Be Yourself and Watch the World Flourish

Being yourself is the key to transforming this world into the paradise it already is. Many of us nowadays overlook the fact that the external world is a reflection of our internal world. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions maintain the external world. It is our consciousness and the state of being that creates this world and all the circumstances we find in it.

The key to creating a more loving and abundant world is to be this abundance. All that is needed is for one to see the abundance. We’ve been focusing so much on the negative that our world has become very polluted, destructive and violent. It is our focus, our attention to the negative things that maintain this paradigm.

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When we shift from focusing on the negative to the positive an internal shift occurs. We start to notice that we’re generally feeling better about ourselves and people around us. You start to display and express a sort of optimism that gains notice from others. This is the beginning of transforming your world. Your perspectives, opinions, and beliefs will drastically change. Everything about you will be imbued with this sense of love and positivity.

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After a certain threshold has been reached in regards to transforming your inner-world into a positive landscape you will begin to notice things coming into your life from the external world. You’ll suddenly find yourself attracting all the things you need to achieve your dream. Everything that you’ve always wanted to do will be easier to accomplish. This is because of the fact that your inner world has shifted so much from a negative perspective that it literally is attracting these things into your life.

Negativity is the separation, thus when you’re operating from a negative state of being you will repel all the circumstances, people and things you desire in life. Your unconsciously dis-attracting these things from you because of the fact you’re operating from a negative state of being. When you operate from a positive state of mind, you attract all the things you need in life to be yourself and to accomplish your aspirations and dreams.

This isn’t meant to seem like a punishment or something to be shameful of. This is called The Law of Attraction. The illusion of lack in the external world is meant to convey the message that you have some kind of belief, idea or emotion that is preventing the natural you from coming to the service. There is something creating a blockage that prevents your True Self from taking the helm of your life. It becomes paramount than to do your own Shadow Work, look for the fearful beliefs and ideas that keep your separate from your True Self.

Your True Self or as some have called the Higher Self is attempting to establish a line of communication with you, but since we as a species have decided to experiment within the land of separation it cannot directly intervene without infringing upon your free-will; which would make matters worse. So it helps guide you with circumstances, events and synchronicity in an attempt to try to direct your attention to your own inner world. It’s trying to tell you that separation is something that we ourselves created in order to experience it, but that at the end of the day it is nothing more than an illusion.

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You can equate this as an act of fishing on the Higher Self’s part. Just like in real fishing, you put the bait on the hook, throw the line into the water and hope to catch a fish. That’s what the Higher Self is attempting to do, it cannot force anything upon you, but it can try to communicate with you in ways that don’t infringe your free will.

A direct line of communication with your higher self is the key to being yourself. You are a magnificently multidimensional light being with incredible power and abilities. The fact we find ourselves in such a limited state is a testament to this. When you start accessing your Higher Self, it starts to take the helm of your life. You start to become the real you, the person who walks in accord to your own calling and purpose.

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By following your heart and being yourself you attract all that you need in your life. Happiness flows in abundance and love spreads wherever you place your focus and attention upon. You will assist this world and others by being an example worthy of imitation. You won’t have to preach or force people to behave in like manner. The essence of your being will naturally attract others towards you, they will want to be around you because of the energy, love and compassion you share with them.

Just as in the time of Jesus, he himself attracted large crowds and even to this day is remembered because of the love, compassion, joy and happiness he shared with humanity by being his true self. That is all that is needed at the end of the day, just to be yourself. You don’t need to accomplish any type of external goal and mission to achieve this. All that is needed is to be yourself.

So my beloved friends and family, I want to impart to you the beauty and magic of being yourself. However you choose to do this depends on you. The subjective nature as to what interests you and makes your heart sing is meant to be the allurement to seek who thou really are. Only you can do what is meant for you to do, no one else can do it, never ever can you be replaced whatsoever. You are priceless and NOT replaceable, nothing can ever deny this Truth, except for yourself. Only YOU have the capacity to deny this Truth to yourself, no one outside of you can.

So remember the power that you house within yourself. Remember that you choose to be here for a reason. Nothing happens in life by accident; you don’t exist because of set of randomized circumstances that resulted from chance. All is orchestrated and connected, nothing truly is separate. We are all One at the end of the Day. Till next time my beloveds, have a wonderful day.

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Timothy Frappier



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