The Day of the Event – A New Star is Born – An Exploration of Possibility for a Long-Awaited Moment

Source: Discerning the Mystery

By Shem El-Jamal

The Event–many of us have heard of this moment. This occurrence is said to represent very rapid and profound changes in human and planetary evolution, and to mark a dynamic, multidimensional transition within our galaxy as a whole.

We have heard this ascension event prophesied and predicted from sources dating back from decades to millennia.  Here in modern times, we have been given general detail about this monumental moment, but what is it, and why has it been predicted to happen by so many various sources?  These are common questions among many, and their answers have been given in short.  Let’s get down to the details.

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Many of us have waiting patiently for years for this momentous occasion, working tirelessly to awaken those around us to the present, global situation, and the possibilities which await us after the shift takes place.  Many of us have worked toward these ends.  However, one of the most important and effective means of the creating this event (as well as any) is the ability to visualize it, and to picture it as such a strong possibility that if it were to take place 5, 10, of 20 minutes from now, we would not at all be surprised.  It is my goal within this article to help all of us to visualize and to prepare for this moment when humanity comes into its new existence.

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It is my goal to answer the above questions and to fill in the holes which many of us have as to possible occurrences on the day of the Event.  This article combines previously disclosed intelligence, scientific knowledge from both the mainstream and alternative sources, and combines each of these to form possible scenarios of how the Event will progress for each of us.

Laying Down the Foundation

Imagine for a moment, waking up and starting your morning ritual.  You get out of bed, start your routine, and prepare for the day just like normal.  Only today, something is different.  The energy has changed.  The air isn’t quite the same.  You realize that you are able to feel your feet on the floor like never before.  When you take a breath, you now feel the act as some multi-dimensional experience.  You actually feel life coming into your body as you inhale, and expanding outward into the universe as you exhale.

You take a step forward, and realize that you can now feel the Earth responding to your movements, acting to energetically support each step that you take.  When you eat, you can feel the partnership between your body and your food becoming one, and participating in the universal dance of life.

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As you look at the bathroom walls, at your breakfast, and out your window, you realize that light itself seems brighter, the colors more vibrant, and your visual experience more detailed than ever before.  You may pick up your glasses to put them on, only to realize that your vision is perfect, and that your glasses only make the world look blurry.  At that moment, the reality of a change dawns on you.  You look around to realize that this is not the house you’re used to, yet everything is somehow familiar.  At that moment, you have to remind yourself to put on shoes before you rush outside and gaze into the new, dreamscape of a sky that is now above a new Earth.


So what happened?  What took place after you went to bed last night?  Why do you feel so much more alive?  Why does today seem so much different than any other day when all you did was get out of bed, take a shower, and eat some Cocoa Puffs?

This is just one scenario which could take place on the day of our long-awaited ascension. This planetary, solar-systemic, and galactic occurrence is to affect everything about life as we know it to be.  As the ancient prophecies describe, nothing will be the same afterward.  …But what is this Event?  What has such an ability to make such a profound change within our lives on such a broad scale?  In short, it all comes down to energy.


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Both in conventional and in alternative science, the constant of energy is elementary. Energy is everywhere and exists within everything. Systems of higher energy pass to systems of lower energy, and this energy is gradually propagated throughout the universe in all directions. This is fundamental. So when we look at our galaxy, we see this concept taking form within all matter and within all microcosmic and macrocosmic interactions. However, this is only the mainstream, scientific explanation of the concept. When we look at the alternative side of science, we become aware of the dimension of consciousness.Watch: Video Lecture – Dr. Nassim Haramein – “We Are All One” 2011It could be suggested that all of the order, all of the energetic interactions within our universe, and every action which creates the perfect and harmonious dance of the cosmos can all be explain with one simple concept. This is the concept of consciousness. It may very well be that the reason everything from the quantum wave/particle to the galactic supercluster functions in perfect unison is because at some level, all things are connected to the same consciousness.


This consciousness affects both life and non-living material.  According to the Law of One text, both living and non-living material are the same at a foundational level.  Both are a part of the universal design, and both have potential for housing higher levels of consciousness.  It is each of these (matter, life, energy, and consciousness) which the Event is likely to change to new and higher states.

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There is much to discuss on this matter of consciousness, and how all consciousness within the universe has cooperated, and progressed to this stage on planet Earth–just before this long-awaited moment takes place.  However, before we get to that, let’s define this event a bit further.  For more detail on the subject, we turn to Dr. Michael Salla, and his website

In the fifth instalment of the Cosmic Disclosure Gaia TV series, whistleblower Corey Goode reveals how secret space programs he worked with from 1987-2007 had become aware of regions of the galaxy with “superwaves” that would eventually be encountered by our solar system. It was discovered that the superwaves were made up of clouds of “vibrating energy particles” that would impact the sun, earth and humanity in ways leading to profound changes. Human consciousness itself would be directly impacted and would lead either to our rapid evolution into an advanced global society, or global self-destruction as apparently had happened in the past.

Goode says that in the late 1980’s giant spheres first began appearing in our solar system that were also interested in the superwave phenomenon. These spheres remained in an observational mode until 2011 when they became operational. The spheres ranged in size from the diameter of the moon to that of Jupiter. They were strategically placed to act as “resonance buffers” of galactic superwaves so the sun, and humanity, would not be overwhelmed as our solar system progressively entered into the affected region of the galaxy.

Goode’s revelation that galactic superwaves were secretly discovered and studied is stunning confirmation for the work of astrophysicist Dr Paul LaViolette who has predicted galactic superwaves eventually impacting our solar system. In his 2006 book Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, Dr LaViolette describes pulsars strategically placed in the galaxy that transmitted warnings about these superwaves that are generated out of the galactic core in cycles spanning from 10,000 to 16,000 years. LaViolette speculates that these pulsars were built by a very advanced Type III extraterrestrial civilization – one that understood how galactic superwaves operated, and their potential impact on solar systems and worlds…

This suggests that we will very soon be experiencing the full force of these superwaves that will bring out the best or worst in all humanity depending on how well prepared we are. This new episode will help the viewer appreciate the importance of taking firm steps to prepare for superwave related events that secret space programs have themselves been silently preparing for over several decades now.

Source: Exopolitics — Secret Space Programs Monitor Galactic Superwaves & Study Law of One

We see this concept of a galactic superwave that emanates from the center of the milky way outward to all corners of the galaxy.  This series of wave emanations is thought to occur periodically throughout the course of many thousands of years, and has significant impact on the star systems they interact with.  (The superwave-phenomenon is most memorable as the theory of Dr. Paul LaViolette in his published papers from the early 1980’s.)  The superwave was also found to have a strong potential for causing an extreme solar event which would cause our sun to release an enormous, energetic burst which would cause numerous changes for life in our solar system.  This burst was also thought to have potential for causing a large amount of destruction on any planet which happened to be in its path (though this destruction is not likely to happen on our planet).

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Heart of supernova reveals hints of hidden pulsar


We also learn that this superwave phenomenon is actually spoken of in many ancient texts, and is the likely cause of many catastrophes described from ancient times.  Along with these ancient writings is the Law of One text, in which the destruction of the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria were depicted to have occurred due to what the text refers to as a “confluence of energy”.

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The way in which the Law of One describes these confluences seems to fit the description of the galactic superwave phenomenon quite well.  Both describe the different flows of energy coming together and causing major shifts to occur.  These changes in flow (or changes in galactic/planetary, rotational forces) may trigger of earthquakes, tsunamis, severe weather, and possible volcanic eruptions.  It should be noted, however, that none of these destructive occurrences are likely results of the latest superwave.

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Not only does the Earth have assistance which is preventing these catastrophic events from occurring, but the effect of universal consciousness seems to be having a positive impact upon the planet, according to reports.  This impact of consciousness seems to be directing the SolSystem more toward a path of positive evolution and advancement, and away from the cataclysms which appear to have followed past superwave events on Earth.


So we have this immense inflow of particular energy streaming in from the galactic center, impacting our own star system and catalyzing numerous changes on all planets within it. This is not any information we have heard communicated from mainstream media in a straight forward manor.  However, it is very much a topic of detailed study among those within the Secret Space Program, according to reports.

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There is one thing I find interesting within the passage above.  This is that those within the Secret Space Program are required to study the Law of One text in order to gain understanding on the current galactic and planetary situation.  This may indicate that the Law of One actually holds quite a bit of key information on the subject.

Supernova White Dwarf

As the galactic superwave propagates from the center of the galaxy outward, it will have a profound effect on every star system it comes in contact with.  According to insider testimony, this wave has been observed to cause increases in energetic output of all affected stars.

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It is this increase of our own star’s energetic output which is commonly understood to be the flashpoint of the Event itself.  This occurrence is known to happen suddenly, though the buildup to this point can be rather gradual.


This flashpoint which has been both documented in ancient texts and studied in modern times, has been found to be the moment a star matures into a higher energetic state.  As this galactic superwave contacts our sun, our star is likely to jump to the next energetic level.  In heliophysical terms, this would translate to Sol maturing from a yellow dwarf star into a state more relative to that of a red giant star.

So how does a star mature and develop in this way?  Let’s investigate further.

The Life of a Star

The life of a star, from birth to maturation, and eventual extinction may seem like a simple process.  We look at stars in the night sky, and as far as our eyes tell us, all that exists are dots of light that don’t seem to change much.  However, this is far from the case.

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When considering the the size and magnitude of our galaxy alone, it could be said that we as human beings are living in a virtual photograph.  Everything appears to be standing still to some extent, but in reality, the cycles of universal motion are moving at such tremendous speeds that even if we ourselves could calculate them, we would be hard pressed to grasp such complexity of motion (though this has been achieved in the past).  Even if would could consider such speed of motion, the size of our galaxy alone makes even these speeds seem insignificant.


When considering the lifespan of a star, our task of grasping the magnitude of time and energetic potentials would be no less of a task to complete.  However, for our discussion, we will distill the immense factors of time and energy down to the simple topic of evolutionary progress.


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