes, it’s difficult for me to even watch.

David: Right. So it is really you, it’s . . .

Corey: It’s me.

David: – just less drugs.

Corey: Yes. Yes.

David: Okay.

Corey: No pharmaceuticals in my body.

David: Ha, ha, ha. All right. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to see another discussion with William Tompkins. This time, some amazing material regarding the split that took place between the existing Solar Warden program and what came to be know as the ICC [Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate]. Let’s take a look.


William Tompkins: Because of lack of understanding and a lack of acceptance of the subject matter of extraterrestrials . . . This is staggering, because it’s not just many of the extremely well-educated people in the country working on this not wanting to accept the reality of what we were in to, but they even participated in trying to nullify the program – throw wrenches into the gears.

And even at Douglas, over at TRW, and all of these other companies, General Dynamics included, there were the top-level people who were throwing negatives on everything that we were attempting to do.

So you have to ask the question, “Why do we have so much of this at such a high level in technology in the country, in the whole military?”

And who is telling them to try to stop everything, try to cut it down when we’re trying to help ourselves? And supposedly that’s what the military is for.

But the corporations, at the same time they were doing the military mission programs, they were doing other programs which could possibly allow them to nullify the space programs of the military, like Solar Warden.

And these people, then, utilizing all the advances in space systems, military wise, developed the capability to move off the planet and mine materials on other planets in the solar system and/or continue on out into the galaxy through the 12 closest stars, Alpha Centauri being the first, and mining or extracting materials, or whatever, and making money.

This same group of top corporate people of all these companies that are doing the jobs, that they are getting paid for, were paralleling the space missions for industrialization – making money.

It just seems really strange that this is where we would be finding ourselves because they’re using all of the best capabilities. It’s already been done for them.

We’ve got corporate operations operating parallel to missions to solar system planets and other stars’ planets, doing the same thing.

The word is greed. Whatever helps them financially, this is where they’re going to put the money. This is where they’re going to do all the development.

* * * * * *

David: So, Corey, what are your initial thoughts after seeing this particular discussion with Tompkins?

Corey: Wow! He’s obviously talking about the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, which we’ve done an episode on. And it’s all of these different technical corporations and companies that support the military-industrial complex that have formed their own breakaway Secret Space Program.

And, as he said, they mine. They actually are the ones that build most of the facilities out in space.

And what he said matches perfectly with this corporate group.

David: There was an interesting line of inquiry in here that I haven’t really gotten from the way you and I have talked before, and that was that he mentioned that there was a lot of intellectual difficulty, resistance, that people had to this concept within the contractors and the companies that were actually working on this stuff.

It’s almost like they didn’t want all of this to be true. And he seems to be saying that from that rivalry was born the defense contractors not wanting to be part of some peaceful space exploration think like “Star Trek” or a protective system for the solar system. They want to go off and do their own thing.

Corey: And they didn’t want their hands tied. If they work through Solar Warden, they have to abide by the rules of whoever’s in command of a certain project.

David: Ah!

Corey: So if they do it through their corporate means, they have no oversight or no accountability.

David: So they did this without any other approval but their own, I assume.

Corey: Right. They already . . . They had the most advanced toys, weaponry, vessels. They had . . . It was far superior to what they were handing over to the military groups. So there wasn’t a whole lot that the military groups could say because the military groups also relied on them so much.

David: Wow! I guess I’d never really understood how much of a rivalry this thing was all the way back then.

Corey: It’s a rivalry, but it’s not an open tit-for-tat situation between the two groups, . . .

David: Right.

Corey: . . . because they worked together. They lend each other resources, as well.

David: Now, he mentioned that there were 12 neighboring stars in which there were missions and, apparently, construction going on in those areas, as well. That seems a little bit different than some of the things that you’ve said, but again, we’re dealing with fine tuning some minor things. So what’s your reaction to that?

Corey: Well, I know that there were plans to do that, but the only problem was these other solar systems have inhabitants, and these inhabitants have space programs. So, you know, they can’t just go into a star system, say, “We’re going to take the last planet in your system; we won’t bother you,” and set up a base, unless they have a diplomatic relationship.

And at the time I was in, I was not aware of diplomatic relationships that allowed us to build all of these different bases in their star systems.

However, I was brought to the Galactic League of Nations base that was on a moon going around a gas giant that most likely was built by ICC assets.

David: Now, do you think that the ICC command structure has now gone completely off planet, or because they are essentially defense contractors, is there still a merger between what’s up in the solar system and what’s down here on Earth?

Corey: Well, some of them are out in the solar system. Many of them are down here. They are usually like at the head. Let’s say . . . I’m just using an example.

TRW has an executive that’s been with the company for 20 years, has all the background to be an asset to the ICC. They will say, “Listen, why don’t you retire and then we’ll move you over to our Super Board?” They call it a Super Board. And this is a board that has members from all of these different corporations that are a part of it and they make decisions.

David: You had mentioned before, and I want to get a little more clarity on this, that some of the products that the ICC uses actually are made on Earth and then they’re just shipped up there.

Corey: Yes, some. Yeah. And sometimes it’s . . . parts are made here and there. It’s shipped up, and then mixed and matched with parts that they’ve made off planet.

David: What percentage of the people in this defense contractor community . . . How many of them do you think know about what’s being done up in space?

Corey: That’s unknown to me, but I would say very, very, very few, because the people that ended up serving on the super boards were not given a lot of information, or were not privy to a lot of information, until they became a part of the Super Board and then they were briefed.

David: So if, for example, something benign like seats could be designed on Earth and nobody knows that this is a seat that’s going to end up in a hyper-advanced craft, they’re so compartmentalized that that seat would only . . . They’d just build it, but they don’t know where it’s going.

Corey: Right. Right. Or they’d just build part of it, and then it’s put together, either off-world or somewhere here, by assets that they know that they can trust, and then shipped out.

David: So people could be building technology that’s actually used in very elaborate ways and never have any idea what they’re doing.

Corey: Absolutely. They can do it their full career, retire and spend the rest of their life being unaware.

David: How do you think somebody like Tompkins was able to find out all this information? What was his most likely source?

Corey: The level of information that he’s reporting had to have trickled down from pretty high. And it sounds like a lot of his information is coming through the Navy. And right now, the Navy is in kind of a contest with some of the other groups to have this disclosed.

And it’s not all of the Navy. It’s groups within the Navy that want the Secret Space Program disclosed.

David: Do you think that this ICC has participated at all in what we’re calling the SSP Alliance?

Corey: The SSP Alliance is made up of people that broke away from all the different space programs. So there are former ICC assets that have joined the Secret Space Program Alliance.

David: What do you think the ICC alliance members’ goal is? If they were part of this thing and he’s saying in this discussion that it was mostly greed-based and making money, do those people that are participating in that system, are they benefiting from that greed and that money?

Corey: Yes. It’s cosmic capitalism. Some of the things . . . They’re trading, as well. They’re trading biological and technical assets to non-terrestrials for technology. So the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate were one of the groups that were most involved in like the galactic slave trade and trading different assets here in our solar system for assets from another solar system.

So when they receive them, then they go through R&D. They back engineer it. And then they use either the concepts or actually reproduce the technology to use in their ICC group, or it’s taken to Earth and then disseminated somehow and put into our technology and released.

And they receive money that way through the corporations. They have this Super Board. The Super Board wants to grow the corporations and make them profitable. It’s all about profit.

David: Well, I understand the profit part. And he is mentioning greed here. However, in some of our earlier episodes when you mentioned actually going to ICC facilities, it did not appear that those people were making money or having a luxurious life at all. In fact, it seemed quite the opposite.

Corey: Well, let’s look at corporations here that use child labor in other countries. You see the product come. It’s in a real shiny box. Everything looks American, but you don’t know the history behind the product. It was put together by almost slaves.

David: Right.

Corey: So these people are not reaping the benefits that the ICC is gaining.

David: So do you think that the upper levels of the ICC, where profits are able to be shared, that they have facilities that are a lot nicer than what you saw?

Corey: Yeah. I’m sure they do. The ICC, they always had the best of everything. The newest toys they tested and disseminated some of it back out to the military groups and other space programs.

David: When you have had briefings from the Blue Avians about the future after Full Disclosure, they told you that various facilities would be handed over to the people. Would that include ICC facilities?

Corey: Absolutely. Some of the ICC facilities were what the SSP Alliance was attacking and trying to take out, and the Blue Avians told them to basically stop – knock it off. All of this infrastructure, once there’s a Full Disclosure event, this whole infrastructure is going to be handed over to the people of Earth.

David: Well, that’s a pretty exciting future.

Corey: It is.

David: Do you think that there is some kind of Draco involvement with the ICC? I know that the Dark Fleet, apparently, has a real strong Draco component to it, but what about the ICC?

Corey: They work with, literally, thousands of different groups. So I am sure there’s a crossover there.

David: Do you know if the Draco have control over them to some degree or is it really just the defense contractors that hold the power?

Corey: I’m sure that there are non-terrestrials that exert some sort of influence over them, but they’re pretty much a Earth-based group that are interested in pushing forward their own agenda.

David: All right. Well, you saw it here first. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, here with Corey Goode. And we’re reviewing footage from William Tompkins – absolutely mind-blowing stuff. Thank you for watching, and we will see you next time.

Aleister Crowley and the Sirians

Source: Humans Are Free

Excerpt from The Pyramids of Montauk by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon.

The most important aspect concerning the discoveries made in the previous chapter is that they explain key aspects of our ancient heritage.

As was already said, The Book of the Law leads us into the Great Pyramid with a line drawn at a 26′ angle.

We are also led to the Sphinx when the anagram of Bast appears in the book. This leaves us in the middle of two ancient wonders and right next to Cairo, the city of Mars.

It has already been demonstrated that Egypt as well as many other aspects of our civilization have fashioned themselves to serve as a tribute to the planet Mars, but there was another heavenly body that was held in even higher regard: the star Sirius.

Shining as the brightest star in our heavens, the Egyptians based their entire calendar on the movement of this sacred star.

It was already indicated that the Great Pyramid was built to synchronize with Sirius so that the star would shine through the hole to the Queen’s Chamber at a precise moment.

Esoteric writings indicate that the light shining through the shaft was meant to impart the starlight of Sirius to an initiate during a ritual.

If Egypt was so fascinated with Sirius, it stands to reason that the ancient civilization of Mars had a similar reverence for the star. In fact, the geometric shapes on the planet Mars have been said to be built in tribute to Sirius.

According to one legend, the face on Mars was in honor of the god or solar logos known as Sukon. The Sirians settled Mars through his permission.

He has also been identified as Set or Seth. The reason the Sirians settled Mars was because it was at that time in the cradle orbit of life.

Taking 720 days to get around the sun would have resulted in the most preferable weather that was conducive to civilization at that particular time period.

In The Montauk Project, it was the Sirians who provided the Montauk chair used for the time experiments. It was a Mr. X who had approached me and told me that he had been involved in negotiations to obtain the chair.

This man also told me of Crowley’s ability to manipulate time and was the first to suggest that thePhiladelphia Experiment and Montauk Project were both resulting effects of Crowley’s magick.

All of this is very ironic when one looks yet deeper into Crowley’s secret connections. Crowley was not only involved in the OTO but was also a member of an arcane secret society known as the A:.A:. (Argenteum Astrum) or the Order of the Silver Star.

The “silver star” referred to is Sirius itself, the most prominent in the heavens and positioned as the chief star in the ancient constellation “Phoenix”. The ancient Assyrians and Phoenicians both derive their name from this legacy.

Crowley identified the Order of the Silver Star as the Illuminati itself. As he was considered to be the head of the Illuminati, the correspondences continue to run even deeper.

The heart of his magical current was inspired from Sirius and there was much tradition to back this up. In occult tradition, Sirius is the Hidden God or “the sun behind the sun”. As the moon reflects the sun, so does the sun reflect Sirius.

This concept was expressed in The Book of the Law when Crowley wrote “The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu is in the Khabs.”

The word Khab means star while Khu refers to light. What is being taught here is that collective “wisdom” often assumes that the stars emanate light.

The truth of the matter is that the stars are in the light and are merely reflecting it. It was in this sense that Crowley and the ancients who worshiped Sirius were worshiping the light of creation. Sirius was the brightest star, therefore it reflected the most light and was the most powerful.

According to the ancient Egyptians, there was a special occult link between Sirius and the Earth when they were at their closest distance. In other words, more universal light was being reflected from Sirius than at any other time of the year.

This link was found to be most powerful during the Dog Days of August (Sirius is known as the Dog Star) which run from July 23 rd to August 23rd. Some consider them to peak out as late as September 8th.

This aspect of Sirius is very synchronistic if you remember the theory referred to in The Montauk Project that the biorhythms of the Earth run every twenty years on August 12th.

This date is not only the anniversary of Crowley’s wedding, the Philadelphia Experiment and the culmination of the Montauk Project; it is right in the center of the Dog Days.

Of course, the Montauk chair was supposed to be supplied by the Sirians. Obviously, if this whole incredible Montauk scenario is true, it stands to reason that the Sirians might have an idea or two about how to make a chair that resonates with the consciousness of time.

According to information from the Montauk story, the Sirians were technical creatures and were not very political. According to Al Bielek, the Sirians look very human in some respects. They are muscular but have vertical slit eyes, like a cat’s eyes.

They wear a covering over their hair, and it is suspected that they are bald. Sometimes they have strange things on their ears which could be communicating devices.

They are approximately six feet in height and can pass for humans in the proper attire. At Montauk, they were generally affable and did their job.

Not too much else has been said about them, nor do I have anything more to add from that quarter. What is important is that they seem to have a rather strong correspondence in the information that is being revealed.

A book entitled The Twelfth Planet by Zecharia Sitchin documents very well that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial critters since time immemorial.

Read: The Sumerian King List Spans for Over 241,000 Years Before a Great Flood

This work traces the activity back to ancient Sumeria which is exactly where the Sirians settled. All of this not only places the Sirians at the focal point of our planetary theology, it makes them a center of all sorts of alien activity.

Crowley studied this time line at its source when he examined the ceremonial rites of the Sirians or ancient Sumerians, whatever you want to call them.

In history, these beings were known as the shepherd kings and they were called the Yezidi. Their prophet was Yezid and Crowley discovered that he was a reincarnation of him.

As Crowley studied these ancient Sumerians and their rites, he learned they were sexual in the extreme and orgiastic.

The ceremonies were all done in synchronization with the stellar revolutions. Many eventually found-their way into the Roman and Greek mystery schools. These ancients looked at the primitive urges in a much different way that “civilized” society does today.

Not unlike animals in mating season, they recognized instinctually that revolutions of the universe coincided with sexual urges that enabled one to gain access to invisible worlds or other dimensions.

In the Hindu tantric arts which is known as the yoga of love, these urges would be better defined as kalas which are units of time or vaginal vibrations.

If one reduces space and time to its male and female aspects, it is easy to grasp that Mother Nature is going to have undulations that correspond to the vagina. Earlier in this book, the vesica pisces was illustrated.

This was an eye shaped glyph that resulted as the second act of creation unfolded. It is not only the shape of an eye, it is known as the Eye of Horus or as the Eye of Set (Sirius). When this “eye” is in a vertical position, it is symbolic of the vagina.

As the geometry of space and time unfolds in the evolutionary process (which is known as Mother Nature), there are processes and repetitions that mimic or harmonize with what we know as the sexual process. These very energies are incredibly powerful as they make creation a reality.

Of course, the morphogenetic grid is the blueprint that becomes reality. It is in this manner that the ancient Sumerians or Sirians did orgiastic rites.

They were honoring the undulations and unfoldments of geometric evolution by linking their consciousness through the sexual process.

We all know that we go into a different state of consciousness during the sexual act. As it is a creation process, it is not hard to relate that we can then have an effect on creation when in this form of consciousness. When we engage in sex, we are tapping into the blueprint that made the whole universe possible.

As Crowley studied this information, he saw that the ancients understood what they were doing in their orgiastic rites.

Of course, if you were to walk in on an orgy today, you might find that the procedure has degenerated into an unholy mess. On the other hand, magical energies would definitely be present.

All of this brings us back to Bast, the goddess of witchcraft and sexual magick in the Egyptian pantheon. If you ever had the urge to do anything of a bizarre sexual nature, you were entering the realm of Bast. Who exactly was she?

Often identified as the Egyptian cat goddess, Bast is one of the most ancient forms of Babalon, the Mother goddess. Bast is portrayed as both a cat and lion. As the goddess of sexual magick, she ruled over lust and sexual heat.

It was her job to see  that all potentialities manifested and had their day in the sun. Bast is readily identified as the Beast because she “presided” over the vast sexual experiments of Atlantis (and later Egypt) which gave rise to mermaids, minotaurs, centaurs, Pegasus and the like.

Bast’s legacy gives us at least two words in our modem lexicon. The word “bastard” was derived from the Pandora’s Box that opened with the unrestricted breeding practices that were common during her reign. During the reign of the goddess, paternity was not an issue.

Marriage came into being in large part due to the need to preserve a patriarchal structure for inheritance and succession purposes.

When the father god took over, he made parentage an issue and punished women who bore children outside of the established tradition of wedlock. This is not so much a moral issue as a power issue.

Amazon cultures were known to be able to breed without the use of a male. Because the human body is primarily androgynous, a separation of the sexes is not theoretically necessary for procreation.

This contention about the Amazons is backed up by the fact that the zona pellucida (the reproductive body in the female which contains a sack) can be penetrated by a latent male protein within the inherited genetic structure of the female that the body thinks and treats like a sperm. This results in a virgin birth.

It could be argued that the Amazons were unbalanced in the direction of the female energies. Whether or not that is true is not the point.

Their culture and the general goddess culture of that time period was supplanted by a patriarchal culture that has attempted to subjugate women to the most unbearable of conditions.

The male forces established control. Morality was then generated by the power elite of that particular civilization.

On a very primal level, the purpose of the female energies is to regenerate through the sexual organs. This is the gateway to immortality for the beast or animal form of the species.

Only through the female genitalia can the beast project its image into a future circumstance and thus obtain perpetual life for his/her kind.

Bast symbolized this and also the idea of uninhibited breeding practices which is sometimes known as “catting”.

This is the derivation of the word “cunt”, common slang for the vagina but almost always used in a derogative sense. This word is so taboo that it has earned its way onto the “list of seven dirty words” that cannot be used on television or radio.

As you can see, Bast’s influence has no small part in our culture. One can easily see that the rancor and enmity that generally accompanies the words “bastard” and “cunt” derives from the ancient criticism of the culture that was prevalent during the time of Bast.

Crowley’s concept of the Scarlet Woman or Babalon is another name for the goddess Bast. Scarlet is chosen because it is the color of blood (also the color chosen for the cover of The Book of the Law).

As stated earlier, blood represents the passage of the moon and the menstrual period.

The lunar calendar is therefore the calendar of Bast and represents the true time line. This is in direct opposition to the Gregorian calendar that was given to us by the decree of Pope Gregory, the same pope who authorized the inquisition.

In regard to her lunar aspect, Bast’s offspring were known as children of the moon, hence the name moon child.

In the previous chapter, Crowley was identified as the incarnation of the Priest Ankh-af-an-Khonsu which equates to the Priest of Mentu.

As Khonsu also refers specifically to the moon, Bast can be identified as the Priestess of Mentu with regard to her lunar aspect.

It is in this respect that Bast could be considered to have presided over the sexual and genetic experiments that are said to have occurred at Montauk.

In what is an amusing correspondence, there are usually various cats that roam the picnic area near the lighthouse parking lot at Montauk.

They have no apparent home but are always well fed by the tourists who sometimes take one home for a pet. These cats are known as the “Montauk Cats”. I was once told that if you follow the cats before a rainstorm, they will lead you to the underground.

Although Bast’s correspondence with Montauk is a bit obscure, Bast was glorified in ancient Egypt as the Sphinx.

She had the loins of a lion, symbolized by the constellation Leo and the top half of a virgin woman, symbolized by the constellation Virgo. The Sphinx had breasts at one point, but these were defaced as the patriarchal culture established its foothold.

The face was also altered at one point to look more like a chimpanzee. This desecration of the Sphinx prompts an important question: why did we get a chimp?

The answer lies in our genetics. Human evolution on this planet has been primarily restricted to the biology of the ape.

It was said previously in this book that Rh positive blood refers to the rhesus monkey genetics being present in the human system. Rh negative implies an alien blood type. One can also see a resemblance to apes in human beings.

If you don’t believe me, just go to the gorilla exhibit at the zoo.

The word “monkey” itself gives us an interesting play on words. “Mon” refers to Montu, Montauk or the earlier definitions provided for that phoneme while “key” refers to the “key to Montauk”.

Although there is some contention about it amongst scholars, “Monkey” derives from the Dutch word monnekijn which traces back to the Roman word monne, the origin of which is uncertain.

The handwriting is on the wall. Manikan means little man or an imitation of man. Monne is intimately related to the root words already covered.

The word “ape” is said to be borrowed from a Teutonic word yet there is argument and some say it is really from the Celts. It all becomes clear when we consult the derivation of the word ” apex”. This means several interesting things.

It is the highest culminating point of time and also refers to the vertex of a triangle or the conical top of a pyramid. Apex strongly suggests the concept of the Tower of Babalon or the mountain aspect of Montauk. The word itself derives from tip, specifically referring to the tip of a flamen’s cap.

(A flamen was a priest or magician in ancient Rome, the word deriving from the Sanskrit word brahman.)

Orangutan derives from oran which means man and utati which equates to forest. The word oran is Malaysian word which is suspiciously close to Orion.

Chimpanzee derives from “pan” which means all embracing. It also refers to Pan, the god of the forest and fields. He was quite sexually active and Crowley wrote a lot of poetry about him.

Gorilla was coined as a word by the real life Doc Savage based upon a West African word for a race of hairy women.

It is a direct reference to a genetic specimen that we don’t see or hear too much about today. You can read the book Mother was a Lovely Beast by Philip Jose Farmer for more information along this line.

The point of all this is very clear and the phrase “to monkey around with” takes on a whole new meaning. Somebody monkeyed with our genetics in quite a literal sense. In the time of Bast, all types of genetic samplings were embraced. The conquering influence chose to propagate a similitude with the apes through the morphogenetic grid of evolution.

Bast established that human consciousness could become a lower form it if chose to or that the lower forms could obtain the equivalent of human consciousness.

This is a sacrilegious teaching to many, but it was highly regarded as the truth in times past. The city of Bubastis was found by archeologists to contain a multitude of mummified cats who stood as guardians of the temple. The reverence to Bast was intense.

The The Book of the Law teaches us that the propagation of life is completely unrestrictive in its nature.

All potentialities are real and this is accomplished through the evolving geometries that lie beneath the blue print of evolution. The goddess Bast champions the unrestricted potential of all creation.

Our limitations in evolution are influenced by those who dominate the morphogenetic grid but are essentially determined by our own free will and choice in the matter.

Excerpt from The Pyramids of Montauk by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon.

US Elections: Neither Free Nor Fair

Source: Strategic Culture

By Alex Gorka

Media across the world are literally transfixed by the spectacle of US elections. The Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton, Republicans vs. Democrats battle is captivating enough to distract public attention from other issues.

Democracy promotion has been a centerpiece of US foreign policy for over half a centurysince the days when President Woodrow Wilson crafted a new foreign policy that involved active democracy promotion. The implementation of the «beacon on the hill» concept presupposes that the United States would act as a model of excellence for others to follow is analogous to contemporary soft-power democracy promotion efforts. Lecturing on democracy is a distinctive feature of American foreign policy. Does the US really provide an influential role model for how elections should run in other countries? Is America really a shining example of real democracy? «Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all».

Domestic and international experts rate the US elections as the worst among all Western democracies. According to Electoral Integrity Project, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are at the top of the ranking, while the US scores 62.

The report gathers assessments from over 2,000 experts to evaluate the perceived integrity of all 180 national parliamentary and presidential contests held between July 1, 2012, and Dec. 31, 2015, in 139 countries. The 2014 US congressional elections rank even worse, 65th out of 180 worldwide.

In May, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights issued the OSCE / ODIHR Needs Assessment Mission (NAM) Report to assess the pre-election environment and the preparations for the US election on November 8.

It notes that in America election observation is regulated by state law, which does not explicitly provide for international observers at odds with the 1990 OSCE Copenhagen Document.

The paper says some 4.1 million citizens that are residents of US territories are not eligible and some 600,000 citizens that are residents of the District of Columbia can vote in presidential elections but do not have full representation in Congress. Some 5.8 million prisoners and ex-prisoners continue to be disenfranchised due to prohibitive and disproportionate legal regulations or burdensome procedures for reinstating voting rights in a number of states, particularly affecting minorities.

Women are generally underrepresented in public office, holding some 20 per cent of seats in the outgoing Congress and some 25 per cent of seats in the state legislatures. Some OSCE/ODIHR NAM interlocutors noted concerns about negative stereotyping of women. They are also concerned over an increase in inflammatory speech targeting minorities.

The OSCE report also notes that there are no limits on campaign spending: no aggregate limit on how much an individual may contribute. Spending by independent groups can be exempt from disclosure requirements. Boundaries of the districts to elect representatives are redrawn in line with partisan interests which may result in uncompetitive races.

The paper adds to numerous publications devoted to irregularities of the US voting system. Indeed, there has a been a range of vulnerabilities in the conduct of American elections made public in recent years, recently, especially since the notoriously flawed ballot design in Florida in 2000.

There is a widespread suspicion of the role of money in politics. Regardless of their political affiliation, Americans agree that money has too much influence on the outcome of the vote, the wealthy have more influence on elections, and candidates who win office promote policies that help their donors.

The people think the country’s campaign finance system needs significant changes. Americans do not think donating money to political candidates is a form of free speech.

Electoral laws are unfair to smaller parties like the Green Party, favor the governing party, or restrict voter’s rights.

Gerrymandering of district boundaries to favor incumbents, waiting in line in excess of many hours, inaccurate state and local voter registers, insufficiently trained local poll workers, and the breakdown of voting machines are just a few example in the list of noticeable shortfalls. In 2014 serious problems with electronic voting were reported. The polling machines recorded a vote for the Democratic candidate when the screen was touched to cast a vote for the Republican.

In Texas the statewide voter registration system crashed, forcing many to complete provisional ballots when poll workers were unable to confirm voter eligibility.

The 2016 race is disappointing enough. There was reported confusion about new photo ID requirements and long lines.

The system of superdelegates is evidently undemocratic. For instance, this year Democratic superdelegates, who aren’t beholden to vote for a candidate according to the popular choice, could potentially sway the nomination. It caused discontent among rank and file party members who would prefer another candidate instead of Hillary Clinton. G.O.P. candidate Donald Trump called the delegate system «rigged».

Noam Chomsky, a famous American scholar and the author of Failed States, believes there is an enormous gap between public opinion and policy in the United States.

In the book What We Say Goes: Conversations on US Power in a Changing World he sets an example. In 2005, the Program on International Policy Attitudes did an extensive poll on what people thought the budget ought to be.

It turned out to be the inverse of the actual budget: where federal funding was going up, an overwhelming majority wanted it to go down. The public opposed increases in military spending overall and supplemental spending for Iraq and Afghanistan, which is going up even more now. Where the budget was going down—social expenditures, health, renewable energy, veterans’ benefits, the United Nations-right across the board, the public wanted spending to increase. US media kept this fact out of public eye.

«…when Americans with different income levels differ in their policy preferences, actual policy outcomes strongly reflect the preferences of the most affluent but bear virtually no relationship to the preferences of poor or middle-income Americans. The vast discrepancy I find in government responsiveness to citizens with different incomes stands in stark contrast to the ideal of political equality that Americans hold dear. Although perfect political equality is an unrealistic goal, representational biases of this magnitude call into question the very democratic character of our society», says Martin Gilens, the professor of politics at Princeton University and the author the author of Affluence & Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America.

«Now it’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president. And the same thing applies to governors, and US senators and congress members», concludes former US president Jimmy Carter.

The US officials often recklessly accuse other countries of election tempering. There is a reason to believe they do it to obfuscate the real story of fraud and irregularities in their own electoral process. No doubt, America would do a better job of promoting democracy in other countries by setting an example to follow but it’s voting system is broken and needs to be fixed. Today the United States is definitely not in the position to lecture and teach others. It has a long way to go if it wants to become a real democracy.


Source: Collective Evolution

The way we’ve been punishing children has changed dramatically throughout history.

Many years ago, corporal punishment was supported. Teachers hung a paddle on the classroom wall to use when students misbehaved. Over the years, a shift has occurred, however, with schools implementing less of a “hands-on” approach to misconduct, including in-school suspension, alternative schools, and deans of discipline. But has it helped anyone?

I came across an interesting and in-depth article on the matter. Called Corporal Punishment: Violation of Child Rights in Schoolsit explores just how detrimental physical tactics tend to be.

“The research studies show that the theory of corporal punishment was an ineffective discipline strategy with children of all ages and it is often proved to be dangerous. The punishment of such kind leads to create anger, resentment, and low self-esteem. It teaches them violence and revenge as solutions to problems and perpetuates itself, as children might imitate what the adults are doing.”—Prof. Maadabhushi Sridharauthor, Corporal Punishment

So then, what about the nonphysical approaches?

“Kids who have been suspended or expelled are two times more likely to drop out and five times more likely to turn to crime,” explained Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, who introduced a bill to cut back on suspensions and expulsions for minor misbehaviour in school. “Rather than kicking students out of school, we need to keep young people in school on track to graduate, and out of the criminal justice system.” California became the first state in the nation to pass a new law that limits student disciplinary measures.

There has been a national plea for disciplinary reform, resulting in policymakers, educators, parents, and more, to begin questioning the harsh discipline policies and practices that exist. Research has revealed that suspensions, expulsions, and school arrests hinder students’ learning time. Suspensions have even been found to interrupt the education of non-misbehaving students.

I am captivated by a statement made at the beginning of Corporal Punishment:

“The discipline is not taught, it is learnt. The text books give information. The communication through teaching is imparting education. To attain wisdom, an abundant amount of common sense has to be added to education, which then includes discipline. Discipline is an attitude, character, responsibility, or commitment. The discipline is basically internal, while the attempt to impose it would be an external process. One has to internalize the process of education and discipline. Discipline and education go together in letter and spirit.”

Prof. Maadabhushi Sridhar

The words “internal” and “spirit” especially stick out to me. Is the system failing because we don’t teach kids to reform from within? To understand their words and their actions by digging beneath the surface?

In Baltimore, Maryland, Robert W. Coleman Elementary is taking a new and holistic approach to how it disciplines students. Rather than punishing them, or sending them off to the principal’s office, they are directed toward “the mindful moment room.” Here, misbehaving students meditate and wind down.

The policy has been in place for more than a year, and the administrators have noticed that no suspensions have been reported throughout that time.

The new disciplinary approach is organized by the Holistic Life Foundation, which is a Baltimore-based nonprofit organization whose goal is to nurture the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities. One of the organizers of the project, Andres Gonzalez, says the students are absorbing the experience, bringing what they’re learning to their families.

“That’s how you stop the trickle-down effect, when Mom or Pops has a hard day and yells at the kids, and then the kids go to school and yell at their friends,” he said. “We’ve had parents tell us, ‘I came home the other day stressed out, and my daughter said, Hey, Mom, you need to sit down. I need to teach you how to breathe,’” Gonzalez explained.

Research continues to confirm the advantages of meditation: pain relief, a boost in creativity, stress relief, and healthier immune systems. One study even found that meditation can reverse heart disease.

In the “mindful moment room” at Robert W. Coleman Elementary, lamps, decorations, and comfy purply pillows fill the space—much different than the typical windowless detention room kids are used to.

In the room, misbehaving students are guided to sit, breathe and meditate in order to calm down and re-center. They are also advised to open up about what happened.

“It’s amazing,” noted Kirk Philips, who is the Holistic Me coordinator at Robert W. Coleman. “You wouldn’t think that little kids would meditate in silence. And they do.”

Even at the school’s Christmas party, kids were expected to mediate prior to receiving gifts. “As a little kid, that’s got to be hard to sit down and meditate when you know you’re about to get a bag of gifts, and they did it! It was beautiful, we were all smiling at each other watching them,”explained Philips.

Other schools are implementing such practices, too. In the U.K., the Mindfulness in Schools Project educates adults on how to set up programs. And in the U.S., Mindful Schools, another nonprofit, is working to do the same thing.

It’s a pleasant breakthrough for students, educators and parents alike, as the powers of living in the present are being materialized.


Report: Syrian Govt Has Audio of US Coordinating with ISIS Before Attack on Syrian Forces

Source: The Free Thought Project

(RT) — Damascus has a recording of conversations between the American military and Islamic State terrorists ahead of the US-led coalition airstrike that hit Syrian troops near Deir ez-Zor on September 17, the speaker of the People’s Council of Syria said.

“The Syrian Army intercepted the communications between the Americans and Daesh [Arabic pejorative for Islamic State/IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] ahead of the attack on Deir ez-Zor,” Hadiya Khalaf Abbas said, as cited by Sputnik Arabic and originally reported by Al Mayadeen.

According to the People’s Council speaker, the Syrian authorities have evidence that the US-led coalition’s airstrike was a deliberate act.

Abbas promised that details of the recording will be released by Damascus.
Syrian troops encircled by Islamic State militants near the town of Deir ez-Zor were bombed by US-led coalition warplanes on September 17.

Sixty-two soldiers were killed and over 100 injured in the airstrike, which was immediately followed by an offensive by jihadists on the positions of government forces.
The bombing was stopped only after the Russian military contacted the US side several times, saying that they were attacking the wrong targets.
Washington acknowledged the fact of the airstrike against the Syrian troops and even apologized for the mistake.

The incident dealt a serious blow to the Syrian ceasefire deal, which Moscow and Washington agreed earlier in September.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly during the weekend, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem also said that the bombing of Syrian troops by the US-led coalition was a deliberate attack, not a mistake as Washington claims.

“The Syrian government puts all the responsibility for the aggression on the US, as the facts show that it was a deliberate attack, but not a mistake – even if America says the opposite,” Muallem said, adding that the bombing “proves that the US and its allies are accomplices of Islamic State and other terror groups.”


Applying Objectivity and Discernment to our Understanding of the SSP

Greetings Beloveds,

This message is mostly for purposes of making sure we as individuals do not invest too much of our emotional energy and faith into the Secret Space Programs and other organizations. I’m not implying that we should not trust them or belittle them. On the contrary all I ask is for us to not invest absolute faith into them. The one thing I’ve noticed with myself and others is that many are starting to equate the Solar Wardens, White Hats and Cobra’s Resistance movement as ‘saviors’. We’re putting them on a pedestal.

This has been a problem for humanity for a great many years. We’re so used to having others tell what is right. We’ve given our power away to these groups and individuals. We ourselves are the ones who will save ourselves. We can only take responsibility for our-self. Have faith in yourself and your ability to bring about disclosure and make this world a better place. Do not invest all your faith and trust into any type of organization or group.

It is crucial for us as human beings to take responsibility over our lives. Granted, this doesn’t imply that we don’t trust the Solar Warden, Whites or Cobra’s Resistance movement. I merely speaking of the importance of remaining objective and utilizing discernment. Don’t invest too much emotional energy into them. This is the pattern that many of us fall into, we invest so much emotional energy into these organizations that when we’re confronted with claims that paint a different picture of these organizations; we respond with anger or frustration.

This prevents many from being objective and they instead operate from a toxic emotional state of being. We become blinded by our emotions and close ourselves to any possible information that could be of assistance to our journey towards the Truth. Take all that is said by anyone, including Corey Goode, Randy Cramer and Tony Rodrigues with a grain of salt. Be as objective as possible, but utilize your emotions to discern all information being shared. This isn’t a matter of only using the brain, because emotions can help you decide if what is being shared is true or false. That’s the power they hold, they have the capacity to determine what is a lie and isn’t, but only if you remain as clear minded as possible. That requires you not to form attachments to these people and organizations.

I’ve recently been analyzing a lot of my thoughts and beliefs in regards to the Secret Space Programs, White Hats and Cobra’s Resistance Movement. I’ve been attempting to understand what type of people work in these organizations. I’ve found a lot of instances that has revealed a different aspect of the SSP. Take for instance Corey Goode’s experience with the SSP. One specifically that I would like to point out is about this Wrangler guy who was assigned to Corey to help increase productivity for ‘underperforming assets’. Corey didn’t like the situation whatsoever and felt very stressed out from meeting with him. He basically would torture Corey, not physically, but emotionally and mentally. He caused a lot of problems for him. The Sphere Alliance Beings basically got him out of that, that’s how bad it became. Corey also has revealed that he acts as a messenger for the Sphere Being Alliances because of the fact these are hurt individuals in the SSP.

Another example I would like everyone to be aware of is that fact many of these organizations were formerly Cabal aligned. Thus the morality of these people based upon this fact alone should be considered in-depth. Granted, they’ve decided that the world needs to head on a new path and have defected, but none the less these individuals are damaged, just as much as us.

I’ve heard Aug Tellez share that these people in the SSP and underground breakaway civilizations don’t have as much mental illnesses as us. I personally would disagree with this assessment. I believe we’re all equally affected in regards to these mental illnesses. They just have different types of forms of these mental illnesses.

For example, we have Tony Rodrigues who recently revealed some information in an interview performed by Dr. Michael Salla. He shared that he was used as a sex slave and suicide soldier. He revealed that when he went to a Lunar Base on the moon he was given a grenade and sent into a auditorium like room where a insectoid was in. He was told to blow up the Insectoid. He and a few other individuals went into this room, there was people cheering and telling them not to be “a pussy” and kill it. It seemed like they were enjoying it. Eventually someone grab the grenade, ran towards the insectoid and blew it up.

As you can see these individuals are just as damaged as you and I, if not more in some cases. I’m not implying that the Solar Warden are the ones responsible for the Sex Trade or this event that Tony experienced. I do know that Tony said he believes he went to The Dark Fleet base, but that wasn’t where he fought the insect. They went to a different lunar base after visiting the Dark Fleet base; Michael Salla asked him if it was the Lunar Operation Command(LOC) and he believed it was.

From what I’ve heard, the LOC is basically the headquarters of the Interplanetary Corporation Conglomerate(ICC) and the Solar Warden. The Dark Fleet is separate and operates in total darkness.

In defense of the SSP, White Hats and Resistance Movement they are working for Full Disclosure. They believe doing some of these things that are questionable is necessary in order to achieve that goal. This comment applies to Corey Goode’s situation with the Wrangler, not Tony’s experience. The Solar Warden, White Hats and Resistance Movement want to put an end to the Sex Trade and slavery. They’re aiming for these goals, but the methods used to achieve them are what many would consider to be extreme.

My point is that we should invest faith in ourselves and the virtues that make humanity great. Love is the key, invest your emotional energy into love, not some outside organizations. Invest love into yourself and remember you are your own savior. Send love and compassion to the individuals in the SSP and other organizations. They’re hurting just as much as us on the surface. We’re all in this together, but we on the surface need to take responsibility of our own lives. That is how we will bring about disclosure and healing. So my friends be the change you wish to see in this world!

Timothy Frappier