Embrace the Stillness and Be the Eternal

Finding the time to embrace the stillness of mind in the midst of modern society can be very difficult, but extremely beneficial.

Stilling the mind allows us to connect to the Divine Order and receive inspiration and guidance that will help us on our journey of life. A still mind helps our Higher Self connect with our earthly personality. We become more receptive to messages from the Divine.

Our Higher Self wants to helps us, but our free-will gives us the capacity to ignore this aspect of our being. Our worldly personalities are what get in our way. The materialistic society we find ourselves living in is the embodiment of the worldly personality. We’ve forgotten that we are eternal and decided to believe we’re temporal beings. Thus we attempt to gain significance, meaning and joy from the external world. This is reflected in society as consumerism.

We’re constantly looking for things to make us happy; whether it be a car, house, high paying job or a child is irrelevant. The point is that we keep looking outside of us. Our Higher Self is starting to gently remind us that all that we seek in the external world can be found within us. Happiness is a choice by the way; which only requires one to realize it from within.

This can seem to be a daunting task though, because many of us despise stillness. We’re constantly thinking, talking and doing something with ourselves. We view stillness as a waste of time and very unproductive. This type of mentality is very shallow and only focuses upon the physical plane of existence. There is so much going on within your being when you embrace the stillness. The stillness is the key to making your dreams come true.

For example, we have a business owner who became a millionaire because of an idea. This idea took off and it brought much fortune to this individual. What I want to point out is, where did this idea come from? It came from his consciousness, before he had the idea it resided within the stillness. The stillness is where all thoughts come from. He was able to tap into this divine reservoir of ideas and manifest his dreams.

Some people come to the realization of an idea by what seems like chance, but some come about it by embracing stillness. The stillness is the key to tapping into this infinite reservoir of inspirational ideas. The more we embrace the stillness, the more likely we’ll be able to pull something from this infinite reservoir. The stillness has the capacity to not only manifest our dreams, but to experience true happiness as well.

Stillness also expands our heart’s presence so that it can attract even more of what we desire into our life. If we desire abundance, stillness will expand our presence and attract more of what we need to be abundant. This is like increasing the voltage on a electromagnet, thus resulting in a increase in the strength of the magnet. Regardless of the distance, when we embrace the stillness we attract all that we need in life; even if what we need is worlds away.

The stillness is eternal, it houses everything within it. Some call it the Eternal Now. By being the stillness, you become the eternal. This life is fleeting and temporal, but the stillness is eternal. Being still makes us better able to discover the things in life that always are. What is simply will be, now and until the end of eternity. This life, this physical existence is subject to change. Time will eventually change everything about this physical universe. So it’s crucial for us to embrace the stillness in order to acquire understanding and awareness that transcends this temporal existence.

So my friends embrace more of the eternal. Spend time in meditation and be-come that which is eternal. For that which is eternal is love and love will see you through to the end and the beginning, because it is all that is. Be Still and know that you are eternal.

Timothy Frappier

2 thoughts on “Embrace the Stillness and Be the Eternal

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