The Day After Disclosure: Richard Dolan’s Unexpected Twist On What’s Coming

Source: Ascending Starseed

Via: Ascension with Mother Earth

#Disclosure. It’s a complex topic, especially as we head towards the November 2016 US.Presidential election.

John PodestaHilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, President Barak Obama — they’ve all appeared on television and in print media within the past year commenting about Area 51 and the possibility of looking into the hidden world of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth.

Stephen Bassett, a registered lobbyist and “Disclosure” activist, has been monumental in leading the charge to end a government imposed embargo on the truth behind the so called “UFO” phenomenon.

Recently, Bassett has put himself on the line publicly at the first Canadian national inquiry into UFOs and Extraterrestrials held at the Alien Cosmic Expo in Ontario, Canada, by predicting that before leaving office, U.S. President Barack Obama will disclose that extraterrestrials exist and that U.S. officials have known about them for decades.

Challenging that point of view, Richard Dolan, one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs has a totally different twist on the topic.

“The people of United States have little awareness of what their nation has become in their own name and it is the most tragic story of my own lifetime” said a disillusioned Dolan in this exclusive interview with Earth Mystery News.

“I’m actually rooting for Putin or the Chinese to do Disclosure.”

In this Dolan-Bassett Disclosure Face-Off, Earth Mystery News turns to the viewing public to ask: whose story makes more sense to you?


2 thoughts on “The Day After Disclosure: Richard Dolan’s Unexpected Twist On What’s Coming

  1. Richard Dolan is obviously vested in not telling the truth. He lacks the emotional and spiritual maturity to see that consciousness is already shifting. Religion is a lie so rightly all churches need to be cleansed and those perpetuating the lies come clean. The crimes of church and state must be acknowledged. Reconciliation and restorative justice through truth is the path to healing a profoundly sick global society.


  2. People are already wondering why those in Government chose to hide the fact that they made contact with benevolent highly evolved life forms in 1947. Why exactly did those in government choose to use the technology to divide the world in perpetual war instead of creating a utopia?

    Why have the individuals controlling world events not allowed for the truth of our history to be revealed?

    Just like when a child learns that their parents lied about Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy I am sure the majority of people have the emotional and spiritual maturity to come terms with the fact they have been lied to about everything.

    Only a lower consciousness completely ignorant humanoid would poison the very thing that gives them life using geoengeneering, HAARP, and CERN. War has always brought human suffering and the destruction to the environment. The lower brain functioning humanoids leading nations to war in an age of technology that could transform our world into a Garden of Eden do not deserve life.

    There is a war going on it is a war against human intelligence, it is a war against the evolution of consciousness. The world has been at war for millennia don’t you think it is time to see what is actually possible when we are expressing humans true nature in vibrational harmony with our source of creation.

    Infinite blessings for a life of peace, harmony, joy and the boundless love that comes with the knowing we are our own source for life and our own source for love. Namaste

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