Gaia Portal – June 28th 2016: Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity | with Interpretations by Justin

Source: Stillness In The Storm

By: Justin Deschamps

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) FYI – I will be “going phishing” (going to a Phish concert) over the 4th of July weekend and won’t be available to do Gaia Portal interpretations till I get back on Tuesday the 5th. Any Gaia Portal updates that are published between now and then will not be interpreted.

The raw Gaia Portal update is first, followed by my extrapolated meanings in black. For other interpretations of these reports see Rosalie Parker.

SourceGaia Portal

Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity.

Feather principals are connected in purpose.

Forestations of Light unveil and display.

The messages refine.

Gaia purpose is restored.

And now the analysis:

I do not have an insider or direct source for the meanings below. This is my interpretation of the update, based on extrapolation and contextual usage of the terms. The meanings provided are not the only ones that can be gleaned; in my view, all meanings have value, especially when shared and discussed openly. Please comment below if interested, I’d love to hear other’s thoughts on this material.

Interpretations: “Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity.– The term clandestine refers to the act of keeping something secret or done in a secretive way. The current use of government spying on the people would be considered clandestine. The term radiance refers to light being emitted or reflected by something. Normally the term clandestine refers to things that are not benevolent or beneficial but, in this case, it appears to be referring to something positive. In this sense, clandestine radiance is that inner light of a divine nature, light without heat that is mental and spiritual.

Consider that the father and mother of lights is the creator, the source of all things. Light is often symbolic of the truth, wisdom, perfect harmony or attainment. And in a very real way, everything we are, was, or will be is a part of the creator, an emanation of the first cause of causes. Therefore, clandestine radiance could be a reference to this light of the creator that shines through each embodiment and can only be seen when expressed by the individual. In other words, the individual, via their free will, shines or radiates their inner light to the world. If they choose not to radiate this light (a selfish act) then that unique light entrusted to them by the creator cannot touch others, and in the process uplift them. In this way, when we live out our life purpose, we pour our light out into the world, which inspires others to do the same. And this also provides a basis to understand why evolution at a grand level is all inclusive; meaning, eventually, the progress of one is dependent on the all. This is because each individual is a unique expression of the all and plays an essential part in the plans of creation, specifically, in the evolution of all other individuals. Hence, the many spiritual and channeled works which proffer the idea that Earth’s evolution is vitally important to the rest of creation.

Consider that if everyone tried to hold their light inside, in a selfish way, everyone would be enshrouded by darkness. But if everyone shined their light out for all to see, if everyone gave of themselves fully, all beings everywhere would be bathed in light. The fact that this dynamic exists within the universe underscores that the creation and the creatures in it are meant to work together in loving service. The universe is pre-programmed for abundance, unselfish love and constant giving and receiving. But the moment when an individual chooses to consume more than they give, they become a vacuum for others energies. Given that the fundamental reality of the universe is oneness, when an individual seeks to separate themselves from the all, they plunge down into realms of materialistic consciousness or separation. Selfishness equals death. Within Christianity, to be separate from god means to be in hell, and given that separation consciousness is the foundation for all suffering, this is an astute conclusion to draw.

Hu-manity as defined within Gaia Portal updates, could be considered this latter population. When individuals act selfishly, either by ignoring the truth, harm others, or seeking to stagnate in their spiritual progress, they can be rightly called hu-man. The prefix hu is most likely a reference to light. If clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity then it suggests that not only the inner light of others is seen by these lost souls, but also their own inner light.

Hu-mans are those individuals who are on the path of falseness or create more chaos than harmony with their actions. These individuals require healing and the restoration of universal consciousness, from whence they came. But in the absence of this consciousness, they through their choices create a consciousness and an identity of separation from all things, most especially the creator. Consider that living a life without being conscious of the spiritual nature of all things (atheism) usually causes one to feel that there is no meaning to life. As such, these individuals tend to have shallow and fruitless ideologies which given a long enough course of time, become selfish and narcissistic—although in a hidden or clandestine way.

But once one finally sets aside their shallow and false concepts of the universe, one based on separation, the truth can fill the void. And this truth of one’s connectedness to all things, the truth that we are children of the divine and forever in union with the source in an endless adventure of spiritual progress and living purpose, overshadows the consciousness of separation that once seemed so certain. And yet, the path of truth is not a passive one. Merely stopping the process of feeding separation is not enough. We must proactively step forward up the mountain, towards, truth, kindness, unselfish love, and wisdom.

“Feather principals are connected in purpose.” – One of the boons or benefits gained by seeking the truth is an ever increasing sense of purpose in one’s life. The phrase feather principals most likely refer to those beings who are high in authority or close to the position of original custodianship. The term principal is a reference to someone of authority, usually entrusted with a responsibility of something by a voluntary act. The term feather refers to the appendages used by winged animals to take flight in the air. Merging the two together the aforementioned meaning takes form, those beings who by nature of their desire to serve are principals. In this sense, the statement is a reference to actual beings, which are connected in purpose. If we consider the first phrase in the statement referring to clandestine radiance, then this passage seems to be suggesting that those beings of a high order who are acting as grounding mechanisms or lighthouses for others are working in harmony. If the goal of creation is to help each individual become the brightest light they can, then this overarching goal would be a major factor in higher order beings. Angels in this sense are those individuals who have chosen—through an act of will—to become living expressions of the creator and its divine purpose. And anytime the creature merges its will with the will of the creator, a great alignment of energies takes place wherein all of the hidden or clandestine attributes locked away in the creature begin to manifest. Purpose, in this sense, is the ultimate activator of consciousness, the thing which motivates the individual from within, while also merging them with the all.

“Forestations of Light unveil and display.” – The term forestation refers to a great number of trees and related flora that cover an area of land, usually via a natural process of catalyzation. For example, the land that has been forested spent ages of time slowly transforming compounds in the ground into living soil. Often microorganisms such as mycelia are involved in making inorganic minerals and material bioavailable. Only after many years of slow progress are conditions right for forestation to take place. Here, the forestations are of Light which indicates that this statement is most likely referring to metaphysical things. Light is often symbolic of true knowledge or wisdom, spiritual accomplishments or attainment. For example, when you consider humility as a way of being, this may only be intellectual at first. But in the process of acting humble, we receive insight into the effects of humility, we see the fruit of being humble—which help others to feel vulnerable and to share their insights free of unproductive judgment from others. Consider that speaking to one who knows it all can be intimidating whereas speaking to one who admit and acts like they don’t know it all, allows us to share more freely. Therefore, to grow a forestation of light means to not just have knowledge but wisdom as well. We must know intellectually but also intuitively that a thing is true, which is best done by acting on truths we’ve distilled from experience. And in the process of acting these things out we unveil and display them for others, we radiate our clandestine light to all. 

“The messages refine.” – The term refine refers to the act of removing unwanted impurities or to improve by making small yet cumulative changes. Here, the things being refined are messages, which is suggestive of communication. Consider that in order for our inner light to be seen, it must be expressed, it must be communicated as a message. This message may not be words but, instead anything that is an expression of an idea, consciousness or identity could be thought of as a communication. When someone is upset, can we not see this in them? When someone is happy, do we not take notice? It seems that part of being an embodiment of consciousness is having the ability to express our internal state of being as an external behavior, as a physical message. These messages, in this sense, are emotional and intellectual. Therefore, if messages refine, this suggests that the outward behavior of each individual embodiment is becoming more perfect, more expressive of an internal state and more in harmony with the all. And as we discussed above, when we share ourselves fully with others, we participate in the supreme goals and plans of creation, which is to evolve and grow into unique living manifestations of the creator.

“Gaia purpose is restored.” – Again purpose is that high ideal we make contact with that helps us understand our experience while also guiding us towards our destiny in life. Purpose is that metaphysical thing which aligns all aspects of our beingness into a singular and all-encompassing way of being. Without purpose, we drift from one experience to the next, gaining little understanding, and feel unmotivated. Gaia’s purpose—like creature purpose—is that all-encompassing motivation that merges the seemingly disconnected to everything else. Gaia’s purpose, for the creature, is like mother’s milk, nurturing and feeding that spiritual appetite latent within each of us. Her purpose, deduced by a contemplation of history, life, and mysticism, seems to be one of yearning to be perfect. If the creature yearns to be the master of their own house (sovereign) and truly free, then Gaia seeks the same, but in own her unique way. And if this purpose is restored, it suggests that at one time it was not actively being worked on or carried out. But now that it has been restored the fruit of her purpose will become clearer to us as time goes on.

Consider that a leader is one who knows the purpose of things so well, they can help others co-create or participate in the purposeful actions of the many. In this way, Gaia is the ultimate leader for all those individuals living on and in her. And now that she has reclaimed her purpose, all of life will be infused and uplifted so as to participate with her in the unfolding plans of creation. Gaia is the conductor, and we are her orchestra, but like all good musicians, we must practice our craft so that when the day of performance comes, we create a blissful verse with our collective movements.

– Justin

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