The Magic of Acceptance

The Magic of Acceptance

Acceptance is a state of being that embraces what is. Everything exists as what is, there is no what isn’t because in the realm of the Eternal Now, everything exists at once. Thus when we accept this reality as being an expression of the infinite, we realize all is possible. The mere notion of the idea called ‘impossible’ becomes foreign to those who understand that all is possible.

The mending of paradoxes becomes the sole pursuit in life. The application of perceiving the infinite within the finite drives the individual towards what was once considered impossible. The realization of the possibility that opposites or seemingly contradictory elements could be unified into one coherent understanding propels the individual to embrace acceptance. Acceptance is the gateway in discovering the impossible, only those who practice acceptance will be able to see the invisible.

Take for example this quote from a article about a recent discovery with Quantum Holographs:

“Until recently, scientists didn’t think it could be done. They thought the fundamental laws of physics would forbid it. But a persistent group of scientists at the University of Warsaw have now accomplished the impossible: They created a hologram of a solitary particle of light.”

If these physicists were to be bogged down by their current scientific understanding, they wouldn’t of made this discovery. Their accepted paradigm of what is and isn’t possible within the realms of physics would have created a rigid belief system that didn’t possess the malleability required to make this discovery. Acceptance is the key to creation, discoveries are a intellectual form of creation. By accepting that we are Infinite beings; we become as water and are able to direct our consciousness wherever we desire. Humanity is meant to explore the land of the paradoxes and solve many mysteries in life.

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle.” – Bruce Lee

Acceptance acts as an conduit for higher knowledge by opening our consciousness to the infinite realm of possibilities. When one resists the tenants of acceptance, we solidify our consciousness into a state of being that limits our perceptive abilities. This forms a type of tunnel vision in which makes us ignorant to the key elements needed in order to allow our genius to form new understandings or make discoveries. When we perceive the universe as limited, our perception will be one of limitation; when we perceive the universe as infinite, our perception will be one with infinite understanding.

The act of forgiveness becomes a powerful gesture when coupled with acceptance. The idea of harm cannot exist within the space of acceptance because all that happens in our field of experience is of our doing. The Law of Attraction works on the premise of that which is on the inside will be reflected on the outside. Everything that happens in our life is in accordance to our agreement. When we accept this Truth we empower ourselves by taking responsibility for our life. Investing in the idea that the external world holds sway over our lives is an disempowering archetype.

This cannot pacify nor explain the reality that bad things happen to good people. For these people, much love and compassion is needed to be directed towards them. Love in the form of expressing your understanding of acceptance can help these individuals with these afflictions. The very act of sharing your thoughts and feelings can change a person’s life in a single moment. There is no limit to the potential you hold to help others.

This is something I’ve experienced for myself, the pain and suffering I experienced in my life was very hard on me. I formed a victimization mentality and proceeded to blame everyone for the wrongs in my life. I was in constant pain and suffering, many nights of contemplating suicide were present and the anguish that my soul experienced can only be described as existential anxiety. This anxiety played itself out as an internal conflict of attempting to find the meaning to life.

Since I was traumatized from a early age this existential anxiety led to a very dark period in life. My outlook upon life became grim and I started to accept the principles of mortality as being the inevitable conclusion to all life. All of life became nothing but a flaunting example of the misery and pain I held within. I blamed everyone for the bad things in my life. I intentionally pursued ways to harm others with my words and actions. I didn’t care about life whatsoever because in my mind the pain I was constantly subjected to was tormenting me for what seemed like eternity.

It wasn’t until I started to understand the nature of acceptance did I start to firmly place my feet upon a foundation that would act as a guiding light in a land of darkness. Acceptance led me to understand that it wasn’t the world that caused all the pain and suffering in my life. It was my attachments and desires that led me down this path; I was the creator of my experience. I started to see that my habit of accepting certain ideas as being what was needed or good for my life created the circumstances for pain to invade. By doing so, I closed myself to the idea that perhaps these things that were happening could possibly be for my betterment.

When I first realized this, it was like a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulders. I started to inquiry as to the reason why these things kept happening in my life. Then I discovered it was because I accepted a false paradigm. Thus the acceptance of what my life should resemble was the reason for my struggle. I wasn’t utilizing the true paradigm of acceptance, instead I misconstrued it to satisfy a selfish desire. I was abusing the Law of Acceptance for my own satisfaction and pleasure. This created a tunnel vision and I was unable to learn what my creator was trying teach me. What you resist shall persist, thus was the reason for my suffering. It wasn’t until I started to learn about the Universal Laws did I start to formulate the proper type of acceptance needed to catapult myself into a life that was meant for me.

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Acceptance is meant to be used as a tool in solving the paradoxes in one’s life. When I started to contemplate the possibility that good can derive from the bad, I opened a channel for the divine wisdom to flow through me. I was able to discover things that would lead to my upliftment and this was only possible by accepting what is. When I started practicing acceptance it became obvious that there is no good or bad, light or dark. Everything just simply is what it is. This took out all the seriousness in this life, thus helping me traverse within the land of duality by helping me accept the nature of polarity is an illusion, a very convincing one, but a illusion none the less. This brought much needed healing into my life.

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When acceptance is embraced there is so much we can learn about ourselves. Acceptance allows us to connect the dots in ways that only we could do. It becomes the rhythm of your movements, the cadence of your heart and purpose of your life. Acceptance allows you to see the beauty of being a conscious creator. Acceptance creates a life of beauty, while resistance creates a world of suffering.

Timothy Frappier



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