The Day of the Event – Countdown to Celebration – An Examination of our Active Role in Bringing the Moment of Breakthrough

Source: Discerning The Mystery

The Day of the Event – Countdown to Celebration – An Examination of our Active Role in Bringing the Moment of Breakthrough

Our world as a whole is changing and progressing at an every-increasing pace. According to multiple sources, we as a planet have reached a crucial milestone in our progress toward breakthrough. Events have transpired on multiple levels which have made available numerous opportunities for multi-dimensional growth, healing, and advancement. With all of these developments taking place, we may wonder what impact these will have on our lives.

We have received a number of disclosures on covert operations currently taking place which are focused upon the liberation of our planet. We hear that the crime syndicates known as the cabalhave fled for their lives, and that the positive Earth Alliance is systematically dismantling their former power structure. It is only a matter of time before we say “goodbye” to the crimes of this fading cabal annoyance once and for all.

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At this moment, we as a planet are faced with a monumental opportunity to remake our world and to build it on a foundation of freedom and equality for all souls who dwell upon, within, and around it. The intent within this article is to examine and to give perspective on the latest intelligence on the planetary and solar-systemic developments, and to help direct our focus to the most productive and the shortest path toward planetary breakthrough.

Our Future Present

In recent times, multiple sources have given us a detailed picture of both the visible and the unseen planetary progress currently taking place. These developments have include the clearing out of negative influences, the strengthening of connections with positive, higher-density beings, as well as achieving greater levels of knowledge of our present point on our journey of evolution. We hear from sources such as Dr. Michael Salla and Corey Goode on how the developments toward what some refer to as the Event are progressing.

Sphere-Being Alliance – A Special Update from Corey Goode – Briefings from Inner Earth, The Mandela Effect, and Our Present, Pivotal Opportunity

Recently, Corey Goode released the latest intelligence on our planetary situation as he learned it to be. Following this release, Dr. Salla published his analysis on Goode’s information and gave some interesting insights into the situation. Here is an excerpt from that article from the website,

Goode went on to describe a meeting he had with a being from an adjacent star system whose planet had recently undergone a similar liberation struggle as currently taking place on Earth.
He introduced himself as “Micca”. He stated that his planet resides in our local star cluster and that his people are our “stellar-cousins” sharing about 94% of the same genetics. He claimed that he was an Ambassador from his system of planets to Earth. Micca then went on stating that his people have been enamored by our cultures and arts but have always been disturbed by our capacity for violence. He further stated that in the past that his people had resided on Earth as refugees during his own peoples battle for freedom. He stated that it had only been a few generations since his people had overcome the tyrannical beings that had enslaved them.
Then Goode described the important role played by the Sphere Being Alliance in helping Micca’s planet achieve liberation from its own elite controllers:
Micca further stated that he had worked closely with Raw-Tear-Eir during his own peoples struggles, and that they had recently gone through a process very similar to what we are undergoing. He stated that his people didn’t have as many challenges as are found on the Earth, but that there were numerous similarities.
The information from Ambassador Micca correlates with previous information from Goode that our solar system is closely linked with others in a local cluster of solar systems.

This was quite an extensive article by Dr. Salla, and I would recommend reading the entirety at some point, but for right now, let’s consider a few points. We have this individual named Micca who is said to be from another star system within our local star cluster. Micca says that his home planet has already been through the societal and energetic paradigm shift which our own planet will likely undergo in the near future. Among many, there is one particular point on the perspective of Micah that interests me. This point is on the subject of our imminent liberation.

As we observe the state of our world, we may see a number of situations. On top of this perspective, we may hold various beliefs about the situations we observe. Some of us may view these situations as major challenges whose solutions are yet to be found. Some of us may consider each of the challenges to be works in positive progress. Some may have even gotten the hang of positive manifestation and already see these situations as resolved, healed and transcended, and are energetically bringing these realities into being. Still, there are some among us who fearfully ignore these situations because they have a difficult time holding a positive vision for our world.

Mastery and Manifestation – A Lesson on the Power of Mass Consciousness, and the Key to our Divine Creativity

Whenever we find ourselves in a difficult situation, it can be easy to become anxious, and maybe even a little afraid. If we are at a lower point, we may worry about what might happen to us if large-scale change occurs. We may also be afraid of the numerous other changes which may precede or follow the ideal change we do want to see. I propose that it is little more than this fear of change that prevents us from improving our world instantly.

Most of us are well familiarized with the crimes of this crumbling syndicate of psychopaths, and many of us have already moved beyond their reach of emotional manipulation. If this is the case, we may know that when it comes to the complete and total transformation of our world in real time, there is only one simple choice we need to make. This is to say “goodbye” to this cabal.

The Nature of an Abuser

We have heard from various sources that the relationship between the cabal and the rest of the world is much like the relationship between an abusive person and their partner/victim. The typical abusive person will be lacking in life skills, in substance of character, and will have little or no ability to meet their own needs (whether emotional, physical, sexual, or otherwise). Consequently, they may find a partner who is extremely loyal and will take all of the abuse and manipulation the abuser can throw at them. Abusers typically do this in order to steal energy from loving and nurturing people, as they have little or no energy of their own. Here is an article from the website which gives some helpful insight into why abusers abuse.

Some abusers learned to abuse from their parents. Their early history consisted of receiving abuse themselves and/or seeing others abused (one parent abusing the other or their sibling, etc.). As a consequence, abuse is the normal condition of life for these people. Such people internalized a particular relationship dynamic, namely the complementary roles of “abuser” and “victim”. They are familiar with and fully understand the terror of being the helpless victim from their own childhood experience. The opposite of being a victim is not simply opting out of abuse; it is instead, to be abusive.
Given the choice between being the out-of-control victim, or the in-control abuser, some of these people grow up to prefer the role of the abuser. As they become adults, they simply turn this relationship dynamic around and start acting out the “abuser” side of the relationship dynamic they have learned. By choosing to be the aggressor and abuser, they may get their first sense of taking control over their own destiny and not being at the mercy of others. That they hurt others in the process may go unregistered or only occur as a dim part of their awareness.
Still other people who abuse end up abusing because they have an empathy deficit, either because of some sort of brain damage, or because they were so abused themselves as children that their innate empathic abilities never developed properly. Such abusers cannot or will not relate to other people as people, choosing instead to treat them as objects. In effect, they confuse people for things. They treat people as though they were there solely for their convenience and do not otherwise have an independent, important life.
Abusers who treat people in this manner are very likely psychologically ill, and possibly medically ill as well. They may have an antisocial (sociopathic, psychopathic) or narcissistic personality disorder, and they may have anger or impulse control issues and substance abuse issues on top of that! Such people may abuse because of the benefits they receive from doing so, for instance, sexual or financial gratification, or the simple allure of power over other people’s lives.

This dynamic of relationship may be focused in the context of romantic relationships. However, the dynamic may also reveal the reasons why the group we know as the Illuminati or the cabalbehave the way that they do. Those who know the practices of this cult belief system know that quite often, the members of such groups are raised in an extremely abusive and violent environment. They are tortured, neglected, and brutalized so thoroughly that many of them lose most of their ability to empathize with others.

Video shows California cops punching unarmed woman in brutal arrest — for a seatbelt violation

(One point to note: In more recent times, it seems that more police officers have been trained not as peace-keepers, but as professional abusers.  At some point, many officers were taught to intimidate, to threaten, and to impose control over everyone else (sometimes outside the boundaries of the law), and many times, verbal abuse simply comes as a natural addition to all the other aspects of abuse.

These people are then given deadly weapons and sent out into the streets.  However, with the situation as it is, it does not seem that such people are deployed for the purpose of preventing crime, but simply to impose abuse on the people irrespective of any crime they may or may not have committed.  As efficient as such an abusive system reveals itself to be, one could easily conclude that this situation did not come about accidentally.  Instead, this looks to be part of a planned takeover by cabal criminals.  This must, and will change.)

Cops Beat Their Wives & Girlfriends At Double The National Rate, Still Receive Promotions
Many of the senior cabal members may even be so extremely psychopathic that they have little or no regret for causing the pain and death that they do. As members are acclimated to the harsh, manipulative, and destructive practices of this group, they learn to emulate this abuse, and to impose it upon others. They are taught that they are superior to those who are not part of their numbers, and that their inhumane and abusive treatment of humanity is part of their duty to maintain control over the population.

Both men and women with the proper imbalances can become violent abusers.
They are made to believe that because of their lineage, their role on the planet is to control the “common” people in their behavior, their level of consciousness, as well as the size of the population as a whole. This is why we see this group imposing the amount of manipulation, destruction, and death on the planet as they do.

Love is Respect – Why People Abuse

We see this group poisoning our food, our water, and our air. We see them manipulating our global economy for nothing more than their own benefit. We have watched them rob and defraud the entire planet under the guise of fairness and equality all for nothing more than to sustain their own lifestyle of luxury.

This group has manipulated to world into an interwoven scheme of corporate domination backed by the deceptive facade or “fair trade.” Behind this false money machine, they have placed programmed, military might so that anyone who opposes their global scam will be attacked and overthrown by deceived military powers who believe themselves to be fighting for the greater good.

ISIS Beheadings of Journalists: CIA Admitted to Staging Fake Jihadist Videos in 2010

We have watched this cabal create provocateurs, cutout terrorists, and assassins who do the work which military can’t do in broad daylight. Then to top it all off, this group will create propaganda to place the blame for their soulless schemes on their enemies—who are typically innocent of the accusations.

Examples of Past Cabal-Initiated Abuse of the People
Upon considering these things, we may see more parallels between an abusive partner and the behaviors of the cabal. As it turns out, these parties have more in common than one might imagine. Once again, here is
An abusive partner creates a crisis in any relationship. Violence against a partner used to be called domestic violence but the preferred term that most use now is intimate partner violence. This is in part due to more people accepting the stereotype that abusers are male and victims are female isn’t always true…
When physical signs of possible abuse are present, it warrants further inquiry. Here are additional signs that a partner may be prone to abuse.

Controlling behavior. When a person limits their partner’s contact with other people and shows intense jealousy about where they’ve been or who they’ve seen.

Intimidation. When a person breaks or smashes items in anger, destroys their partner’s property or displays weapons.

Threats. When a person makes threats to harm their partner or retaliate for something that was previously done.

Verbal and emotional abuse. When a person berates their partner, calls them names or plays mind games with the intent of controlling their behavior.

Upon reading this, we may come to the realization that the cabal has imposed each of these abuses upon the entire planet. They limit our learning about ourselves, about the world and the universe around us. They used fake terrorist organizations to maintain fear, and to prevent dissent and rebellion. They constantly produce fear-based media full of jarring and frightening imagery in order to control us. They constantly create fictitious as well as real danger in order to keep us in line. Further, they have made the threat that if we do not maintain the abusive system as it is, then they will throw the world into chaos.

In numerous instances, the cabal has proven itself to be little more than a dysfunctional abuser clinging to the population of the world for dear life. This group consistently creates an illusion of ultimate power and invincibility. However, their illusion of strength is just that—an illusion. The truth is that the strength they flaunt has been ours all along, and the only reason they had it was because they were taking it from us. The only reason we have stayed with this abuser is because they kept telling us that we were worthless, and they have subconsciously communicated and maintained this lie for ages.

Scientific American – What”Psychopath” Means

This was the lie that told us we needed them for our health, for our providence, our protection, and well-being. It was the lie that told us that we could not live without them. However, in reality, it was the other way around all along. It is they who cannot survive without us. It is they who have been separated from that which gives life, which maintains heart and soul, and that which maintains our human essence. By their own choice, they have lost their connection with Source, and they don’t know how to get it back. So they act as a parasite in the world, taking as they please and looking for the pieces of themselves that they lost. However, in no way does their lack of substance obligate our victimhood. We all deserve freedom, and it is time for us—all of us—to claim it.

Liberation in Action

Just as in any abusive relationship, a victim must consciously choose to stand up to their oppressor, to break ties with them, and to stop the cycle of abuse once and for all. As a planet, we all have an abuser to kick to the curb. This abuse is, of course, the cabal who has been mercilessly violating and killing everything on the planet for their own benefit. Each of us has the task of acknowledging the abuse, learning what has been done to us and ending this abuse for good.

For those who have not yet learned to stand up for themselves, the scams of the cabal may be fairly intimidating. However, there are simple ways to free one’s self from any abusive situation, and our world situation is no exception. Let’s take a look at what has to say on this.

Here are some additional suggestions to help escape an abusive relationship:

Contact your local battered women’s shelter and find out how you could use their services, if necessary.

Elicit the help of a trusted family member, friend, coworker or neighbor about your situation and develop a plan of escape.

Keep a record of all violent incidences. Note all dates, events and threats made.

Keep any evidence of physical abuse, such as pictures.

Hide an extra set of car keys.

Set money aside. Ask friends or family members to hold money for you.

Pack a bag and be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Include anything that is important to you, such as identification, car title, birth certificates, social security cards, credit cards, clothes for yourself and your children, shoes, medications, banking information, money and important phone numbers.

(Even though this particular article is on the subject of women with the need to escape their abuse male partner, we know there are multiple scenarios to which this can apply.)

These are some key steps in breaking free from any abusive relationship. If we think of these in terms of having the entire world as the intended victim, and these cabal criminals as the abuser, we may realize that many of these steps have already been taken for the sake of imminent planetary liberation.

The above list is basically a set of contingencies designed to give the former victim the best chance to escape the unhealthy situation. They involve creating a healthier alternative to the abusive situation, including healthy means of sustenance, protection, vital resources, and transportation which are independent from the source of the abuse. These steps are reinforced by a strong network of helpful, trustworthy, and supportive people to assist in the liberation process. These are very helpful steps, and in seeing them, many of us may have notice their similarity to the way in which specific parties in our world have prepared for liberation.

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Many of us have heard of the positive Earth Alliance which is primarily composed of Russia, China, India, South Africa, and Brazil. These are the countries at the center of the new BRICSbanking system. These countries, in conjunction with numerous others, have all come together for the sake of defeating….

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