How To Defeat The Cabal

How We Defeat The Cabal

No weapon or military force is capable of truly defeating the cabal. This is an archetypal conflict that is occurring within us all. We The People must nurture the good qualities within us that we’ve suppressed for many years. This fight isn’t isolated between the Cabal and Light Resistance Movement. If we don’t undergo the necessary inner-work, then this cabal problem will continue in one form or another. Yes, we may defeat the cabal in a different way, but it will just arise in another disguise if we don’t take the necessary steps to transform our inner-world.

Throughout Time we’ve seen tyrants rise and fall, but what We The People fail to realize is that we are the tyrants, because a tyrant cannot rule over the people unless the people are in one form or another a tyrant themselves. This mutually shared belief manifests in all areas of our lives in different levels and forms. We attract that which is within us. In order to be free, we must liberate ourselves from within”

We should focus on what makes us similar, not different. Putting too much attention on what makes us different creates separation, which is an illusion(maya). This doesn’t mean you deny the differences in our reality, but instead use differences in a way that brings more unity. This is accomplished when you start to see other people’s difference as similarities. When you see something in someone else try to come to the realization that you have it as well. You cannot identify something unless you already have it within you. When you interact with people, imagine yourself as that person, because you are that person. We are all One. This acceptance is a by-product of love. It’s human nature to love one another, not to kill, discriminate or bully. We’ve been taught that our violent tendencies are part of our “Human Nature”, but that is a lie. There is no inherent trait that makes humans violent. That would be like saying a plant’s nature is one where it doesn’t need water or light to grow….

Since most people currently focus on what makes us different; the need to balance this out with what makes us similar is paramount. We should strive to live in harmony. This requires us to balance all aspects of our being. This calls upon us to make both the positive and negative one force. We must find a way to reconcile the differences, mend the paradoxes and create an understanding that all is One.

When any form of negativity comes to your awareness, look for the positive in it. When positive things come to your awareness, be grateful for it and share it with others. There is no need to see the negative in the positive, because everything is positive. The universe is an expression of creation, not destruction. negativity is an illusion. This modality of perceiving reality reveals the wisdom deeply embedded within us all. Eventually, we start to see everything as simply what is, instead of negative or positive, but this realization takes effort and time. Until this revelation becomes our reality, we must start by keeping everything balanced.

This doesn’t create a mentality of indifference, but instead compassion and understanding. Since we’re able to see both ends of the spectrum, we can better relate to others and find better solutions to reconcile differences. We also gain access to wisdom that will enrich people’s lives much more than you would be able to if you decided to remain prejudice about negativity.

When you see cabal members or read about them, try to remember that you are them. Don’t separate yourself from them. By doing so, we balance these elements and create a belief that transcends polarity. Then we can truly shine the Light into the Darkness. The video below shows this action in working form in regards to colors.

Let’s say red is a positive belief and blue is a negative belief. When we combine the two we form purple. Purple from a esoteric viewpoint is a color that embodies wisdom. Therefore, when we see both the negative and positive as One, we create a new form of energy that transcends duality. We gain understanding by balancing both ends of the polarity spectrum. We must understand both sides of duality in order to gain true wisdom. This wisdom helps humanity transcend our chaotic tendencies.

When positive and negative aspects confront one another, Chaos ensues, Chaos isn’t bad, it doesn’t pay homage to duality, but its also not something that is sustainable indefinitely. Chaos is meant to be a catalyst that encourages new understanding(Order) to come into human awareness so that Chaos can be resolved. If Chaos goes unchecked it will destroy us. Chaos is meant to be understood, something can only be chaotic if we lack awareness. This is the true origin of the saying Ordo Ab Chao, “Order out of Chaos”. When the negative and positive aspects of us collide we create an opportunity for true order to reign supreme.

Alchemy isn’t the conversion of one base form into another, it is the refinement of the idea of separation back into unison with the Eternal Truth that all is One and One is all there is. There is no escaping this Truth anyways, everything is connected. Alchemy doesn’t transform Lead into Gold, Lead discovers through effort and energy that it was Gold all along. The difference between lead and gold is minute, but enough to create a understanding that is infinite. As you can see below, the similarities between Lead and Gold far outweigh the differences, but the difference exist as an element of chaos in order to spur a state of being that encourages the cultivation of understanding, compassion and awareness. Chaos and change can only be fully embraced when we see the infinite in the finite.

Lead and Gold

This is how we truly will defeat the forces of Evil(The Cabal). Evil is an illusion, an result of Chaos ensuing longer then it should have. We can use alchemy to transform our negative and positive thoughts into one coherent belief. See the positive in negative and realize there can be only one, which do you choose? Alchemy is simple, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to perform it. By being a alchemist you help liberate humanity from the cabal. This is how we achieve the victory over the forces of darkness.

Timothy Frappier


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