William Tompkins Secret Space Program Insider Information

Who is William Tompkins?

William(Bill) Tompkins worked as a Naval Intelligence officer from 1942-1946 at the Naval Air Station in San Diego. The Naval Intelligence recruited Bill because of his excellent intelligence and attention to detail. Tompkins claimed Admiral Obotta placed him on his personal staff for four years. Rear Admiral Rico Obotta was the Commander of Naval Intelligence at the Naval Air Station. Bill said his assignment was to:

Compile and maintain a continuous survey of the activities of experimental research laboratories, other governmental agencies, educational scientific institutions, manufacturers and research engineers. To undertake upon his own initiative, or at the request of any bureau or office of the Naval Air Forces, studies of specific instrumentalities and techniques for the purpose of outlining research projects.

Admiral Rica Obotta had 29 spies embedded within the secret German program. The Admiral would brief Tompkins and other personal on what the spies discovered the Nazi were working on. Bill would take the briefings over to Aerospace companies such as Douglas Aircraft Company and also certain universities. These companies and universities possessed the scientific and technical expertise to understand what the Nazis were doing. They would then begin to duplicate what the Germans were working on.passes-to-enter-naval-intelligence

Because of his exceptional intelligence and attention to detail, after his work with Naval Intelligence Tompkins was given a job in the Advanced Designs department at Douglas Aircraft Company. His job was to design antigravity spacecraft. He was responsible in designing spacecraft for the secret Naval Battle Groups which would eventually turn into the Solar Warden program. Below are a couple of his designs that he created during his time at the Douglas Aircraft Company.



Maria Osric and the Vril Society

Maria Osric

Maria Osric

Tompkins said that Maria Osric headed a civilian based aerospace program in Germany. They were the first to start the space race. The Thule and Vril Gesellschafts secret societies supported Maria and her work. They assigned a group of 1400 personal to help get this completed. She acted as a medium and received information from the Nordic group on how to build advanced propulsion devices for their craft. The Nordic group according to Bill is a positive one. They want humanity to be free and experience a life of abundance, joy and happiness. The Vril group was the first to successfully create s craft that operated on anti-gravity propulsion system.



Hitler and the SS Space Program in Antarctica

Evidently the SS didn’t start their own program until after the Vril program. Tompkins shared that the SS basically piggy backed off of Maria Osric’s Vril group. They took their work and started to create their own space program. Hitler intended to use this program to help further his goal in world domination. The Nazi group wanted to basically kill everybody off on the planet.

According to Tompkins, the Germans knew they were going to lose the war even before the Americans got involved. They sent out expeditions to the Antarctica continent to search for a place to set up a secret base. They located underground caverns that would become their new base of operations. History did record this statement below from Admiral Karl Donitz.1navy-hitler2 This is where they carried out there most secret research and constructions away from the prying eyes of other nations.

Tompkins said one week before the supposed death of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Antarctica group sent a spacecraft to mars. The spacecraft was able to successfully make it to mars, but when it attempted to land, the Nazis experienced some kind of difficulty that resulted in the death of everybody on board.

The German and Reptilian Alliance

Admiral Obotta’s spy ring was able to discover that the Nazi made a secret pact with a reptilian group. The reptilian traded technology in exchange for the agreement that Hitler would enslave the rest of the population. William described it in these words:

The Navy agents (spies) in Germany discovered what all those “out of this world” aliens gave Hitler: UFOs, antigravity propulsion, beam weapons, extended life and plenty of mind-controlled willing girls programs. The reptilians made a deal with the Third Reich SS giving them this big box full of toys in exchange for letting Hitler enslave the rest of the planet.


Lower Caste Reptilian Race

The reptilians are a very negative group of aliens. They are not here to play nice. According to some, the reptilians are controlled by the draconian race, which is another reptilian species. The reptilian society has a very distinct caste system that controls their vast empire. They’ve subjugated many races under their empire. They’ve been around for billions of years. According to Alex Collier, the Alpha Draconians, whom are mainly stationed in the Orion sector, discovered our soul group was of the Paa Tal lineage. They discovered this because of our wide range of emotions. The Draconians have old myths about a war with these great beings. So because of this, they fear us.


The Draconian Race

These reptilian groups were evidently the source of much assistance to the Nazis. Tompkins was told that they were the ones who gave the location of 3 underground caverns in Antarctica to the Nazis. They also acted in advisory capacity for the leadership in the Nazi group.

Battle Of Los Angeles Incident

The Battle Of Los Angeles is an incident where a Unidentified Flying Object(UFO) was seen during late day of February 24th into the early morning of February 25th. Bill was witness to this event. He was reading the paper before he came to the attention of the UFO that was in the sky. Tompkins said that it emitted a very bright light. He called his neighbors and pointed out the object that was just hovering in the sky. The Navy had lights on the unknown craft in the sky. The craft shot out a tiny beam going towards the ocean. Then the beam hit around their apartments and lit up everything, but it caused no damage or fatalities. This happened before the fleet starting shooting at it with anti-aircraft weapons.

Eventually the whole fleet starting to open fire on the object. Nothing seemed to do anything to it, as it just stayed there hovering over the city. Bill said that they unloaded all their munition on the craft. Nothing seemed to take it down. Eventually Bill got tired and decided to go to bed, but he was told by neighbors that the craft didn’t leave until around 5am.


Los Angeles Times Paper About The Incident

Timothy Frappier






William Tompkins Interview














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