To Be Happy or not to Be Happy, that is the question

We all know the famous Shakespeare line, “To be or not to be? that is the question.” and there is much wisdom in that statement. Many times we forget that our unhappiness or lack is a result of the state of being we’ve chosen to be.

If you want happiness, than be happiness; if you want abundance than be abundance. It’s really that easy and the only reason we struggle with this is because we’re choosing to be what we don’t prefer. Our sense of unhappiness is a direct result of our thoughts, emotions and actions; many of us have become our own worst enemy.

The first step in attaining happiness is by taking responsibility of one’s life. We most quit blaming others or circumstances for why we are so unhappy or lacking. This practice or habit is very disempowering because we’re essentially saying others have the ability to influence us.

When you take responsibility of your life you start to see that all of life is non-polarized. Only the mind can label something as good or bad. These attachments are the source of our unhappiness. We’ve come to believe in certain ideas as being preferable and when these do not come into fruition or remain unfulfilled we become negative. In order to let of these attachments we must relinquish our thoughts and ideas on how something should be.

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The second step in becoming happiness is to start letting go of desires. Desires are not bad, but we’ve taken it to a whole new level. We desire too much, this society we’ve created in America is one based upon materialism. We horde and constantly buy things in order to feel good about ourselves. We’ve put our identity into our possessions.

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If your one who owns your own house, car and have children, you’re considered living the American Dream. Yet, many people who have these things are very unhappy. Some of the richest people in the world are the most unhappy ones. We’ve attributed our sense of identity and worth to the things we accumulate in life. This is superficial though and will never leave us happy. It may excite us for a little bit, providing a distraction to our inner turmoil, but it will not last and our sense of unhappiness will come back with more strength.

Granted, having things or desiring them is not wrong, but when we seek satisfaction or happiness from them, than we’re bound to encounter difficulties. When I was young I remember getting all kinds of toys, video games and other things for my birthday. I would be very excited and happy for a couple days, but than it would slowly fade away. As I got older things didn’t really give me much happiness. Things started to lack appeal and I became even more unhappy.

The problem was that I was searching for happiness outside of me. I can be happy without things, I can be happy without desires. Desires are not necessary in being happy. As I started to work upon this idea I started to notice and see a significant change taking place within me. When I started to focus on feeling happiness, I would feel it with incredible power. I became that state of happiness without needing to have some kind of activity or thing to be it. I choose to be happiness, thus as a result I am happiness.

Happiness is a state of being and there isn’t anything in the external world that will give you it. You must find happiness within yourself. Spend some time being happiness. Go to a quiet room in your house or apartment, sit on the floor and focus on feeling happiness. Pay attention to your body, feelings and thoughts. When thoughts come in, just let them drift away, focus on the emotion called happiness.

The more you practice this the better you will feel. You’ll start to realize that happiness is a choice, not a result of something from the external world. We don’t need things to act as permissions slips for us to be happy. We can be happy right now, all that is needed is to be that happiness.

Tis the Truth of life that we live. We ourselves are what we need in order to be what we wish to be. Nothing else is needed because we have all that we need right now. Until next time my beloveds, have a great day and be happy!

Timothy Frappier

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