How To Live Life on Life’s Terms and Enjoy Every Moment of it


“There is no right and wrong, it is a matter of whether you choose to create a positively manifesting reality or a negatively manifesting reality” – Bashar

There is no right or wrong as we understand it. When something is wrong, we generally believe this idea shouldn’t exist or happen. Thus if we feel wronged by anything, we believe it should not exist, but the very fact it exists means it is not wrong. The context of any given experience is determined by our attachments and this is what causes us to see things as right or wrong. Our attachments to what we want and desire is the reason we see things as wrong. If something doesn’t align to what we desire we feel it is wrong, that it shouldn’t be that way.

We live in a world that is dualistic by nature. Every thought, belief and action has a energetic imprint upon it of either negative or positive. Positive energy can be equated as being in harmony with life and negative energy can be understood as being disharmonic with life. Now negativity isn’t wrong in the sense it shouldn’t be, negativity is simply another tool that can be used to learn more about yourself and this universe. The more you see negativity as simply being another tool for personal development, the easier it will be to accept it and create a reality that is more conducive to the positive idea your presently choosing to embody. Remember, that which exists simply is what it is, there is no attachment whatsoever to it, because existence doesn’t need judgement, purpose and reason for simply being what it is.

The best way to determine if your actions, thoughts or beliefs are positive or negative is to listen to your emotions, sense what you feel on the emotional plane. Your mind can lie, but your emotions will not. There is no concealing your true emotional state, but through free-will we can continue to be ignorant of it, but even then you’re still acknowledging your emotional state just on a unconscious level.

For example, when you speak with someone about something and their first words that come out of their mouth is of a negative nature, this negative responses originates from their unconscious self. They’re unaware that their modality of perceiving reality is one of negativity, they’ve been practicing the art of ignorance, suppression and denial that they’ve suppressed this fear into their unconscious mind. What you resist will persist, so what they’ve basically done is increase the amount of negativity in their life by being ignorant of it. They’re just unaware that they made this choice and that they have to choice to change this as well.

We choose to do this so that we could experience life from a separate state of being. These events in our life would seem as if they’re happening randomly and not a result of them, we could play around with the concept of choice and see what results of our actions would be. This is the experiment with separation we all long ago decided to partake in. We created an environment that seemed to our awareness to operate independent from us. We wanted to see what it would be like to be separate from the Creator, at least what the illusion of being separate from our Creator would resemble.

“To know what you prefer does not mean that you have to judge or invalidate anyone else – in terms of the way that individual choose to explore his own Godhood, to relate to himself as his portion of All That Is.” – Bashar

Many of the people in the awakening community have this holier that thou attitude. They perceive their beliefs as being “better” than other beliefs. Thus they form this judgment complex that starts to pick away at others who don’t share the same beliefs. They form a sense of separation between them and others, but this is all an illusion created for the purpose of their upliftment. The lesson that we as a collective are being compelled to learn is that we can be ourselves and allow others to be themselves as well. The only reason we become offended or are thrust into situations where the contrasting belief interacts with our field of experience is because we’ve failed to develop tolerance and acceptance.

When we accept the fact that all ideas are valid, including the idea that no other idea is valid we begin to see that there is no hierarchy to states of being. Our state of being is the same as another person’s state of being, the only difference is the point of view that gives the observer the sense of being “different”. Yet this difference is founded upon separation and separation is a illusion, thus when we perceive others as different we actually are disassociating ourselves from our divine nature by thinking we’re separate from another; but in reality that other-self is a reflection of our-self. We are all one, whenever you meet another human being, you are meeting yourself from a different point of view.

The creator is compelling us to learn the ways of compassion, that means we must find a way to coexist with others who have different beliefs, even the ones that seemingly appear to contrast our own. When we accept them for who they are and recognize their beliefs don’t have any inherent affect upon our own(unless we believe they do), than we will be able to gravitate towards a reality that is more conducive to the idea we are embodying. If we resist them by ways of judgments, we will keep attracting these circumstances into our life until we learn this lesson of tolerance and acceptance.

“Understand that what you experience as your physical reality is all a symbol. If you wish to use the term illusion, all right. That may clarify it for you.” – Bashar

All of existence is of a symbolic nature. Symbols are endowed with properties via the act of creation through conscious efforts on our part. Symbols are essentially ideas. The thing to remember with symbols is that they are subjective by nature and can be re-defined by the individual as he/she sees fit. This doesn’t deny the fact that there will be certain symbols that posses what many would consider to be inherent properties, but know that this is mutually agreed upon understanding of that symbol. Thus we can see that which is manifested was subjective to our consciousness and brought into form when a consensus was created.

This doesn’t limit the subjective nature of symbols, this just provides an opportunity to look deeper within our consciousness in order to find new and exciting ways to define this symbol. These inherent properties that we perceive in various symbols are actually meant to bring us into a deeper understanding of the Infinite Creator. Many view these properties as obstacles, but in reality they are opportunities in the disguise of a challenge. They beckon the many to consider different angles and perspectives so that they can be evolve through the process of self-realization. Many become excited when faced with these various symbolic properties because they view them as opportunities to learn more about themselves and this magnificent universe we all are.

For example, let’s take this world’s dilemma we’re all experiencing into this way of perceiving.  Many would consider this Illuminati(whatever symbol you choose to call them) agenda as a problem. Thus we perceive them as being a negative idea, but in reality that perception is counterproductive to accomplishing our desired goals. If we truly want to remove the negative influence in our lives, we must perceive them as being opportunities for us all to discover who we are and what we’re made of, so to speak. When we become excited about this challenge that they represent, we dis-empower this negative paradigm, thus make our liberation a reality.

This is the key to defeating the negativity on this world, no military force will be successful, no weapon or strategy will be suffice. If the people who are actively working to change this world were all to realize their negative viewpoint of the cabal actually perpetuates their power, they would stop it immediately. It is our ignorance of the fact that our judgments, attitudes and opinions of them help maintain their power.

The number one strategy in dis-empowering any type of negativity, is to redefine the idea. When that is accomplished on a collective level for any group, the victory is already guaranteed and just a matter of time. When we perceive the negativity as being an opportunity for the realization of the positivity within us, we see that there is no negativity and the situation that we find ourselves in is a test of sorts to determine the reach of our positive understanding. You could equate it as being a precursor for ascension, if its met, then we’ll be successful, if not, than we’ll have to repeat the pattern over again until we learn the lesson.

“You cannot perceive anything you are not.” – Bashar

Another aspect that many of us don’t realize is that these “negative” qualities that we vehemently disassociate from are actually already a part of us. When we’re confronted with contrasting beliefs, it’s because it’s already within us. We cannot identify a quality, characteristic or idea unless it exists in us in one form or another. With the acceptance of this idea it becomes easier to see that negativity truly is an illusion. This allows us to shower other-selves with unconditional love in the form of acceptance and tolerance. It’s easier to accept another when we realize we are the same as them. For are we not all one and if we are all one doesn’t another entities’ beliefs only display the representation of a symbol that is being reflected from within us? What we identify with is already within us, there is no escaping this truth, we’re all one species, one world, one humanity.

“The idea of this planet that you are on: to create the transformation; to begin to recognize yourselves as All That Is and create a positive world.” – Bashar

We’ve been experimenting with the idea of separation for the past 25,000 years and now we’re here to experience the transformation. We’re all playing a role in this overall transformation, we’ve agreed on a collective level to experience this. Otherwise this wouldn’t be happening, we wouldn’t be interested in these new ways of perceiving our reality. The New Age is a result of our collective decision to swift to a new paradigm, to stop the act of separation and begin the re-membering or the unifying of all elements as One.

This positive world will be a reflection of the goodness we all hold within us. Many believe after the event occurs, everything will be Golden and blissful, which is true, but there is going to be a adjustment period. Many people who have not begun to realize that happiness, love and joy is a internal state of being will have to learn this. They’ll be distracted for awhile by all these new technologies and opportunites, but eventually this excitement, this artificial sense of joyful and happiness will start to wane and they’ll be where they were at before the event occurred.

Thus it is important for us, the awakening community to be ready to serve these individuals in whatever capacity we can. We are all the shepherds who shall lead humanity back to it’s place of origin. We are the ones who will save ourselves, when we realize the importance and impact that our lives will have upon this whole transition; it becomes obvious that the more inner-work we do, the better off we as a species will be. So I encourage you all not to only read about conspiracies and learn about the Secret Space Programs, but to also explore your inner-world and make the proper changes needed in order for love, compassion and joy to flow in abundance upon this planet.

“This you have been everything there is to be in your world at one time or another – sometimes more than one time. Everything! As this is now the transformational life, this life can be the last physical life you may choose in this cycle, since it is now over and turning into another cycle.” – Bashar

The idea of death has become increasingly obsolete since the inception of this new cycle. With the energies humanity is now immersed in we have the choice to choose whether or not we wish to experience separation anymore.

“Life doesn’t cease and death is a dark game of illusions” – Astral City.

Death is nothing but a game of separation, we can choose to have a living death, so to speak, during this life if one wishes to do so. This process isn’t as difficult as some believe, but it’s not necessarily easy either. You must be brave enough to explore the aspects of yourself that you’ve been suppressing for many years, perhaps even lifetimes. The need to find the darkness within you becomes paramount in order to transmute it with the Light of the Infinite Creator. When you gather the courage to change by any means necessary and know that things will end in a positive outcome, you’ve already won half the battle and the rest of it is just a matter of realizing the battle is an illusion.

“The idea is that our perception of your Holy Spirit is the collective electromagnetic mentality, the actual energy out of which all of your individual minds are created. Spirit meant in this sense is literally a physiological phenomenon, an electrical phenomenon, an electromagnetic phenomenon. It is the literal light of your world, of your consciousness.” – Bashar

This description of the Holy Spirit sounds a lot like they perceive our collective consciousness, the totality of human thoughts, emotions and beliefs as being an entity in of itself. When we start to realize that we are one species, one humanity we create this thought-form and bring life to it. Many of the angels and light beings we are interacting with may be us from the future. This could have been facilitated because we reached or passed a certain threshold that allowed the collective realization of a certain social memory complex come into form. It could have been the point when our collective consciousness became aware to a certain degree.

Many of the civilizations interacting with humanity could be the birth doctors, making sure that this social memory complex comes into being with little complications and difficulties. They’re here to assist and make this transition as smoothly as possible, but of course they have limitations and must respect our free-will. The transition is guaranteed, but the amount of catalyst we need to experience is determined by us. We can evolve through conflict or we can evolve by a means that is easier and softer. The choice is ours in the end, what do you choose?

Timothy Frappier


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