Hillary could Possibly be Dead and a Double is Filling in.

Like with all things take this with a grain of salt and decide upon yourself. There are many unanswered circumstances that really do cast this as being a possibility. Whether or not it is, well at this point there is no definitive proof nor would there be many willing to be forthright with this type of knowledge.

Read: WABC-TV Channel 7 in NYC Reports “Hillary Clinton’s DEATH” and may have been replaced with Body Double

The powers that were could be propping up the image of Hillary in order to maintain a trajectory in having someone whom they approve be in the White House. They may want to keep promoting Clinton because of the fact that bringing someone else into the mix at this point in time could be very complicated and problematic for the powers that were.

Let’s not forget that the DNC did have an emergency meeting on replacing Hillary Clinton as the presidential nominee. Of course many are denying this occurred, but there is some very influential DNC insiders revealing this is the case. Snopes claims that there is no emergency meeting and the Tweet that  shared was deleted by him. Of course this is a lie, the tweet is still on his twitter account.

We’ve heard from Benjamin Fulford that the people whom were supporting Hillary Clinton where going to take her out the the race. Whether or not this is part of it is still debatable. I would like to add a note that I don’t have any type of evidence that concludes that she is dead, being replaced or has been replaced. All of the information at my disposal is second hand knowledge. Thus discernment is important when reading things like this.

You never know too, you could be on a timeline where Hillary Clinton is alive and well so this topic may never come under your radar, then there could be a reality where she is dead and is being replaced with a double. Whichever timeline you reside upon depends on the frequency of your consciousness. This is called the Mandela Effect. Don’t take what I just said so seriously, I’m playing around more than being serious :D. I do love the concept of the Mandela Effect though and I believe it is fairly accurate. 

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Timothy Frappier


Hillary ain’t Hillary ’cause she’s dead Fred… so is Bill… open your mind to the possibility…. – OD

Hillary’s Body Double…It’s All In The Nose! They Are Gambling People Won’t Notice

By Jeff Rense

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Looks Like They Are Going With A Body Double! Where Is Hillary? Questions!Did She Die On 9/11 After They Dragged Her Limp Body Into The Van? If True, The Brazen Arrogance Of The Controllers Is Astounding

‘Hillary’ On Her Jet With The Press Today, Thursday, 9-15-16…Just Four Days After Her Total, Complete Collapse. Now, look At The BOTTOM Of The Nose, The Septum, Where It Joins The Upper Lip. The End Of The Nose Irrefutably Extends DOWNWARD…Farther Than Hillary’s Does. Furthermore, The Nostrils Are Also MARKEDLY Differently Shaped.

Look At the END OF THE NOSE. The Tip Of The Airplane Hillary’s Nose Today Is MUCH LARGER. It Overhangs, Is Clearly Larger, Droops Down And Actually Ends BELOW The Nostrils. This Is NOT Hillary’s Nose.

This Does NOT Look Like THE SAME Person. This Double Is About 30 lbs Lighter, Younger, Thinner Overall And FULL Of Energy.

Have ‘They’ Been Using A Double At Times During The Campaign To Get People Used To The Differences In Appearance? ANYTHING Is Possible. The Technology Of Today Is Far Beyond What Most Could Imagine…

….See More:

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