Bill Clinton Refuses To Sign ‘I Did Not Have Sexual Relations’ Doll

I had a good laugh when I read this! The doll that is being referred to is this one. Evidently Bill didn’t think this was too funny, but I sure as hell thought it was! I thought I’d post something that’s a little less serious. I’ve been posting a lot of intense stuff lately, but every once and while I like to lighten the mood up. This definitely was a good laugh for me!

I kind of wonder if he would have signed the Corkscrew Bill or if Hillary would sign the Hillary Nutcracker! Haha, they’re both numbskulls in my book!

According to Benjamin Fulford Hilary may be arrested sometime soon. House Majority leader Tom Delay has even confirmed the arrest as a possibility. It looks like Clinton’s time is coming to a end. Good riddens is all I have to say. So enjoy the show everyone and have some laughs. Because these fools don’t have much time left!

– Tim Frappier

Source: SFGate

By: Matier and Ross


Bill Clinton was quite a hit at the $1,000-a-head “Hillary for America” fundraiser the other night at the Hillsborough home of Rep. Jackie Speier —  except there was one rather uncomfortable moment for San Francisco press agent Lee Houskeeper.

He showed up with a friend’s vintage Bill Clinton talking doll in a box that he hoped to get autographed.

Only it didn’t happen. The former president’s aides returned the box unsigned a few minutes later, asking if Houskeeper had actually read any of the talking soundbites listed on the side. They included Clinton’s infamous Monica √Lewinsky denial, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

“Like an idiot, I hadn’t read it,’’ said Housekeeper.

The Secret Service, by the way, wasn’t leaving much to chance at the event. They showed up days in advance of the fundraiser, and after looking over Speier’s home, declared that they would be using the family garage to escort Clinton in and out of the party.

The marching orders weren’t lost on Speier, who told the arriving former president that he could claim some “extraordinary accomplishments” during his years in the White House — but for her, nothing quite compared to him “getting my family to clean out the garage.”

Incidentally, a second Hillary campaign reception with Bill, planned for Tuesday at the San Francisco home of Sandy and Jeannie Robertson, was scrubbed at the last minute.

Seems Team Hillary was anxious to get the ex-president back on the stump in Iowa, where his wife is in a neck-to-neck battle with Bernie Sanders just days before the Democratic caucus.

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